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Avatar f tn I copied and pasted this from a UK gov website concerning maternity leave. Tell your employer at least 15 weeks before the beginning of the week your baby's due. If this isn't possible (eg because you didn't realise you were pregnant), tell them as soon as possible. You need to say: you're pregnant when the baby's due when you want to start your maternity leave (you can change the date later, if you give 28 days' notice) Your employer might ask for notice in writing.
7529621 tn?1392598764 When do people usually go on maternity leave? I work two jobs and I need to give as much notice as possible... and could I go back to work sooner if I chose to? I need to work as much as possible..
Avatar f tn Im my my country it's illegal to sack a woman that is pregnant or in maternity leave. Employer has to wait at least 6 months after birth before he can fire a mother. Even more so, when a structural corporate change is being carried out- pregnant women/ new mothers are favored (well so long as you are not an incompetent, lazy, late employee). You should check what the regulator/ law has to say on the matter. Anyways if it doesn't work out try not to stress about it.
Avatar f tn My maternity leave starts on the 13th, and my due date is the 14th. I have a desk job so I can work until the last min, since u dont, then maybe u might want to work until at least one week before. It counts against ur maternity leave if u plan on returning to work which u may want to consider. If not returning to work then leave as soon as ur able to granted u have enough money saved to get by.
Avatar f tn I'm 32/4 I'm absolutely knackered n i find it hard to sleep or do anything i start my maternity leave 2 weeks today and work have cut my hours down cos I've been really struggling expecially when i walk all day at work
Avatar f tn I will be with the company for almost 1 year when i go on leave for the baby. Obviously i havent told them that im pregnant yet, but are there laws that state employers must give so many weeks of maternity leave with pay?
Avatar f tn I will suggest to talk to your Human Resource Rep and ask about short term disability for Maternity Leave and ask questions how long will they hold your position before they reassigned to someone else. If you feel that it is becoming to much for you, tell your doctor and plan for your leave. Listen to your body. I am now 19 weeks into my second pregnancy and will probably leave when I am 36-38 weeks.
Avatar f tn I just found out im pregnant but I dont know when I should ask to leave ive had a stillbirth before and many miscarriages so I know I will have to go on bedrest I just dont know how soon p.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if i would still be entitled to my maternity leave, i would have been due to take it the end of april as im due 5th may. Its been so hard since i lost my job, i dont know what to do.
Avatar n tn I am 23 weeks and 6 days pregnant with my first due on July 4. I went to my supervisor to ask about how maternity leave worked and to put in I would need to be taking it here in a few months. She told me I would have to be forced to resign, because I haven't been there for a year quit yet. I was wondering if making me resign is even legal? And if I need to report Goodwill?
Avatar f tn So last Friday was my last day of work & i had given my employer the Dr note 2 wks prior. On Wednesday wen i went to pick up my last check she gives me a paper & tell me to write "i quit" i was confused & asked why & she said because i wont be working anymore. I wrote "i will no longer be able ro work due to me being pregnant (maternity leave) i will maybe comeback.
Avatar f tn I work in a similar situation, I've had to apply for maternity leave a minimum of 10 weeks before I go on leave, and have applied to go on leave when im 32 week's as my company wont allow mevto work within 6 weeks, this will also give me a chance to get everything ready for bub and also rest before it all begins :)
Avatar f tn Also, many times if you take leave before the delivery, it cuts into your maternity leave after the baby is born. So check it out! If your job is reasonable, they might see things your way. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I'm thinking bout going ahead and going on maternity leave but I say its too kinda early!! My doctor told me I can go on leave anytime but he recommended me to been go on maternity leave when i was 30weeks!!! Idk? && my manager keeps complaining to bout me being pregnant she wants me to go on now too!! But I wanna at least wait one more week or so..
1619173 tn?1347738867 I am going off if everything goes smoothly just about 37 weeks. I am taking 2 weeks vacation leading in a 12 month maternity leave that will technically start mid october..
Avatar f tn I'm worried bout maternity leave before my job offers the benefit but not the pay...and I'm having alot of pain its hard for me to stroll around all day...but I need it financially as I can right now...and while I'm out on labor leave do I have to stay out for six weeks are can I get Dr. Excuse to go back before I really need advice ladies...has anyone felt the same way...and I don't go back to doctor till plz...
Avatar f tn 30 to 5 and work 8:30 to 2 when im 38 weeks..
Avatar f tn How long have you girls taken off for your maternity leave? I'm 6 months, would love more time but sadly bills need to be paid and a family needs feeding!
5149846 tn?1409408781 Does anyone know any information or where I can find information regarding laws about maternity leave? My job is being wonderful and very accommodating about my pregnancy. They are allowing me up to 12wks leave and have even "created" a new work position for myself while I am pregnant due to my drs medical restrictions. Im just wondering, im probably only going to take 6 to 8wks off work. My reason is that I cant afford to take time off. My leave will be unpaid.
Avatar f tn Ok, the company I work for (Houston county board of education) does not offer maternity leave. We have to use our sick leave and vacation. I had applied for short term disability at open enrollment in October. They didn't send me any paperwork until after January and they are denying my bennifits because I'm pregnant. I really think it's bull ****. How many other mothers will not get a full 6 week maternity leave? I feel like such a bad mommie having to leave my baby after 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn i was just curious when people tend to go on maternity leave? I'm studying my degree and working in a busy bar/club alongside that which is constant walking up and down for good 8 hour shifts each time with no break' I'm 19, and 35 weeks pregnant and I panic because I don't want my waters braking at work ect! I'm doing both days and night shifts which lead to 2am :( any advice is much appreciated!
13724114 tn?1440988803 I'm just now getting nervous about maternity leave My job decides to promote me to store manager at 32 weeks pregnant. Which I'm totally grateful for but... Now I'm reconsidering taking "as much time as i want" (under fmla-12 weeks of course) I feel like about 8 weeks is what I'm going to want to take... What did you guys take after (and before) baby? And how long are you planning to take with this baby?
Avatar n tn I was just wondering how many weeks before your due date everyone is planning on going in maternity leave.
Avatar f tn due to 3 months I spent out of work early this year I just found out I need an extra 90 some hours to qualify for maternity leave according to fmla... im a bartender, and its getting really hard to work, now knowing I have to put in an extra 90+ hours, its a lot of pressure!!! (34 + 4 weeks) up til now I've been begging baby will come early, now im praying he'll be late...
Avatar f tn How soon should you go on maternity leave? I was thinking a week before my due date..? Does that sound reasonable?
Avatar f tn I am also a teacher and 36 weeks (due May 24). If I lived elsewhere, I would take off maybe the end of this week, but given the poor FMLA protection provided in the US, I'm going to work as long as possible. I know we have the summer "off" but if something healthwise arises with the new baby in the next year, FMLA is all we have.
Avatar f tn I'm 31 weeks pregnant and still waitressing. When did you ladies leave for maternity leave. I was thinking around 37 weeks. My mom said she worked up until 10 days before I was born. I'm exhausted already working til I'm just about due sounds awful!!