Im pregnant can i eat shrimp

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10052319 tn?1408982314 Im craving shirmp like crazy n im a festival where they r selling it but can i eat it without beig concerned since evrything u eat when pregnant has to be cooked??
Avatar f tn You should def see a doctor hun...9 weeks is some tests and almost ultrasound time. Some fish i heard is ok but i think avoiding fish just to be safe would be smart. I know sushi is a big no.
Avatar n tn i believe you can eat as much shrimp as you want, but look up the list. i normally love shrimp but the thought makes me want to throw up right now!
Avatar f tn Last pregnancy I couldn't eat chicken. I use to cry I wanted it so bad lol. This time that's the only meat I can eat. O and Turkey!
Avatar f tn But honestly, finding things I want to eat has been hard so yes I eat cold cuts and cheese and fish. Probably driving to/from work everyday in mad rush hour is statistically more likely to harm me than any of those things - just don't eat old stuff or borderline stuff. But whatever you feel is right for you is the right thing to do for you. Again - just my opinion.
Avatar n tn Well he ate some I had vegestable soup because Ive heard that fish has mercury and is not good for you to eat while pregnant. Well today I really, really want So Im asking is it a no no or just another tall tale!
7406493 tn?1454002812 Thanks for the input I sure feel like im eating to much when I eat multiple times but im hungry at least 4 times a day lol not including a snack
Avatar f tn Tiptops!! Lots n lots of em! And haribo! Bad I know!
Avatar n tn I can relate to this because when I looked int the mirror today, I looked like I was pregnant. My last two ultrasounds showed 4.5 cm and 1.9 cm cysts on my right ovary. My Gyno is recommending I remove both ovaries and fallopian tube at the age of 42 because my mother died from ovarian cancer two years ago at the age of 68. She said this was a wake up call. I wasn't feeling any pain. I have had yearly ultrasounds because of a fibroid that was removed in 1996.
Avatar f tn And you should limit the amount u eat. Ask ur doc for a list. they should be able to provide you with what u can and cannot eat.
145997 tn?1196795421 Coconut shrimp, shrimp alfredo, etc, DH asked me Saturday night if I was sure I can eat shrimp and I said yes. I love shrimp! I hope it's not true! I have been avoiding deli meats. Not hot dogs though, I love them!! I make sure they're cooked though.
8526246 tn?1405605476 I can barely eat anything when I'm pregnant. It all come back up. So I can't wait to be able to really eat Lol. I've pretty much been on a chicken and Turkey diet for 8 months. No sweets no juice no soda no dairy no red sauces no beef. And also my four year old daughter has been watching so much bubble guppies that she wants to go camping. I told her we.
Avatar f tn U can eat seafood pregnant just not a whole bunch and only certain things. But u can eat shrimp lol.. I always ate shrimp pregnant with both of my kids.
1121273 tn?1325371575 LOL....and i thought i was the only crazy one....the other day i was dipping popcorn in teriyaki sauce hahaha we are all gross!
8644515 tn?1411142377 sushi while pregnant? I know we can't have raw fish, and im. Ot planning on doing so... but I would to enjoy a cooked sushi roll... Anyone had sushi or advice as to why not have it?
Avatar f tn Im 20 weeks pregnant and have been craving shrimp i heard i shouldnt eat any is that.true?
284738 tn?1283110419 so i did not expecting them to actually want to come .. I have never even met these people!! ahhh! So im just stressing out big time!
Avatar f tn You can eat shrimp lo mein. Every one is different. She probably can on eat tuna for a certain reason... but cooked seafood is definitely ok. The shrimp in shrimp lo mein is cooked.
Avatar f tn But I am scared of losing my baby, I have never been pregnant before this is my first time, and Im not sure if all of this is a sure sign of miscarriage, or if its just pregnancy?? My breasts are rediculiously painfull, and all I want to eat is shrimp lol..
Avatar f tn I licked the spoon ..
Avatar f tn I try to stay away from seafood all together while pregnant but I thought I deserved to be a little spoiled lol. I dont feel as bad anymore after reading the info you posted here. Once again thank you!
1106767 tn?1315054574 I havent been diagnosed but i know i have a wheat/gluten intolerance as i get ill when i eat pasta,certain breads and anything that contains barley.
Avatar f tn I just ate crab legs and my baby ok??? I haven't had this since before I knew I was pregnant....well not the crab please.
Avatar f tn mommyof3mptls-I also wanted things I normally wouldn't want while not pregnant, like ribs...I never ate or eat ribs, but for some reason I wanted some w/ dd. That didn't last long, I rarely wanted meat while pregnant last time...THat is so funny you mentioned cherry pie, I had some tonight after dinner! Thank you all for responding!
1351078 tn?1416316746 she is very close to her dad im more the friend/mom disapliner he dont unless he has to . very easy going .