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1647475 tn?1363137097 SO sick of them -- SOOOOO gross!
Avatar n tn I have never heard of getting nosebleeds during pregnancy so thats news to me Im 6 wks 5 days and i have yet to have a nosebleed?
Avatar f tn During the first few weeks of pregnancy has anyone experiecnced nosebleeds? I've been reading about it but never heard of this happening before I looked it up. It doesn't seem like a common symptom. I'm only about 7 weeks and this past week I've had a few nosebleeds, I've never had them before. I'm hoping it's normal and will stop soon. Any advice???
Avatar f tn Try drinking extra fluids to prevent the mucous membranes and other tissues in your nose from getting dehydratedCan nosebleeds affect my pregnancy?Nosebleeds in pregnancy may be linked to an increased risk of heavy bleeding after the birth. One large study found that the risk of heavy bleeding was about one in ten for women who had nosebleeds in pregnancy, compared with one in 17 for women who didn't.
Avatar f tn Why do nosebleeds occur during pregnancy? What months do they occur in? When do they stop?
Avatar f tn Anyone else experience nosebleeds during pregnancy? I've had one just about every day for the last several days. I've read they can occur during pregnancy. Wondering if anyone has tips for preventing them?
Avatar f tn I've had a few throughout my pregnancy. They're normal. We have lots of extra blood in our bodies because of baby, and the veins in our noses are very tiny and break easily. A fun symptom nobody ever tells you about lol.
Avatar f tn Over the last several days I've had several nosebleeds... what is this about?
Avatar n tn You can find this in the app by going to the Pregnancy Diary from the home screen and selecting Morning sickness or Nosebleeds from the Symptoms menu. Then click the menu bar in the upper left and select Symptoms Manual to see your symptoms. https://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Has anybody else been having nosebleeds lately? im 31+5 and today was my first time while pregnant that my nose has bleed. well actually it was twice in less than 2 hours. is this something to worry about? Or is it normal?
Avatar f tn I had loads of nose bleeds in my second pregnancy wen i told hospital they said it wos to do wuv hormones
Avatar f tn Yes it is normal I've had nosebleeds with my first son throughout my whole pregnancy n now hes a healthy 2 year old!
Avatar f tn I hear it is normal to have nose bleeds during pregnancy, something my midwife warned me about. Try not to worry, the body is a wonderfully weird thing. Every week something new happens to my body. Pregnancy is crazy!
Avatar n tn I am 23 weeks and for the past two days I have been having nosebleeds(and no I don't pick my nose LOL). Is this normal, perhaps weather related or could it be a blood pressure issue? Kind of worried because of the swelling of my legs lately!
1881346 tn?1341924768 I havnt had a nosebleed since i was little. Ppl pay its a pregnancy sign. what could this be.
Avatar f tn Nosebleeds are very common in pregnancy. Pregnancy increases blood volume which can worsen nosebleeds. Try the humidifier and see if that helps. You can also talk to your doctor about it.
9131648 tn?1406565316 I was sitting at the breakfast table eating and suddenly I got a nosebleed out of no where. Are nosebleeds ever related to stress during pregnancy? I never usually get them in the summer (usually in the winter when it's dry) so that's why I'm concerned.
5437392 tn?1374888070 Nosebleeds are very common during pregnancy for two reasons. Number one, your blood volume increases by something like 40% while your pregnant, which can cause more pressure on the blood vessles in your nose and number two, your nasal cavity is more prone to swelling and dryness due to allergies and minor infections during pregnancy, which can both cause nosebleeds. I haven't had any myself, though I have had a little more "stuffyness" than normal. Take care!
Avatar f tn I'm 27 weeks and everyday for the last week I've been having nosebleeds could this becos i have low blood pressure? has any one else been having them?
1652107 tn?1301894340 Ive been having lots of nose bleeds lately which is something nw for me as i didnt ave this in my previous pregnancy even though i had heeps of migranes. i also just wanted 2 add i had a nose bleed somewhat b4 but cant rememer when i mean which date.
Avatar f tn Ok so i am almost 31 weeks with my first baby (a little girl) and I am now getting pretty bad nosebleeds. Every morning(and i do mean every single morning) when I wake up my nose is either bleeding or has bled during the night. I've had to toss out 12 brand new pillows so far because i cant wash them. Is it normal for nosebleeds to happen so often and so badly? I started timing how long they were a few days ago and the shortest one so far was 5 minutes until it stopped...
Avatar n tn Well While I was getting sick I was vomitting so violently that I had a nosebleed, and now the nosebleeds wont go away. There isnt a day or a time when my nose doesnt have bloody boogers. And when it gushes it only lasts about a minute or so, but it really gushes to where it looks like someone murdered an animal. Why am I having these nosbleeds?
Avatar f tn As anything, if concerned, I would mention this to you OB. But again, from what I have read, nosebleeds are common in pregnancy. Below if from Babycenter on Nosebleeds. "Pregnancy can cause the blood vessels in your nose to expand, and your increased blood supply puts more pressure on those delicate vessels, causing them to rupture more easily.
Avatar f tn I understand nosebleeds are normal during pregnancy, but is it still okay when it last 20+ minutes? During the nosebleed there were two big clots one in the beginning and the end and a steady flow through out it. After it was done I felt dizzy and started seeing some spots. I have had them before, but they are normally less than a minute. Just wondering if I should be concerned at all.
Avatar n tn I also never got nosebleeds, but this entire pregnancy I have bloody snot rags every time I blow my nose. Sorry if tmi.
7657347 tn?1521844053 Is anyone else experiencing nosebleeds? I'm 19 weeks and I'm having them a lot lately. I remember having them with my 1st pregnancy (a girl) 11 years ago. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the baby's gender. We aren't going to be finding out this baby's gender until it's born. I can't remember if I had nosebleeds with my 3rd pregnancy which was also a girl. I never had them with any of my boys.
Avatar f tn Wondering what is causing my nosebleeds -- had Tamiflu in March and shot of Depo-Medrol in February -- could these be the cause???