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Avatar f tn I just found out two weeks ago that I'm pregnant. where I like there are lots of free pregnancy clinics to help me until I can get to an obgyn and as well as after with classes, free diapers, free carseat, free maternity clothes, ect. the sooner you can get in to a place like this or an obgyn and find out how far along, the better for you and the baby.
Avatar f tn Im pregnant and the acne that im getting is.horrible is there it? i never get acne pregnant?
Avatar f tn then this afternoon i try to take a pregnancy test but its NEGATIVE!! my question is? is posibility that im pregnant? how many days or weeks i will wait to take a pregnancy test again? help me please!!!
Avatar f tn im 21 i just found out im pregnant , really nervous and scared, i dont know what to do now,have i got to eat certain foods , am i allowed to have baths,my stomack is killing me with cramps how long wil they last for.please help me.
Avatar n tn hi everyone, im jay, im 19. My fiance and i have found out that im pregnant, we had no idea until i was 7 1/2 weeks past, so i have just recently started taking folic acids etc and to top it all, we are told that were having twins, both babies seem to be sharing one sac however they both seem to be very much apart from each other, like theyre keeping thier distance..
519260 tn?1244648134 hi everyone im so sorry i just had to tell u all on a thread IM PREGNANT i days late and i took a test about an hour ago!! i couldnt be more happy this was our 2nd month of trying properly, the 1st month i used opk this month i didnt! and to be honest if i choose to have another i wouldnt use an opk! i would stick to just going with the flow! for some reason i think it works better trying to concieve i didnt use preeseed either this month! BUT MY POINT IS... IM PREGNANT!!! YAY!
Avatar f tn Im not sure if im prego yet...i am 3dpo anyone have signs this early?
Avatar n tn i know he definitely did when he wasnt inside of me but idk if he did inside of me as well.. im scared that im pregnant. i really hope im now. gosh im sooo freaking stupid. it's only been 5 days since my last period so i dont think im ovulating yet or whatever to where i can get pregnant but im scared. please help me, could i be pregnant? and how much is the morning after pill and where can i get the cheapest one?
Avatar f tn im on the pill and taking a prenatal pill is there any chance of me getting pg any time soon?
Avatar n tn I use alot too help with the pain you are feeling in your face (sorry that you are having too go through this--but this will nto effect your baby at all) is too put a warm cloth over your nose (so you can breath out of your mouth) and over your eyes--it seems too be the best thing for me when I am at the limit of meds and waiting for surgery (have had it twice and awaiting a third--it has been on hold for awhile due too brainstem/cranial nerve tumor I have in my head also)--So hand in there swe
Avatar f tn Oh and i forgot to add: If i stand or walk around too long, i get really bad pain in my lower back. . . . .i also have an increase in salivation, and increase in discharge down there. . .
Avatar m tn im 12 days late on my period but i had an abortion 6 months ago do you think it might of messed up my cycle is it normal to be late all the time after an abortion and i started spotting about 2 days ago it doesnt get on my underwear it only shows when i wipe its a pinkish orangish color is that a sign of pregnancy im scared i might be pregnant what should i do im only 17 :(
Avatar f tn My fiancé & I have been trying to conceive for 2 months now. I've been off of BC since November. Im not due for my period till the 29. Its the 19th today but I have had tender nipples for about a week & a half also have been having clear discharge thats not thick at all. I also have an increase in appitite. Today I felt very crampy almost period like. But like I said I'm not do till the end of the month. Can someone help me? Please.
Avatar f tn Still feel pregnant its now october 16 and I'm just now getting my period which I feel is weird I just confused I realli feel I'm pregnant can anyone help me
876979 tn?1310050503 how you maybe know im pregnant again but im scare to getting a bit of needle pain and cramp and im afraid i will miscarry again for always is that cain of feeling I always not spoting or bleeding thank god and i hope stay like that but i will like to know if that cain of pain can be there in a healthy prengnacy too?....i have a child 6 year ago but i dont remember to feel this cain of pain...i only remember to feel that with the pregnancy I miscarry....
Avatar f tn My friend told me she has her period every 3 months and she said my boobs are just growing. But i want to know forsure if im pregnant or not. I dont pee that often, probably once or twice a day. Still im very scared and have no idea what to do. Help!!??
439903 tn?1380141482 According to the due date calculator on this site, i'm due February 12th. Im just waiting for my first u/s (hopefully i will have the date tomorrow) and then i will have an accutrate date.
Avatar f tn my period came on the 11th April and usually i get it heavy for 2 to 3 days n lighter for the next 2 to 3 days, this time the heavyness lasted a day n a bit then it was light for only around a day, i then got different types of pains in the bottom of my tummy and then on one day it would be like stabbing pains then the next it would be the pains i stil have it it like the pains i get just before my period and on it i then got tingley then sore boobs which i stil have it hasnt went away my period
Avatar f tn I am 27 and have had two surgerys for Cervical dysplasia and i just found out im pregnant again but my scar tissue is opening will my baby be okay?