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719902 tn?1334165183 This will probably sound crazy, but I am beginning to wonder if my age is a factor in not getting pregnant quickly?? I am 31, will be 32 next month. I know that is not even considered "higher-risk" yet, but I conceived my other children at ages 19, 22, 25, and 28. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I don't ovulate every month; does that decline as you get "older"? IDK, I'm just frustrated b/c I've always conceived *immediately*, and now i'm not.
Avatar f tn ve been with my fiance for 3 1/2 years and we are getting married May 17th. Is 20 too young? We have a house and he has a job and everything. I'm ready to start my life with him and our little one.
4928337 tn?1362751166 My parents had me and my siblings when they were in their 30's. I had my first at age 16 i am now 22 & pregnant with #4 Having children at a young age is so difficult especially if you aren't established. as i wasn't and still struggle just noy as much. I just want all teen moms to realize that its hard and even harder if you give birth to childreb with disabilities.
Avatar n tn I'm 22 and pregnant with my third. Lol but I might just be crazy.
Avatar n tn Wow that's very young. Wish the best of luck to you. It will be tough but I'm sure you'll be okay!
Avatar n tn One thing that really bugs me is that teenagers think that they can do all this sexual activities, and they don't think about the future and what can come of haveing sex. They end up getting pregnant, and then they can't experience everything. What bothers me is teenagers having kids when a grown women who wants to have children can't.
Avatar f tn i chose to get pregnant at this age because i felt its right and while im still young at have patience lol congratulations and good luck with everything !
Avatar f tn s a young age to get pregnant at because normally people my age are going out and enjoying being young but i find no joy in any of that my son means the world to me. I find more joy in being with my husband and son, then going out and partying. We decided on another baby because our son is 4 and they're already so apart in age, not only that but we truly enjoy being parents. Age doesn't defy the type of parent a person can be.
8467907 tn?1407411342 I think if age is something you yourself are concerned about you're probably too young. Age shouldn't be something you're concerned about if you're ready to get married.
Avatar f tn Same dad*
7758733 tn?1402589420 t guarantee I can do that with four.
Avatar f tn Why in the world would you want to be pregnant and have a baby at 16?!?! You are way too young for this. A baby is a HUGE responsibilty even for adults with jobs and homes and money. Do not bring a child into this world that you are too young to properly care for, PLEASE!
Avatar f tn Why is it that so many people tend to judge being pregnant at a young age, regardless of the situation? I'm 19, and it seems like I get so many dirty looks, and even comments about being pregnant so young.
Avatar f tn Well, this is a place to be supportive, if you can't be supportive, maybe you shouldn't be on here. She's young yes, but she's pregnant already so it's just time for support. Not negativity.
Avatar f tn Planning ahead, getting married to someone you can make a peaceful and loving home with, and THEN getting pregnant is better than getting pregnant and seeing how things work out between the two of you before you decide to commit. I'm not trying to be rude. It's just the truth.
9126885 tn?1404418392 I got pregnant with my 2nd pregnancy but first baby @18 yrs old but I turned 19 2 months after I got pregnant and had him in May of '013 . And I got pregnant with my 2nd baby (that I'm pregnant with now) at the age of 20 and he's due next month and I'll be 21 in October !!! Nothing wrong with it (: and I finished school a month after having my first baby !!!
Avatar f tn m coming across, but I wish I would have asked someone before I became pregnant at a young age and I wish someone would have told me what I just told you. I wish you all the best and I hope you are able to concieve when the time is right.
2020005 tn?1476658962 I have been told since a young age they should come out, they're huge, I get constant sore throats, I snore awful, it's pretty clear they need to come out, just finally thinking about doing it. Anyone have theirs removed? I've had two c-sections, but I'm terrified of having them removed, lol!!
Avatar f tn Now its october and i am around the time that i should be getting my period sometime soon i have been having a lot of thick white discharge (its not itchy or smelling) and a lot of like clear watery like discharge i am still concerned can anyone tell me if this discharge means ill be getting my period soon??? please i am really young im only a college freshman and im so freaked out someone please help me out.
1534282 tn?1294328945 Im 33 have been having trouble getting pregnant for years, but "fertility specialists" aren't covered under my stupid insurance so I havent seen anyone other than my general practice doctor for a checkup that my co-pay covers - she referred me to a fertility specialist that I cannot afford right now... but before I go without for several months and save up several thousand hard earned dollars, I wanted to know if 33 is too young to be having fertility problems?