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Avatar f tn Could being pregnant make me become lactose intolerant? Also would that mean my baby is too?
Avatar f tn Since I know I can't have much dairy without intestinal pains/gas was just wondering if anyone else has had some discomfort/pain in their intestines who is also lactose intolerant. Just wondering if it is the lactose thing and not something more severe. I saw a doctor about it and he said it should be fine. I also have another doctor's app with my own doctor but just wanted to see if I should be worried?
Avatar f tn I am so not lactose intolerant I love milk cottage cheese and yougert ect... I'm 10 weeks and twice now i have gotten severe stomach aches. Is it possible I am intolerant now pregnant????
Avatar f tn Is it possible to become lactose intolerant when you are pregnant? It seems like I only get sick after having milk products but I crave milk all the time. What should I do?
Avatar f tn I'm 90% sure I am lactose intolerant it ***** so bad!! I never used to be like this until I got pregnant with my baby girl <3! Is anyone else pregnant and lactose intolerant? & going threw my pain!
Avatar n tn I use them for certain foods I have a problem with, but my daughters friend is lactose intolerant and I give these to her when she is over. After she takes it she is able to eat ice cream, cheese, etc. with no problems. I think there is an over the counter pill called lactaid you could try or I heard of beano also. You apparently can't tolerate the lactose in dairy products. You don't have the proper enzymes to break it down and that is why you are getting the gas problem.
Avatar f tn I'm lactose intolerant 2% milk is what I drink but wic gave me 1% which is also fine I just watch my intake on milk and cheese because too much of either will make me sick !!
Avatar f tn Yea I did with my first son I got lactose intolerant in my 2nd trimester so I just drank lactose milk then towards the end of my 3rd trimester I just went back to normal how odd is that all works when ur pregnant
177465 tn?1288242063 My mother is lactose intolerant (but she is OK with most dairy products in moderation....just not straight milk). I have never had this problem before and was curious if anyone else has had the same issue. If so, did it go away after delivery or after a certain length of time? I realize everyone's different....but any help here would be appreciated! Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn I always drank the organic milk which doesn't do those things to me but when I got pregnant i started drinking the regular milk since its cheaper. Do you ladies think I might be lactose intolerant?
Avatar n tn I am 38 weeks pregnant, and have found during this last trimester only that i have developed a horrible reaction to milk and cheese. After ingesting either, I get awful pains in my stomach followed by being stranded on the toilet for an hour with a bucket to my face. My doctor recommended taking tums for extra calcium as well as helping with the acid reflux.
Avatar f tn Has anyone developed lactose intolerance while pregnant? And did your baby have it after being born? My husband has always been lactose intolerant and just recently I've become the same way and wondered if it was actually the baby's way of making me avoid it..
Avatar f tn I was really lactose intolerant when I was a kid but now only effects me if i eat alot of dairy.. but at times in my pregnancy it has been flared up again by the pregnancy.. There are a couple options... Soy Milk or like ALmond Soy Beverages.... I have never particularly enjoyed them but i have drank them from time to time in the pregnancy for the baby.... I have a calcium supplement that is a little chocolate chew... I sometimes will take 1 of those in a day if I need it...
Avatar f tn You may not be completely lactose intolerant, but just not be able to handle a lot of it. Like my Moki Baby says, eliminate it, and then re-introduce it and see what happens. I can drink a certain amount of milk, before I get too frequent BM's.
Avatar f tn I'm the complete opposite. I was lactose intolerant before I was pregnant and ever since, I can set dairy just fine. It's pretty fantastic. I'm eating so much ice cream and I just drank almost half a gallon of milk with breakfast. I'm trying to get as much as I can because I don't know if it'll last after I have the baby and I only have a few weeks left.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I'm 18 and 8 weeks pregnant. I have been lactose intolerant for about 6 months now. I know that when you are pregnant it is important to have dairy products. But because of my intolerance i cant process dairy. Does anyone know what i should do? Or if the lactose intolerance goes away during pregnancy? And what affect could not having enough dairy have on the baby? Thanks everyone!
Avatar f tn Both my other boys were lactose intolerant. I have a feeling this one will be too.
Avatar f tn So I'm starting to think I am becoming lactose intolerant during my pregnancy. I'm 30 weeks tomorrow (yayyy) and every time I have cereal in the morning about 1 hour later u start getting really bad poop pains (tmi) and end up having diarrhea. I never really had much of a problem with dairy but milk really hates me right now. Is it possible to become lactose while pregnant? Anyone else having this issue?
Avatar f tn I used to love eating cereal...But when I became pregnant I became lactose intolerant. 19yrs later, still can't have ice cream or milk.....
Avatar f tn Hi! Between week 10-12 and since i became pregnant ive became more and more intolerant of drinking milk, now a days its just really bad now a days really bad bloating and discomfort. Is that normal?
Avatar n tn I had really bad GERD when pregnant with first baby and I knew my issues weren't related to GERD. I concluded I was lactose intolerant and have had to cut all milk out of diet-which is tricky because it's hidden in things like chicken broth. My symptoms went away for a while, and then I'd come out of what I termed remission to have issues again. My one GI dr later told me they discovered I had small bowel diverticuli but I'm not being treated for this. As of today, here is what I got.
1201929 tn?1293711672 So much so that I just took a Clear Blue 50hcg test only to find that it says PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS. I'm beyond upset and so concerned. I took a test the day I started miscarring with an ULTRA EARLY test of 15 hcg.. and THAT came up VERY faint like there wasnt enough hcg SO HOW THE F*CK could I be registering on a test of 50 hcg's! if I'm MISCARRING!!! i just want to cry I'm so upset and desperate for an answer shouldnt my HCG levels go DOWN NOT UP!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the photo.
Avatar n tn Over the last 6 months I have had bad cramps, bleeding, bloating, pain, and I have discovered I am lactose intolerant. I was wondering if anyone knows a link between being lactose intolerant and ovarian cancer? Has anyone out there been diagnosed with OC and had lactose intolerant symptoms? I have always eaten very healthy foods. I can no longer eat tomatoes, dairy, fast food and I am still discovering things I cant eat.
Avatar n tn im 38 years old and it has been 15 years since i had my daughter and soon after having her i became lactose intolerant i know the box says to take 1 but that doesnt work i have to take 6 im just hoping that being Li doesnt make it hard for me to get pregnant now mind you im on fertility drugs follistim and ovidrel just under went my first IUI and now i have to wait 2-3 weks to no if im pregnant or not so will that affect my chances