Im pregnant can i eat shrimp

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Avatar f tn I eat shrimp.
Avatar f tn I am 8 weeks ans 4 days Can I eat lobster and shrimp . And sushi I've been craving all of them and I'm scared to eat them. Cause I dont no if itssafe for the baby.
Avatar f tn I'm 16 weeks n 4 days pregnant and this is my first time being pregnant and I've read that bologna n hot dogs n corn dogs n shrimp aren't good to eat while pregnant so wanted to know if its true...
2075937 tn?1334884194 Soo I was goin threw are kitchen and found a can of tiny shrimp and I was wondering is it okay for me to eat them??
10201748 tn?1419748841 I personally wouldn't eat it. Where I am they really encourage you to stay away from deli food as you don't know when it was made, how long its been out, and we've had a lot of cases of listeria here. Its the same with subway. But I've seen a lot of women from the US on here not worry so much so maybe the contradicting information is because of different countries stance on it.
Avatar f tn You can eat shrimp! ... As for the comment above you cannot eat raw shrimp period, whether you are pregnant or not. Its very dangerous.
Avatar f tn U can eat seafood pregnant just not a whole bunch and only certain things. But u can eat shrimp lol.. I always ate shrimp pregnant with both of my kids.
10243154 tn?1408753393 I'm really craving shrimp !! Is fish really Harmful to eat while pregnant ?? Just atleast once in a blue ????
Avatar f tn You can eat shrimp lo mein. Every one is different. She probably can on eat tuna for a certain reason... but cooked seafood is definitely ok. The shrimp in shrimp lo mein is cooked.
8827391 tn?1400247234 I was told today that I can't eat shrimp is that true? I know you not supposed to eat fish that's high in mercury.
10052319 tn?1408978714 Im craving shirmp like crazy n im a festival where they r selling it but can i eat it without beig concerned since evrything u eat when pregnant has to be cooked??
Avatar f tn Im 20 weeks pregnant and have been craving shrimp i heard i shouldnt eat any is that.true?
Avatar f tn Ladies I am 8 weeks pregnant (I know very early) however I read that shrimp isn't bad for you pregnant but I no the doctor said no "shellfish" can anyone shed light on this situation? I don't want to wait until my next appointment to know for sure?
Avatar f tn I licked the spoon ..
Avatar f tn I just ate crab legs and my baby ok??? I haven't had this since before I knew I was pregnant....well not the crab please.
7417215 tn?1403487102 Could I eat shrimp? I'm 23+5 I had some a while ago and im getting a weird feeling back pain and belly ...