Pregnancy test very thin line

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Avatar f tn very faint line on test cramps since Sat -- stronger cramps yesterday/today
1138239 tn?1260788535 took 2nd pregnancy test @8:45am. Very faint line for pregnant. (now 5 days late for period) quit smoking and drinking had sex with Olivier- experienced sharp pains like crapms, very painful, lasted for about 20 minutes. Then went to the bathroom and farted. Felt better after going to the bathroom.
Avatar f tn evaporation line
Avatar f tn Showing Faint Line. Not sure.
1168749 tn?1268512503 So today I took a pregnancy test, a base pregnancy test and the result window was clear. Not white, no slight line, no gray line... a clear, plastically looking line. What does that mean????
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test an the Positive line is very facile but It's there should I go see a doctor and am I pregnant?
976462 tn?1293463148 A very faint line seen on 3 tests taken bleeding now for several days...LH has remained elevated since ovulation day...pregnant?? Have I outsmarted the depo shot with my estrogen patches and progesterone supplements taken for 1-2 weeks now?
901340 tn?1242471511 took first home pregnancy test, got one full line and one faint line.
12648482 tn?1426464553 Well for the passed few days I've had little appetite and nausea with some vomiting, which is really not like me. I'm usually very resilient when it comes to illnesses. So...I took a home test yesterday afternoon and it was positive but with a super light second line. So this a.m I took another one and right away the second line was clear as day. So it seems as though we are to be expecting our 3rd baby around November 5th, 2015.
1228834 tn?1311750646 Very very faint line. Are my eyes playing tricks on me???
1041217 tn?1253073891 Very well defined thin blue line positive
Avatar f tn I took a first response test and the left line is darker than the right ?
1243085 tn?1294173701 take an early pregnancy test????
Avatar f tn Use First Response because it is proven to be the most sensitive test you can buy. Sometimes a *thin* faint line is just an evaporation line. You want both test line to be as thick, or thicker, than the control line.
Avatar f tn hi, i am due on my peiod today, i took a early detector test (predictor) 5 days before it was due and a very faint thin line appeared, i then re took a test the same make two days later, same thing only line was more visible but still thin. i took the third one today and also got a thin line but not quite as visible as saturdays. i have been experiencing cramps and nausea for aorund a week, and the last two evening i have been sick.
Avatar f tn I just took a pregnancy test this evening and it came 2 line 2nd line was little thin. :( I am 10 days post a 5 day embryo transfer, please help me weather iam pregnant.
Avatar n tn v when I came back I saw a VERY VERY THIN line like someone took a blue fine marker and drew a line going straight down to make the + sign so i looked at it like is this a evap or is this a postive ???? so i went into the bathroom and put it under the light to see if i can see the blue color and there is was BLUE put very very then almost like the thin like the line your see when your typing have anyone had this problem with ept test besides me or if so did are your preggo now?
1274271 tn?1453262165 so today i took another hpt and i actually saw a second line, i cant believe it!!!! but it is so light you have to look really carefully but its definitely there. yesterday there wasn't anything and i put the one i took today next to it and what do you know, there was another really really really faint line. Im not going to consider it a positive until i take another one on Saturday. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Hello, I missed my periods this month and I got checked with Velocit Kit( Home pregnancy test) and found that a very thin( very very thin) line is seen in test region, I have many symptoms of preganncy but could not confirm whether I am with this test. I am worried that if that thin line appaears will some thing happens like miscarriage or so? or am i pregnant? Please some one clear this doubt...
4423613 tn?1354760666 Hope to find a darker line today! and hope this is a good pregnancy!
Avatar n tn HI, At present the likelihood of a pregnancy seems small. A faint line on a urine pregnancy test can be due to either the result being false positive or because the test has been done early or maybe it is a delayed conception. For confirmation you can wait for a few days and repeat the test. Or better test confirmation can be done by blood test for beta HCG and an ultrasound scan. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I took a test today. At first it look negative then when i took it out of its cover i could see a faint line. I am scared. I wasnt ready to be prego yet. God plz help me...
2001903 tn?1345192082 First one faint +, second more convincing line.
Avatar f tn I have took a total of three pregnancy test and they All have a very very very faint shadow looking line.. how do I know if its positive or not...
Avatar n tn m pretty sure it was negative....except....the second line was very very very very faint. Like, I had to study the thing to see it. My periods are pretty irregular. I start anywhere from day 37 to day 41. Yesterday was day 37 and I tested this morning. Was it too soon? I used First Response. The only symptom I have had would be breast tenderness. What do y'all think? Thanks!
1854694 tn?1319634715 So I just left the bathroom ( with the test still on the counter, and went on about the day, no biggie, figured it was a bit to early anyways ) I went back into the bathroom a few hours later, not to even look at the test, but then seen a VERY dark ( as fark as the control line ) line but its not as thick as the control line, its thin but VERY VERY dark and a FULL line. I know the test says not to read it after 5 min blah blah blah, so i dont need to hear that because I already know that.
Avatar f tn t thought much about it but decided to do a pregnancy test. I took one a week before this and it was negative. When I took the test the line was very very faint but noticeable. It then turned into a thin line after the test sitting for awhile. once again, I decided I should try to take another in the morning just in case. Once again there was a thin blue line.
1487763 tn?1360372413 Well I took a New Choice $tree pregnancy test and I got an extremely unbelievable light pink line that was thin well I guess it was thin I refused to stare at it anymore because my period is due in 1-2 days and I know it should be darker than that or do I need to pay more for a FRER hpt
1522513 tn?1324868902 did two test one pregancey test which was very very faint and then a ovulation test that was faint also