Im pregnant i dont want it

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Avatar f tn Last time we had sex was last Wednesday.. Before I found out I was pregnant we would do it all the time. What can I do? I don't want him to get tired of waiting.. I just feel uncomfortable and it doesn't feel the same anymore.
9807151 tn?1406765659 I dont want to think about it or feel it or do it.. I just dont want sex.. before he said oh I understand but now he gets mad every time I say no I dont wanna do it.. thats all we use to do before I got pregnant like probably more than others.. I just want these few months where we just connect emotionally not sexually and hes not getting that.. im getting so annoyed to the point I dont even want him around me .. anybody else going through this or has been through it.
Avatar f tn Im getting married in a week.. and I dont want to get pregnant immediately. .. what are the best ways to prevent pregnancy?? And what about using contraceptive pills, some say its harmfull?!!
Avatar f tn Im almost 33 weeks and i feel so tired and sore all the time! I have no energry and it hurts to do everything.. i cant even make it to the store anymore im just so exhausted not to mention it feels like a bowling ball is going to fall out of me.
Avatar f tn im 17 and im about 5 months pregnant. im 130lbs and im only 5 feet 2 inches tall. im still young and i wanna be able to wear a two piece bathing suit again!!! ive been putting palmers coco butter lotion on and some stuff my friend suggested called bio-oil, my skin is still very itchy and im DEATHLY afraid to get them!!!! anyone have any suggestions???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Avatar m tn Hi Elaine, I'm 30 yrs old and I missed my period. Took the pregnancy test and it was positive.. I guess Im about 3 weeks pregnant.. I came to know only couple of days back and haven't gone to the doctor yet. I'm in a confused state.. If we plan to get this baby aborted, what is the kind of risk will I be taking? .. considering my age, I'm lil scared that this might cause problems in future pregnancy.. What do you generally suggest to someone like me?
Avatar n tn You may want to consider another blood test or ask for a u/s, but it could possibly be your hormones changing back. I'd say it is worth another call back to the doc. Oh are you breastfeeding? That could be it too.
Avatar f tn you're probably thinking im a kid, and yes i am. which is exactly why i dont want to be pregnant, sure if i am, then thats whats meant to be and theres nothing i can/would do about it except try my best to do the best for my child.. but i definately don't WANT kids right now, so i made a mistake and hopefully i won't have my first child by a mistake at 16 years old.. there's nothing wrong with that.. but thats not what i want for me..
Avatar n tn when i got off the pill it was less than 4 weeks later i found out that i was pregn with my 2 child it says that it would be 6 months until i was able to concieve but i think they tell u that so that the hormones r completly gone
Avatar n tn what other things could it be.i want to be prepared before i go the the doctors so i dont get to big of a shock if it is something else.
Avatar f tn 6 years ago i lost my first baby at 23 weeks into the pregnancy we had planned the baby shower and bought some clothing since the beggining of my pregnancy but then when i lost my baby we both said next pregnancy we will not plan anything or buy anything until 28 weeks and no babyshower and we both agreed now that im pregnant again all he talks about is going baby shopping which im super happy and excited about but then yesterday he said we should start making a list of the people i want to co
Avatar f tn ive missed my period for a month. and my moms scared that im pregnant. ive been feeling really tired and dont want to do anything. and the worst part is that my dad doesnt know anything and just thinks im really lazy. does anyone think i am pregnant?
Avatar f tn OMG I FIND OUT WHAT IM HAVING MONDAY I DID ONE OFF THOSE GENDER CHARTS IT SAID A HIRL I REALLY DONT WANT A GIRL I DONT KNO WHAT TO DO WITH THEM IM WAY BETTER WITH BOYS I HAVE A 3 YEAR BOY AN I LOVe how we play ruff an ughhh i hope it dont make me sound like a bad person but i teally dont want a girl i hope the chart is wrong!!
Avatar f tn I Had That From 4-15 Weeks. Everyday, 24/7 I Could Not Eat, I Would Throw It Right Back Up Again. The Thought Look And Smell Of Food Made Me So Nauseous. I Heard Ginger Ale, Saltine Crackers, Or Peggy Pops Work. But Neither Worked For Me.
Avatar f tn I am 11 weeks pregnant and i don't want my baby, i haven't wanted it since the day i found out i was pregnant. I don't believe in abortions so that was never an option and my boyfriend and my family are excited about the baby and they all cant wait for it, so i cant give the baby up for adaption. I have a life ahead of me and i know that i sound selfish but i really just wanted to wait to have kids in till i was financially stable. What can i do? what if i dont love my baby?
Avatar f tn I dont know why people always.look at me weird when I tell them im planning my own baby shower like ok I know someone is supposed to plan it for you but whatever my friend is helping me and I want to be involved!
Avatar f tn I took a home pregnancy test saying im not pregnant but I dont have my period. What should I do??
Avatar n tn I am almost five months pregnant and I don't want him! I know this sounds awful and makes me feel so guilty. I've felt this way the whole time but thought it wld b better by now! I have my daughter who is almost eight and she is my entire world and I loved her frm the second I found out. So why am I like this? What's wrong with me?? Anyy help is greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn He wonders why im drifting away from him... maybe if he spent time with me i wouldnt.
Avatar n tn i was getting my early pregnancy symtoms 3 weeks ago i got a hpt and a blood test both came out negative so i kept smoking my ciggerates and now that i just realized i havent gotten my period im more than scared . Ive been getting cramps probably im just alittle to stressed cause my period to holdback. I just hope that if im pregnant my little one will be healthy and no tragidy happen again.
7753764 tn?1401857190 Part of me doesn't wanna get any bigger as I am already uncomfortable but I want it to be obvious I'm pregnant!
317019 tn?1532969186 i struggled through the first trimester wondering if i was gonna make it to the second and now that i hit 24 weeks it has dawned me that this baby is coming....i feel ike i have so much to at high for preeclemsia and preterm labor so i worry constantly this baby is coming i sit at home and try to get my thoughts together in my head of where to begin to prepare for this baby i feel like DF is falling backwards....
Avatar n tn Lol I know I saw my sister go through it haha I guess I should be happy it didn't happen yet but still it would be nice to experience some of it. Hopefully I have a boy.
Avatar f tn So I think I dont want to have this baby im still unsure ... this stressing me out very much .... like do I still have options ?
Avatar f tn I feel like I don't want my hurts to say it..but for some reason ..I don't feel as much love as I need too for him ..I'm 37weeks 2nd child..I have a lot of stuff for him & don't feel prepared or want to..I don't want to tell my doctor cuz I don't want to have to deal with question.. Cuz I don't know why I feel like this...I really hope it changes when he comes out.. Is there anybody else who feels like this or has ?how can I change my feelings ?
917483 tn?1254149547 well im back here again for advice. Well i had sex with this guy and now i really am pregnant. i am so scared and i have been pregnant before and i had a miscarriage. i dont know if my body can handle this. im in high school and i know longer live with my father i now live in a group home.
9835059 tn?1406162430 I want to know if im pregnant. I had sex with condom on july 20th but we just make sure if theres no broke or leaked so theres no broke. I had my normally periods on july 21th. Im I pregnant?
356870 tn?1197172570 When I was pregnant I took a pregnancy test when I was around two weeks late and it came up negative, when I really was pregnant... it just depends really on how much hcg is in your urine. So maybe wait a week or so and take another.. If that comes up negative then you sould go see your obgyn. and when you take the tests try to take it in the morning when you wake up.