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Avatar n tn Should pregnant women keep on with an exercise program? How much should we be doing? As of now I ride my stationary bike for 10 minutes on gentle speed. My thirst picks up and I get tired so I stop. What do the rest of you do for exercise and how much?
Avatar f tn I need to find a moderate- intermediate exercise program while I'm pregnant. I'm nine weeks today. And I'm already showing... I'd really like to keep the weight gain healthy instead of excessive. If anyone knows where I can find a program like that let me know. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I used to do a similar style of circuit class but once I found out I was pregnant., my doctor said to stick to low-moderate intensity exercise particularly for the first trimester. To be honest I've been too tired to even think about doing those classes!
Avatar f tn I am 4 weeks pregnant and want to know what cautions in exercise i should have. I went walking and feel very drained and dont want anything to hurt the baby. I know it us a dumb question but it has been 12 yrs since i have been pregnant. My son is now 11 and my daughter is 15.
Avatar f tn Yoga is good but for me, it's just a bonus to a regular exercise program and is not the only thing you should be doing. Cardio and oblique exercises will get rid of love handles; but your exercise goals should be for health purposes not vanity.
Avatar n tn I enjoyed long hikes, backpacking, going to the gym, and doing hot yoga. I even started a weightlifting program with a personal trainer. However, once I got pregnant, I became terrified of miscarrying. I stopped everything and am now having a difficult time figuring out what I can do that is low impact. What are you all doing for exercise these days? I could use some ideas. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am not in very good shape, I have neglected to exercise and eat proporly and I am about 15 pounds over weight. I would like to join a exercise program. Is increasing my fitness safe in early pregnancy or at all in preganacy. If so what is a good program while pregnant.
938718 tn?1323787114 It was so gentle and easy and had 3 women demonstrating; one representing each trimester. I'd love to start a light cardio program and was wondering what others are doing.
Avatar f tn My non professional opinion HCG diet probably not a good idea and could be dangerous.. With hepatitis C you need to be under the care of a hepatoligist or an gastroenterologist experienced in HCV, hepatology and Cirrhosis. Patients with decompensated cirrhosis (moderate or severe hepatic impairment; CTP class B or C) should be referred to a medical practitioner with expertise in that condition (ideally in a liver transplant center).
684604 tn?1293481326 I am wondering if anyone has some suggestions as far as exercise goes when you are pregnant. I was an athlete before getting pregnant...ran, biked swam and played softball. Now that I am lucky to be pregnant, some of these activities the doctor wants me to avoid. I have been walking on my treadmill, but getting bored with that. I may be athletic but I love food... so I am starting my pregnancy off overweight. I want to have a healthy pregnancy and enjoy some exercise.
284738 tn?1283110419 If your missed period is the result of too much exercise, cutting back to a more conservative workout program can help. Hope this help you with some information .. please consider joining us here in the community to share additional information and friendship. Very best wishes ..
Avatar f tn I was doing p90x around 4 or 5 weeks so that was way more than my dr wanted to see. For me and I think with any exercise program you should take cues from your body. Take it slow and don't push it. You need to ease back into a routine. I started with walking and worked my way up to heavy exercise. I did have to cut back because it was lowering my milk supply. I'm really excited to get back to a normal workout at the gym I get so bored now with my light workouts.
Avatar n tn I also want to point out that too much exercise may keep you away from getting pregnant. Not mean to scare you, but if it helps to mention to you that I used to be a professional athlete (Olympic level) that could give you an idea that I know what I am doing. I am prego right now and I have been working out the whole time leading up to my prego (5 times a week and hour of spinning-heart beet to the maximum) and 30 minutes tuning 3x a week.
12693075 tn?1442249992 hey ladies!!! Do you guys have the energy to exercise? If so, how long and what are you doing? I'm a FTM in my 3rd trimester. I'm always tired but not sleepy.
1278093 tn?1294323984 I'm 30 lbs heavier still after having him. I'm 5'4'' and was only 140-145 when I got pregnant with DS. I was happy with my weight, but didn't exercise much because I was so tired and lived in a crappy area where I didn't want to walk alone. ALL~~~I've been walking or trying to go for an hour walk every other day because I discovered every day is too much. Exercising is a really good way to keep up your energy, good job everyone for at least starting off doing good!
Avatar n tn You Can Keep Up Your Same Routine As Long As You want. If You Were To Add In A New Program They Don't Advise That But You Can Keep Up What You Are Already Doing. Its Always Best To Check With Your Dr But I Had A Teacher In School That Ran A Race The Day Before She gave Birth! She Didn't Win I'm Sure :) But As Long As You Feel Comfortable Its Fine.
1129232 tn?1360803958 hmmm... I'll have to check it out. Well, there are ladies on here, over 40 , that have gotten preggers on their own after trying IUI,IVF ect. Is the book really expensive?
Avatar m tn I read the tag about stomach pains after tennis and my syptoms sound very similar. I am in good shape and exercise regulairly, and it only happens on random days spread by weeks of no problems, and it only happens when I push myself to my limits. I have asthma, but I can outrun any person in my school so I do not think that is a problem. When it happens I usually can't sit still and it feels as if someone is driving a knife into my stomach.
Avatar n tn I don't feel stressed and why does it come on when I exercise or do heavy work? Isn't exercise supposed to relieve stress? I don't know if I am making it worse by plowing through or if that is the best thing to do.
Avatar f tn While exercise is safe to a certain degree, I understand your concerns, and I'd be just as worried. This isn't the time to start a new exercise program, or to start anything really tough or strenuous unless you get your doctors ok. But congrats on the pregnancy!
Avatar f tn Iam six days late I've had some cramping but not my normal put me in the floor cramps tired alot but I thought it might be do to my exercise program but I've had two full term pregnancy one still born my little boy made it he is 8 so there is is 8 years almost 9 iam 34 now is it possible to be pregnant please some answers thank you so much
Avatar f tn It's not uncommon for someone to miss a period or two in their lifetime, there are more reasons than just pregnancy for missing a period. Simple things like stress, diet, and starting a new exercise more complex like having cysts. I would speak to your doctor again if you miss another period.
1447124 tn?1284680055 They may want to do other blood work to check your hormone levels and your thyroid. Are you under a lot of stress right now, lose/gain weight, or start an exercise program recently? Those are also all reasons that your period may be a no show. Good luck and I hope you get your answer soon.
Avatar n tn I gained 60 lbs with my son, who is now 4, and I am 6 weeks pregnant. I never lost the weight with him and I am very stressed about gaining 60 more lbs. It early, but im worried. I went for a 45 min walk today, I think I will start a walking program... any advice?
Avatar n tn Than yesterday i found out i was pregnant the only person i have told was my cousin who told me about this site. i dont know how to tell my family or my boyfriend he is supposed to be leaving for college in a month and im scared he wont go. i also dont know what i should do first are there certain things i shouldn't eat? should i stop exercising? i also dont know wether or not i keep going to school??
186844 tn?1209157644 Thanks for your comment, and YES I am very happy about being pregnant, words can't begin to explain, but I was on the road of losing a few pounds before I got pregnant, so I'd still like to lose, BUT PLEASE keep in mind that in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM, will I EVER do anything to jeopardize my baby, I was just curious, there are alot of things that go on that seems to surprise me everyday, so I was just curious as to if it was possible.
Avatar f tn I am 9 weeks pregnant today and I have been smoking almost everyday till today. I am in a program and going to meetings. When I went to my first doctor visit he said everything was perfect and the heart rate was perfect. I did not tell him about my crack abuse because I am worried he will tell authorities or take my baby.
659397 tn?1279417567 Hello, I have been medication free since September the 9th when I found out I was pregnant. I recently had to have a medical history review where I had to explain that I was diagnosed with bipolar a few years ago and that I am currently feeling fine. I am expecting twins and am very excited but am also scared that I may have the babies taken from me.
Avatar f tn It seemed to be the only thing that worked. now I am pregnant again, this is my third. My other two babies were born on it, the first I was taking 150 mgs, the second 40 mgs, and I was in the process of tapering to get off and got down to 25 and found out I was pregnant. NO JUDGEMENT PLEASE. I used no other drugs during pregnancy and my previous two children were born healthy with absolutely ZERO withdrawals. Luck? I don't know.