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Avatar m tn does anyone play dead frontier or use to play it......
Avatar m tn I have been having a light headedness which m sure is linked to playing online games, I suffer with stress anxiety and playing these games takes my mind off stuff, but just recently my head goes fuzzy, last 1 I ended up wit like a migraine, anyone else suffer, ive stopped playing the games I did to c if it eases off
Avatar m tn are there any other parents out there that are as worried as I am when their children contiguously play these online games and when they voice chat with strangers???
2086432 tn?1332500935 As I am a doctor as well I like to Watch Movies and these very excited to [url="
Avatar n tn HI I also have a baby shower in two week You can look them up online and print the out they have lots of games baby bingo different ones to choose from
Avatar n tn Do computer games affect the heart to any large degree. I know that with some game systems they are known to cause seziures. I noticed that when I am playing them that my breathing gets worse and sometimes the arythmias start when I get anxious from what is occuring on the online game.
Avatar m tn This thread was obviously started by a sexual predator looking for online contacts. I hope his account will be banned.
6710217 tn?1386110892 you buy tiny little babys from a craft store or online shower games website. You freeze one baby in each ice cube. Each person has to make their baby melt out the fastest without touching it. You can give the ice baby in a plastic cup to prevent a melty mess.
9187090 tn?1406264221 If you get stuck look online. Pinterest has great ideas.
333672 tn?1273792789 I have not tried this, but apparently there are new online brain-training games at (middle of page under what's new) that were developed by "an alliance of Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society" (
Avatar f tn My 10 year is in charge of games and the sweets table, one game is pregnant twister. The kids would put a balloon under their shirt and play twister, whoever loses their balloon is out. Then we have measure mom's belly, 40/60 raffle $5 labour guesses (date, weight and time) 40% goes to the winner and 60% goes to baby, and guess price items on baby supplies.
Avatar m tn I suspect since i stopped watching porn over 3 months ago that my endorphine levels have dropped.
5038240 tn?1370648512 do any of you ladies know where to print off baby bingo online that are all differant ones cause i cant have all my guest having a bingo at the same time lol
969286 tn?1253760391 The Dog Who Came in from the Cold_. While in the Telegraph site, there are so many links around the page and every now and again I succumb to one of them. I thought you might enjoy some/one of these games (I haven't had time to try them out yet - just found them): Brain Training Games
Avatar m tn Find anything you can to keep your mind occupied, maybe things you enjoy. Playing games online? Movies? XBox? etc.
Avatar f tn t do online games...sometimes I even have a hard time with xbox...just not as bad as online gaming. I think lack of real people has something to do with it. What I'm trying to say is that they will have to realize they have a problem and chances are they aren't going to want to believe it. It's an addiction that is rarely mentioned especially since computers are so much a part of our everyday lives. If I were in the wife's shoes, or even your shoes.
13621970 tn?1445025753 Did any of you who have had your shower already make up your own games or have any creative ideas. Im not really diggn most of the ones online.
Avatar n tn Trying to Xmas shop via online ..
9915629 tn?1406652585 We looked up different baby games online to make it fun. We also had some snacks for people and got a cake.
Avatar f tn I am doing online schooling with University of Phoenix and will be graduating in November and then will be go backing to school in December to work on my second degree. I enjoy it very much...
Avatar m tn I have been reading a lot on brain exercises lately and have come to believe that brain games like the one you can find online might be able to help with the deficit. That the more you work out your brain the better it is. It is places like "brain games": that can help or watching Jeopardy.
Avatar f tn You can always search online...there are tons of games! I have my first shower in 2 weeks but I've planned and hosted at least 4...
Avatar f tn Anyone had a baby shower or attended one and know of any games to play ? Or activities to do ?
Avatar f tn My baby shower is next weekend an I havent decided on any games yet which games do yall think were fun or would be good for a baby shower ?