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1342099 tn?1276136002 after taking two tests on Friday, June 4 and following up with my OB on June 7, 2010, my instinct was right. I am pregnant. Wow! I cried after seeing the results of both the home tests. I was in shock. I have an 8 yr old and a 9 yr old. I am essentially starting over.
Avatar n tn I had my first baby when I was well past age 37. While it is much harder to GET pregnant at 37, it is not necessarily any more risky to be pregnant. The ease of pregnancy depends a lot more on your health than it does on your age. If you are in excellent health, getting enough to eat in a good balance of categories (a lot of protein, some carbs, not too much candy, etc.
Avatar n tn Hi Early2, I went to several doctors and they all said the same thing to me that I was too early for menopause this must be stressed and yes I was going through a lot full-time school full-time work relationship issues but that did not take away from the fact that my hormone levels were super wack my estrogen level dropped to 12 so please don't let anyone tell you that you were too young for menopause or pre-menopause to me at 34 and I'm still dealing with issues at 37 anxiety, we gain,
Avatar n tn I'm 7 weeks pregnant also and I'm 37 this is my 3rd pregnancy . I'm a little worried at this time about complications and birth defects too. I hope everything goes well for both of us .
719902 tn?1334165183 This will probably sound crazy, but I am beginning to wonder if my age is a factor in not getting pregnant quickly?? I am 31, will be 32 next month. I know that is not even considered "higher-risk" yet, but I conceived my other children at ages 19, 22, 25, and 28. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I don't ovulate every month; does that decline as you get "older"? IDK, I'm just frustrated b/c I've always conceived *immediately*, and now i'm not.
Avatar f tn I guess I don't know what I was thinking wanting a baby now at my age when I should be having grandkids. When I got pregnant a couple months after marrying my new husband I thought it was easy till I lost my baby. Now it seems impossible to get pregnant even though I have had a couple implantations. Maybe its just not meant to be. I'm 46 and everyone thinks I'm crazy for even wanting a baby.
Avatar f tn I had a normal delivery at the age of 31 . I was detected with ASD . There was a ASD closure by open heart surgery athe age of 33. Now I am 37 both of us Planning to have another child .
Avatar f tn m so happy to be experiencing this at this time and at this age and I will not let anyone irritate me about why I didn't get all my kids out the way when I was younger.I experienced the loss of two pregnancies and sometimes people dont know what another person is going through but I'm sooooo happy to see so much encouragement and positive feedbackon this post.(this may be long but I'm just happy)God bless all.
4261944 tn?1590535519 Oh God.. the itching and heartburn!!! The heartburn has been horrific for three days...after every single meal up to an hour later it blooming horrific! Antacids don't touch it for more than 5 minutes and I'm sipping a lot of cold water for relief but obviously it doesn't make it disappear. I've been awake 2 hours...trying to stop the scratching but mostly trying to prop myself up in the hope I can sleep with minimum reflux.
Avatar n tn I'm 37, DH is 39. We have 3 girls with us, I lost a son when he was five. This is my fifth child and I'm terrified about my age and the stats that blare a neon light in our "advanced maternal age" faces :( I despise that term. I conceived almost immediately with all of my children once we decided to try. It took no more than a few months each time. This current pregnancy? Almost three years. We had given up and thought us past our prime. Surprise!
Avatar f tn Hii im much older 26..and im 27 weeks of gestation.nice to know you all moms to be.this is my first pregnancy.
Avatar m tn m pretty sure you could get pregnant at 37.there is lots of women on here your age and even older who are pregnant.
1386765 tn?1451164337 We are taking a few months off to get this bloodwork and some other immune blood work repeated, take some hard core prenatal vitamins (prescription vitamins with 5mg of folic acid because he said although the count was elevated, most m/c are caused by congenital anomolies and this would decrease my chance of at least one of those anomolies), and then may try for a few more months after that before calling it quits. I think we will make that decision when it comes time.
647397 tn?1307056615 Hello I am new at this fourm, I joined this very month regarding the HPV, I recently got confirmed that I have a CIN 1 HPV dysplasia, my gyn offered two options, one of them being, wait and get pregnant if that's what i was planning for my coming future, since I just turned 35 this past august, or clear the virus now but she stated that I will not be able to get pregnant for at least 1 and a half years after the treatment is done.
Avatar n tn At 37 you are not too old. If he is up for it, he is not too old either. My neighbors had their first child when she was 49 and he was 59. They are doing great with their now second grader. The only thing to be concerned about, in my opinion, is that when college hits you two will need to have your retirement money secure and separate from the challenge of helping a kid fund college.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone. I am 37 almost 38, my periods were very regular and on time. but this year in April it became very unusual for me very, very light, no symptoms. just very odd for me. so I went to the doctor and did an exam and nothing. Then in September yet another "no period" no symptoms. I ignored it thinking it was stress. ( really I have been more stressed and my periods were never off) then October it was regular and November was off and this month I had a 2 week cycle.
Avatar n tn I had caterac surgery at age 37, i am now 53 and noticed people having surgery today dont have to were reading glasses. Ever since i had surgery, i have to were reading glasses. my question is do they have the tech knolege to were i can re-do my surgery so i will never have to use reading glasses again.
Avatar f tn Im 37 due to hav my 2nd un January. I feel great! No problems! They will offer u more testing if u want. Talk over with ur Hubby & Dr. Congrats!
Avatar f tn nothing abnormal to stare at me for, and twice now women around the age of 45 who are with their families eating at a nearby table just STARE. I mean Full ON STARE. Its so uncomfortable I just want to stand up and say WTF ARE U LOOKING AT ME FOR!! Its so rude! The first lady looked mean about it and the second just stared and ignored her family. Im not doing anything wrong. Has anyone else gotten plain stared at too? Have u said something? What to do!
5211527 tn?1365182165 Hello, I wanted to ask if I could possibly have Osteoporosis at 37 years old? I always thought older adults developed it because of bone loss over years time. I dont really know very much about this condition,but my mom and grand mothers both had Osteoporisis severely and could I have inherited it from them? I have had alot of pain in my neck and area below feels like a bump/hump or hard place and I am worried.It looks like my neck and back starting to curve.
Avatar n tn Well hi it has not been confirmed if i am pregnant, but im very much in 2 minds about wether to keep it or to have an abortion, as my relationship is with a married man.......
Avatar f tn By march I was pregnant. But at 8 weeks pregnant I miscarried. We were upset. But by October I found out I was pregnant again. With the shot it will take at least a year to completely get out of your system. Hang in there. You'll be pregnant before you know it.
Avatar f tn Are my chances of birth defects much higher at this age. If I do get pregnant what are my options for testing to help ease my mind. What tests should I do before trying to conceive and what tests can be done after conception? I am a CF carrier, my husband is not.