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Avatar n tn Hi, I know that it has been 3 years since you posted on here about being 37 and pregnant, I am 37 and just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant for my fourth. I have a 20, 16 and 5 year old. I am worried about DS with this pregnancy. How did everything turn out for you?
Avatar n tn ) I'm pregnant at 37 lol
5049711 tn?1364575795 Both me & hubby r 18, ill be 19 on my due date- july 12th so ill be 37 weeks tomorrow!
Avatar n tn I had my first baby when I was well past age 37. While it is much harder to GET pregnant at 37, it is not necessarily any more risky to be pregnant. The ease of pregnancy depends a lot more on your health than it does on your age. If you are in excellent health, getting enough to eat in a good balance of categories (a lot of protein, some carbs, not too much candy, etc.
Avatar f tn I got pregnant when we started trying at 38. I also got pregnant 3 times at 39. No problem at all. I am now 40 and trying again, and my OB is very optimistic. It's true it can be a bit more challenging in our late 30's and 40's, but this site is a testament to how many women conceive successfully. I wish you luck, and look forward to reading your post that you are pregnant!!!
Avatar n tn I'm 7 weeks pregnant also and I'm 37 this is my 3rd pregnancy . I'm a little worried at this time about complications and birth defects too. I hope everything goes well for both of us .
Avatar m tn m pretty sure you could get pregnant at 37.there is lots of women on here your age and even older who are pregnant.
Avatar f tn My son is 12 almost 13 and I was feeling like woahh I'm so used to the easy routine that my son and I have become accustomed to and I started almost hyperventilating thinking I'm pregnant again and their will be a whining baby in the house lol,but I'm so encouraged to see women that are of a more mature age than I am embracing the age gap between thier children and loving it,I'm so happy to be experiencing this at this time and at this age and I will not let anyone irritate me about why I didn'
Avatar f tn I guess I don't know what I was thinking wanting a baby now at my age when I should be having grandkids. When I got pregnant a couple months after marrying my new husband I thought it was easy till I lost my baby. Now it seems impossible to get pregnant even though I have had a couple implantations. Maybe its just not meant to be. I'm 46 and everyone thinks I'm crazy for even wanting a baby. Yesterday I would be 37 weeks along and my heart cries for the baby I can't birth or hold.
Avatar n tn so those could be a couple reasons thats what i heard when i was pregnant at least with my DD...cuz while i was at work and everyone wanted to feel her she wouldn't move then when i would get home and relaxed she would move all the time...
Avatar f tn By march I was pregnant. But at 8 weeks pregnant I miscarried. We were upset. But by October I found out I was pregnant again. With the shot it will take at least a year to completely get out of your system. Hang in there. You'll be pregnant before you know it.
Avatar f tn I was able to get pregnant at the age of 40 with my own eggs and delivered my son on my birthday, which made me 41 at delivery. He is a healthy 6 month old baby boy. Your age is only 36 which is two years younger then me when I started to try and two years is a lot. I'm sure you will be just fine when you start to try. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn Does anyone here know of someone that became pregnant naturally with no medical intervention at all, at age 45? I turned 45 in February, I have no children, and was just wandering if it is common, because I just don't hear very much at all that it happens. I was always very irregular with my cycles, but since turning 40, they have been like clock work.
Avatar f tn Are my chances of birth defects much higher at this age. If I do get pregnant what are my options for testing to help ease my mind. What tests should I do before trying to conceive and what tests can be done after conception? I am a CF carrier, my husband is not.
Avatar f tn I am almost 37 years old and have never been pregnant. I know I have PCOS and irregular periods since age 12. Any positive and inspriational news out there? Thanks, Hopefull.
4866194 tn?1380967471 Wow seeing this makes me feel allot better. Sometimes i get embarrassed about being pregnant at my age....i like knowing theres more of us.
224208 tn?1210288173 My husband and I were sitting in a restaurant today, and the waitress brought us our meal. Now, I am almost 16wks pregnant, and dh ordered liver and onions and just how his meal looked was enough to turn my stomach. So I said when she put the meal down, "I'm pregnant and he just has to order the liver and onions!". The waitress replied, "what a mean dad!" and then she walked away. At first I thought she was making reference to dh being the baby's father...
Avatar n tn ,he recommended to replace phenitoin with tegretol). would you please let me know with this dose of medicine daily and with considering of my age 37 ,can i be pregnant? what will be the risks for me and baby? if during pregnancy szr comes ,what will happen? i would be appreciated of your detailed description and reply to my questions as i do need your recommendation.tnx in advance.