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415867 tn?1323365503 Don't worry girl, everyone pops at different stages in their Pregnancy! My belly didn't start getting round until 22 weeks and I didn't really POP until 25 weeks. Once I popped, I started getting bigger each and every day! So dont you worry, at some point or another you will pop.
Avatar f tn Showing Faint Line. Not sure.
Avatar f tn Okay so this is my second pregnancy but I forget... What week do you start showing?
1177493 tn?1286659226 Today was my first real appt. My weight is down a couple pounds, which I'm happy about. I'm determined to not put on the 50+ pounds I did with both my daughters. My BP was 137/88. When I take it any other time of day its never that elevated and I don't get worked up over appts. I finally got to hear the heart beat on a doppler. It was 169bpm. That was reassuring. I still can't believe I'm expecting again after a yrs. Maybe when I get a belly bump I'll feel pregnant.
Avatar f tn Everyone pregnancy is different I was showing at 7 weeks and now I am 26 with a huge belly if your a small lady like me you will start showing faster I am only 4'11"
Avatar f tn Its been so many years since i was pregnant i forgot how horriable the first few months were. Ive felt sick to my stomach for days Im alot more moody than usual I am peeing like every hour or two which ***** at night cause it wakes me up my boobs are so sore it hurts for my bf to kiss them and i love it when he kiss's them. I know when i get farther along ill enjoy being pregnant but right now iys not the best feeling in the world.
Avatar f tn Hey I'm 18'weeks N I Am Barely Showing. My Stomach Shows Little. Should I Be Worried That Something Is Wrong.?
Avatar f tn I'm 5'1 and pre pregnancy i weighed 105... I had a tiny bump at 17 weeks but didn't really start showing until abut 24/25 weeks:) as for complications, like said above, every pregnancy is different so you might and might not have complications, to this point i haven't had any complications.
Avatar f tn could just be alittle bloating and water retention.
Avatar f tn Everyone starts showing at different stages. Some people start showing early by 15 weeks like my sister-in-law. I only got a bump after 20 weeks and it was only noticable after 26 weeks. The midwife told me I should have a bump until after 12 weeks and also said that first pregnancy women have a bump later on.
Avatar f tn On my first pregnancy I started to show at 20 to 22 weeks, at that time I had to buy maternity clothes. With my second one I started to show at 8 weeks.
Avatar n tn How to cope with the early stages of pregnancy I'm so eager to start showing and feel movements already !
Avatar f tn Good to know, this is my first pregnancy and I am excited and looking forward to noticing a little bump at some point.
Avatar f tn I am pregnant maybe 5 weeks I went for my first check up today and on tha ultrasound they found a large sack and half of and egg and no heart beat is it possible that I am in my early stages or that I possibley lost my baby??
Avatar f tn It is so hard not to compare yourself with other people at similar stages but each pregnancy and baby is different. I learned very quickly with my first that each baby will hit milestones at their own pace when they are ready, it's the same with pregnancy. I don't get any flutters yet but I'm not expecting to as I didn't feel any until closer to 20 weeks with my first.
Avatar n tn Every woman starts to show at different stages noone can really tell you when it will happen just hang in there, you'll have a big bump before you know it
Avatar f tn im 5'4 162 lbs. 19 weeks pregnant. not showing? is that normal?
1072252 tn?1281393708 I swear im showing!!! Ive got a small baby bump on the way and i love it. Im feeling drained and not really hungry, Im sure i didnt feel like this with my first child but that was 7 years ago, Ive had a bit of sickness but nothing much just hoping i dont get full on morning sickness.
Avatar n tn There's always a chance for pregnancy as long as you're having intercourse :) Spotting is normal during the beginning stages of pregnancy and since you've already missed your period, you should be able to get an accurate result with a pregnancy test. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hello friends, I am 14 wks 5 days now and I am not showing yet. And this is my first baby. So when u really start showing??
Avatar f tn For the first time moms out there when did u guys get ur baby bump. I'm 15 weeks an still no bump. Right now I'm in the between stages of looking chunky lol jus wondering when did u get ur bump?
Avatar f tn What Are The Stages Of Labor .. Do You Just Wake Up One Day With Contractions ? Or Do You Have Pain For About 2 Days Or So ? .. im 37 Weeks & I Dont Feel Nothing , Ill Have Little Pains here & There But I Think Its Because Of Her Being So Low & Kicking .. Because It'll Only Last A second & Its Only When Im In A weird Position.. No Mucus Plug .. No Cramping , Like im Wondering When Things Are Gonna Start Happening & When Should I Stop Working !?
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Avatar f tn Im 28wks & 3days pregnate I look like all I been doin is eating I wanna at least wanna be showing by my shower and not look like all I been doing is eating, which is at the end off this month il be 31wks any chance ya think I would?
Avatar f tn i tried on my old black dress yesterday i can feel its feels like its tight and yet my belly is so visible ..