Im pregnant i dont want it

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301715 tn?1236988703 i was 8weeks pregnant and now im having a miscarriage, i dont like this and i dont understand it i want my baby back!!!!
1360237 tn?1351816181 But im not getting anything but being tired and hungry. I dont feel pregnant.
Avatar f tn im 17 and im about 5 months pregnant. im 130lbs and im only 5 feet 2 inches tall. im still young and i wanna be able to wear a two piece bathing suit again!!! ive been putting palmers coco butter lotion on and some stuff my friend suggested called bio-oil, my skin is still very itchy and im DEATHLY afraid to get them!!!! anyone have any suggestions???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Avatar f tn A girl...I dont understand why I just cant just be satisfied with what I have. I really do think that if I had a girl already I would think about having another baby. Is that bad? I just cant stop thinking about how life or what she would be like....UGH. I love love love my boys dearly! And wouldnt trade them for anything....I just cant stop thinking about the chance of having a girl....the one I'll never get...BLAH BLAH BLAH Im done.....for now!
1351078 tn?1416313146 / if im not pregnant I dont want it to be late I want a regular cycle
Avatar n tn Y do i feel like this i have a good ******* life i shld b happy i shld b so happy y am i like this i want it to go away i dont want this. Im happy wen im doing stuff i shldnt stuff that hurts me and wen im with him nd i dnt understand y thts it.
518733 tn?1333017015 s 1 was neg and a clear blue digital one said i was pregnanti realy worried though i dont feel pregnant, i feel something is wrong i no i would feel this way after 3 miscarrages but normaly i have some symtoms but i dont. i think i betta get my hormones cheacked just to be safe.
558483 tn?1321387443 Im tired of hear all these people tell me that they are pregnant and here we are TTC and it doesnt look like it is going to happen to us anymore...So i give up its going to get that i dont talk to anyone any more all im going to do is go to work and come home...Anyways I hope that everyone has a good weekend and im sorry that im so negitive but its not fair...people that want them cant have them and people that dont need them or want them get pregnant every day..
Avatar f tn I have like 12 left and I hate it! I know I can get some tomorrow, but honestly, I really dont want to even! Im sick of them things. Im sick of how they have control over me, and I dont have any control over them! Do we all have to hit a low...a rock bottom to stop??? Why do they pull us in?? UGGGGG! Im so aggrivated!
549876 tn?1219952270 Well I just passed my miscarry on sat. it was sad!! Im no longer bleeding or cramping which is nice! Im not sure if i want to wait as long as 3 to 6 months to try again! I have read about alot of women who have gotten pregnant very fast after a m/c and have had wonderful out comes! i think sometimes... could that be me?? if i got pregnant again would it work out this time?? then i think or could I be the one who can never have carry another baby full term? with my son andrew things were fine!
Avatar f tn OR if she used it after he injected into her. But I did wash it with soap and i did dry it off. but im scared i still could be pregnat. my stomach is bloated , and iv been having gas, which i know is a symtom of pregnacy. But i did get my period maybe week after. it was 6 days. and i was bleeding heavy. But i am very scared. can anybody give me any help. ... please dont say use a pregnacy test. :"""( i dont want to be pregnat.!
Avatar f tn Im not sure i want to be pregnant right now. its not the right time?
917483 tn?1254145947 well im back here again for advice. Well i had sex with this guy and now i really am pregnant. i am so scared and i have been pregnant before and i had a miscarriage. i dont know if my body can handle this. im in high school and i know longer live with my father i now live in a group home.
317019 tn?1532965586 i struggled through the first trimester wondering if i was gonna make it to the second and now that i hit 24 weeks it has dawned me that this baby is coming....i feel ike i have so much to at high for preeclemsia and preterm labor so i worry constantly this baby is coming i sit at home and try to get my thoughts together in my head of where to begin to prepare for this baby i feel like DF is falling backwards....
587890 tn?1295473081 I hate this I just want to be PREGNANT why cant I just be pregnant?
1130659 tn?1303315370 WOW I just found out that im pregnant. im so shocked, me and my BF stopped trying after month of trying bc we found out his dad was getting married and his sister was pregnant and just decided to wait, but i guess God had other plans for us. Even those it wasnt really planned we are both so excited and really happy. I alway had a fear that i wouldnt be able to have kids im not sure why but i did and now that fear is gone.
Avatar n tn I trying to get pregnant but it not happening
Avatar f tn i feel like ****. i dont even for sure no if im pregnant yet. but i want to know veyr badly!
419158 tn?1316571604 It makes me so sad but right now I dont even want to think about another yet the thought of not is getting to me. I mean I am constantly dreaming about it. I my dreams I am always far along when I find out. 5 months or so. What a joke, I am so tired of being hormonal, I might as well be pregnant, lol! IDK.................the mirena might just have to go. Anyone use the copper one with out hormones??? Ok im done with my vent:~) Thanks for listening!
Avatar m tn hi im 19 and im pregnant...dont know how far along......dont know scared to got o the doctor.....i feel dizzy and my stumuch hurts alot it feels like cramps....but it's worst than cramps....i dont know what to do.....any advise........?
Avatar f tn well i took a test this morningit is a clarity test from the clinicit measured 20miu and it was very fiant + and then at about nine o clock tonight same day i took another test clearblue easy and it not pregnant. i am so bumbed i am four days away from af coming i dont want her to come. i want to be pregnant. i feel so depressed byut i will keep hope alive.
Avatar m tn ok well me and my boyfriend have been unprotected for 2 and a half months and last month i was 6 days late but i took a test and it said now and now this month im 7 days late but i took another test and it still said no and ive been felling sick smells are getting really bad for my i cant smell anything without almost throwing up and im never like this my back hurts and usely i dont sleep but a coulp hours im up at days at a time the last two weeks cuz i just cant slepp and now thats all i want
Avatar f tn im 6 wks & 2 days. this is my first pregnancy. im soooo nervous about telling my father. i dont want to be a disappointment to him.
Avatar f tn Im 18 so i've had my period a while now. i dont know if i am really stressed out? Im usually always stressed out and this never happened. But i am starting up season again so i am working out a lot more than the past 2 months. Uhm i shouldnt be pregnant? Lol its like a full blown period. Cramps, bi polar moods and such. My back was hurting the day before like how it usually is when im getting warned that my period was coming. but twice in a month?
474575 tn?1207682702 i am 21 weeks pregnant and on 40 mgs of methadone it is starting not to hold me but i dont want to up my dose, and the dr said if i try to get off it i can miscarrie. im scared is anyone in a simular situation?
Avatar n tn i was getting my early pregnancy symtoms 3 weeks ago i got a hpt and a blood test both came out negative so i kept smoking my ciggerates and now that i just realized i havent gotten my period im more than scared . Ive been getting cramps probably im just alittle to stressed cause my period to holdback. I just hope that if im pregnant my little one will be healthy and no tragidy happen again.
Avatar f tn then went to the store and bought three more and they all came back positive.. I had no idea i am 17weeks pregnant. I listened to my Sub dr who said dont worry some women have an irregular period.. DUHHH!!! Im having a Baby!!
518733 tn?1333017015 iv got some brown discharge as well realy realy light but its sorta like the stuff i got when i lost my outher 3 babys im so scared, i want a baby more than anything but i no if i am pregnant its not a healthy pregnancy so im sorta hoping im not i dont think i could bare anouther miscarrage, i juat want to be normal, have a normal pregnancy, normal baby, as a woman you feel broken and worthless women are ment to have babys its the most natral thing so why do some people find it so hard?
Avatar f tn smash one of these bottles and slit my throat ffs i dont want to drink, i dont want to not drink i dont want to feel like this i dont want to feel anything i want to run away, i want to disappear from everyone i know and not exist i don't want to be me, i'd give anything to be someone else i want to be forgiven, i want someone to say it's all ok and mean it i dont want to need forgiveness so often make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make i