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Avatar f tn I've actually had a couple of nightmares since I've been pregnant when I usually can't ever remember any dreams I've had prior to getting pregnant. It's kinda weird..
Avatar f tn i have four children and while i was pregnant with all of them...i used to have dreams about tornados....with my third child thats how i knew i was pregnant because i started having dreams about tornados so i took a prego test and sure enough i was pregnant. with my fourth child i started having them after i found out i was pregnant and she's 5 months now...well just recently again i started having them but i havent taken a pregnancy test just yet. i guess what i want to know is....
Avatar f tn who believes that pregnancy dreams are Real? My grandma sometimes has dreams that people are pregnant and it comes true. I ended up being pregnant. Well she had a dream that she was playing with twin babies.... I am 5w3d so its too early to tell. What do you guys think?
Avatar f tn Hello, i'm a FTM, 16wks pregnant and I have been having very vivid and violent dreams at night. Sometimes I even wake my husband up with my moving and yelling in my sleep....this is new to me, and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this while pregnant???
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, So lately I been having dreams that I'm pregnant and that I'm pregnant with twins. I had dream today I saw myself with my big belly and all I was in the hospital because I was having contractions I was 35 weeks with twins. I was on depo for 9 months but then stopped getting the shots because we want another baby and its been almost 2 months and nothing yet . Can the dreams mean anything ?
Avatar f tn I dreamt last night i was in a boat race with heath ledger lol. . .
5615074 tn?1378320440 I know pregnancy dreams are weird, but I have a question about something. So last night, I had a dream about somebody else having a baby girl, but she's not even pregnant. Could this mean I am going to have a girl?
Avatar f tn Is it normal for pregnant women to have dreams of their SO cheating on them? Because I had dream about that last night and ended up waking up pissed off and can't get back to sleep because of it.
Avatar n tn Since I've been pregnant... 10 wks... I've been haven the weirdest dreams. A lot of death and violent ones also lots of food has been involved. O_o?
Avatar f tn sometimes they seem to be so real crazy pregnant dreams!!!
Avatar f tn I keep having these strange sexual dreams im 25 weeks pregnant and they re-occurr does anyone else have similar or know how to stop them?
Avatar f tn I dream about mine all the time!
Avatar f tn I am pregnant(5 weeks.) And this is my second child. I've heard a lot.of people say they had dreams about having twins and it ended up being twins. Twins run in my family and tye dream was so life like... has anyones dreams came true like that?
Avatar f tn I hate having even weird dreams while pregnant. It feels more real and you wake up in a panicky sweat!
Avatar n tn I am 6 weeks 3 days pregnant with my first baby. I keep having dreams of receving baby boy shoees and outfits. Has anyone els had dreams like that but end up having a girl?
Avatar f tn Is it normal to have wired dreams when your pregnant ??? I have a wired dream every-time I go to sleep then I wake up and I'm like what the heck.
Avatar f tn when your pregnant do your dreams mean anything or is it an old wives tale?????
Avatar f tn With my youngest daughter I always dreamt about losing baby or forgetting her somewhere same with my oldest. Im 36 weeks pregnant now and only had one dream about the whole time. Is this normal? I know hes in there i feel him all day everyday! Just curious i guess.
10021507 tn?1407288747 I've always had dreams of this lil girl that was always my daughter in my dreams. Now I'm actually pregnant with a lil girl who's coming tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Anyone else haveing extremely vivid dreams? I have been dreaming every night and they are so vivid and a little odd. Maybe it's something I ate before bed?
8827391 tn?1400250834 Since I got pregnant I really can't stand my man but I keep having dreams of my exs is that n I normal????
Avatar f tn I had dreams of a girl but found out I'm having a boy.
Avatar f tn I have always heard that when you dream someone is dying that someone is pregnant. Well i had 2 dreams about 1 of my uncles dying 2 night in a row before I found out that I was pregnant. Well i had a dream last night that my other uncle died... does that mean I'm gonna have twins? Lol RUDE ANSWERS WILL BE REPORTED!
Avatar f tn Completely normal when I was young all I had was nightmares I begin not dreaming completely then I got pregnant and have tons of weird dreams.
Avatar f tn Hell yes, haha, I've always had weird dreams but being pregnant seems to make them even more violent, I'm 30 weeks tomorrow so don't worry about it, it's normal:)
Avatar f tn I'm 12+4 I've been the same way having crazy dreams...but the thing is befor I became pregnant I could never remember my was vary rare for to remember any of them and now it's like every day. crazy...And it's never nice ones always bad ones...I hope it goes