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Avatar f tn Question ladies any of you out here in California going out on disability leave for your pregnancy? This is my first time having a baby and going out on leave and was just curious about when will I receive my first pay from EDD, I put down for my claim to start on the day my Dr is putting me out which is 11/9...I was looking forward to working up until my due date but my Dr suggest that's not a good idea....your help is appreciated ladies...Thank you!!!
5149846 tn?1409405181 Go to texas government website and look up their disability laws or Google Texas disability laws for maternity leave. California does, I used to live in Arizona and they did not. I jyst depends on what Texas will cover. Good luck, I hope they do!
Avatar f tn m not sure what state you are in but california. You are allowed to collect pregnancy disability which is about 55 percent of your income. From 36 weeks to 6 to 8 weeks after birth depending if it's vaginal or c section. Then after that you get 6 weeks paid family leave if you choose to. It doesn't need to be taken. But I'm sure through work you can take a medical leave if you want to go out a little earlier and use vacation time etc.
Avatar f tn m not sure what state you are in but, in California they give you paid disability leave 4 weeks before your due date and 6 weeks after for vaginal and 8 weeks after for a c section. After that they give you paid family leave of 6 weeks paid. The state transitions you from disability to The paid family leave for a additional 6 weeks paid. But your doctor may recommend you to take leave earlier depending on your pregnancy. You would just need a doctors note confirming a due date I would think.
Avatar f tn If your in California look up the Family Medical Leave Act, it's what the person above me is talking about. They pay up to 55% of your monthly income. This is what i plan to use. They pay for 4 weeks leave before baby and 6 to 8 weeks after depending on delivery. Somethings better then nothing!
Avatar f tn You only get so many days for short term disability and if you go over those days (and maternity leave may count in your short term disability benefits like it did mine)-- you get different pay. I ended up working until a week before my due date because I wanted time after the baby-- as much as possible. Does that make sense? Honestly, the best thing to do is check with your own company and their benefits. Do you have an online site that you can look at for your employer?
Avatar f tn I love in California and here we can collect short term disability from 4 weeks before due date to 6 weeks after birth. I am unsure as to wether I want to take the month before off. But it's a use it or loose it. What do other moms think? Or suggest?
Avatar n tn I am loosing my mind over how my financial situation will work while basically being unemployed for 2-3 months. Does anyone know if you are able to get disability while on leave?I mean technically we are disabled. My employer only does non-paid leave.
Avatar f tn I am now 38 weeks n just went on maternity leave a week ago. I live in Cali too and barely filed for disability. I would talk to ur Dr and ask if he or she can put u on bed rest the remaining of ur pregnancy... Then this will help u qualify for EDD..
454022 tn?1208370394 Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share this information for all the expecting moms in California. If you are currently employed, the maternity leave in CA is very generous compared to the rest of the U.S..
Avatar f tn Have anyone asked their doctor to put them on a early leave from work. ...I'm 35+5 and been in a lot of pain, I also been taken to the hospital from work 3 times now and at the hospital they tell me to get plenty of rest but can't do that when i work 10 hour day that takes me a hour to get to work and a hour back feel like the closer it get the more pain im in.. Please let me know how u approached ur doctor?
Avatar f tn I'm a little worried about going on maternity leave, I was wondering how long it took all of you to get your leave pay? Like disability pay? I'm the only one working right now so my check is the only source of income. I'm a little worried about not being able to pay bills, I'm sure my family will help if I really need it but I'd rather not depend on that, ftm due Feb 13th..
Avatar f tn I just wantef to know how many weeks can you go on Maternity leave in California o work as a house keeper at a casino cleaning 16 rooms a day I'm getting tire real back pain times I can't move to the point a cry and my right leg from my hip all way down to my knee cap gets so numb at it Burns that I can't walk. I'm 27 weeks I'm due Dec 12 I been at my job for 2years.
9807151 tn?1406762059 Im 25 weeks and im currently working but my question is when did everyone feel they should go on maternity leave ? We dont get paid for it if you havent been there for a year..
Avatar f tn If you are you can make a claim with your local employment office for disability claims as that covers pregnancy disability as well. In California, pregnancy disability generally covers 4 weeks before the due date, 6 seeks after you give birth vaginally or 8 weeks after you give birth by cesarean. Disability benefits are calculated as 55% of your regular pay.
2070825 tn?1337225969 You have to quit? I don't see how that's legal! If it is legal, it shouldn't be. I live in california and I know pregnancy falls under the category of a disability, and is covered by the disability act, which does not allow employers to terminate employment due to pregnancy. That really stinks, hopefully they will work with you!
Avatar m tn Hmm I am not sure. I would think you should definately check with state disability. I know in California we have a program called "Paid Family Leave" where a mother/father of a newborn can get up to 6 weeks paid family leave. Call state disability and ask them, they fund this program. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Im a ftm nd a travel nurse nd my job doesnt take out disability but everything else been having 2 jobs 4 a while but quit a lil before i found out i was prego. I heard they go based upon your past jobs is this true?
Avatar f tn Depends on your job and time at it.
Avatar f tn So I am freaking out... I am almost at the point where I will be taking maternity leave but since I am per diem I don't quality for any benefit only state disability... I live in the state of California and I really don't know how it works... I am depending on that to pay my rent until I go back to work... but someone told me it takes a long time for them to approve you and to send you a check...
Avatar f tn OK thanks that's what I'm plan on doing I'm due November 13th and my leave starts November 10th
7527649 tn?1410584476 Can someone explain to me how to sign up for disability for my maternity leave. My doctor said I can either do it online or at the edd office. I tryed doing it online but I'm so confused and stressed of this. Can anyone who already filled out there paperwork explain a little bit to me. My last day of work will be August 8. Thank you in advance it will take a lot of my chest!
Avatar f tn Have you thought about doing a job at home to do the remainder of your pregnancy and something you can do on maternity leave as well? Send me a message if you are interested, and No its not a scam or spam. Lol.
Avatar f tn I live in California, most girls I work with take a ull 16 weeks a combination of pregnancy disability leave and than child bonding/paid family leave. I can't afford that so I only take 6 weeks leave. I don't get paid my full wages and theirs a 1 week waiting period before benefits begin. By time things get squared away, I am usually already back at work. Not sure where your at, but definitely save money for the time your off. Better to be safe than sorry.
Avatar f tn I live in California
Avatar f tn California is the only state that has disability benefits, my hq is in California but I live and work in Illinois and get no pay. With my first I had to do an ira withdrawal to pay myself for 3 months off, this time I'm taking out a small personal loan to cover my pay.