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Avatar f tn No wonder I gained so much with my first pregnancy. Haha... I don't remember feeling this nauseous though. Anyone have creative nausea relief?
Avatar f tn I pray this doesn't last the whole pregnancy. I hope it gets better once I get out of the first trimester.
Avatar f tn Hi.... I am 8w3d pregoo.. I am tired of my nausea..smtimes i even start crying..i knw its silly of me but i cant help it.... Any tips or suggestion so that i can feel lil better .....
Avatar f tn I know ur pain i have had to go to the hospital twice because i couldn't keep anything down the dr gave my zofran n promethazine but neither have work 100% but some relief is better than nothing hope u feel better than me. I didn't have it this bad with my first 2. 1st baby had it all through out my pregnancy until i gave birth but was still able to keep some food down.
Avatar f tn My nausea kind of lingers throughout the day. Anything I can do to relieve it?
Avatar f tn Really?? Tats scary...28 weeks vid nausea??? Have started holding very high regards for all d mothers. It's not easy at all.. no doubt god had to choose females for d job.
Avatar f tn It depends somewhat on what is causing your nausea and how severe it is. The promethazine Dee mentions is effective but can also be quite sedating for some people. I couldn't stay awake if my life depended on it when I took that drug. Ginger is very safe and can be very helpful for mild nausea, but didn't even touch my severe nausea. The miracle drug for me was ondansetron, commonly given to chemotherapy patients.
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy I'm about 6 weeks, I'm always nauseous, can't stomach anything. I can't brush my teeth without vomiting. I cringe at the site of food.
Avatar f tn i'm not actually throwing-up but i'm wondering if that would give me some relief? sometimes i can burp but that doesn't really do much to ease the nausea. my belly is also feeling the way it does after thanksgiving dinner... like i've eaten too much and it's calling out to me for attention. also the nausea feels a bit like hunger. but food isn't that appealing when i'm making it, then i'm starving when it's actually in front of me, and find myself shoveling it down...
452571 tn?1311160076 they make prenatal vitamins that have some type of nausea med in them that are safe for pregnancy and i had to be put on those, because i cant keep down any other kind...mine are called DuetDHA and they are 2 lil yellow pills with hearts on them....they are starting to work wonders already this morning!!!!! hang in there it will pass by your 2nd trimester hopefully or you can ask your doc. about the vitamins!!!! best of luck!!!!!!!!!!
11294269 tn?1422406507 I am 12 weeks 4 days. Nausea has subsided slightly and it seems headaches are the next overpowering feeling. I know we can take Tylenol but I really want to avoid it of possible. What do you ladies do to relieve headaches?
938812 tn?1297655588 Mine started at exactly 6 weeks. I had nauseau allllll the time. I would basically just throw up bile, mainly when I brushed my teeth. Sometimes if I felt queezy and smelled something I didn't like, then I would throw up whatever I ate last. It lasted until about 18 weeks for me. It definitly is not a good feeling at all.
Avatar n tn I've just started getting nausea but once I eat it goes away.
Avatar f tn I would highly recommend Zofran. It is used for nausea and it works WONDERS! They have other drugs likes Phenergan and Compozine, but the side effects are long and AWFUL (I know because I have taken both). I just looked at the med fact on Zofran and while it doesn't say much about breastfeeding while taking Zofran, there aren't any known problems with taking it during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Pregnancy-related nausea (with or without vomiting) can be a problem morning, noon, or night. About half of pregnant women with nausea feel complete relief by the beginning of the second trimester. For most others it takes another month or so for the queasiness to ease up. A lucky few escape it altogether. 3. A missed period If you're usually pretty regular and your period doesn't arrive on time, you may decide to do a pregnancy test before you notice any of the above symptoms.
Avatar f tn What helps u ladies with nausea? I feel nauseous and I have to go to work soon, anything that helps u ladies when u r naseous?
Avatar f tn Any suggestions on nausea relief? I was prescribed Zofran but I prefer not to take it. Any home remedies you can recommend?
Avatar n tn Some days I'm unable to eat or drink anything at all without throwing it up. I've tried pregnancy safe nausea meds, tried all the morning sickness tips and nothing is working out for me. Does anyone else have this problem?
Avatar f tn I'm 11 weeks pregnant and having really bad nausea to the point of not being able to eat. Im not vomiting just bad nausea feeling. I know I need to feed my baby but my stomach hurts so bad and even worse when I try to eat something. Anyone else experience this before...
Avatar n tn This is my 3rd pregnancy and I had to take unisom up until last week. I'm almost 37 weeks. My first 2 pregnancies I had very mild nausea with both. Those were both boys. This one is a girl and I was soooo sick. Couldn't keep anything down for months. Try unisom and b6. But not the capsule unisom. The regular pill.
Avatar n tn She has no appetite,but will eat and drink. Some relief comes after she eats a little breakfast, but whenever she gets active again, the nausea returns. Medicines for nausea like Meclazine, Dimenhydrinate, Dramamine, and Zofran appear to have little/no effect on the nausea. Has anyone had similar experience or has any doctor treated similar conditions?
Avatar f tn Hi everyone... I've been having constant nausea/ vomiting for weeks now. It's been increasingly horrible to the point where I'm unable to eat a full meal at all! I've been eating light...things like fruit and crackers. But is this usual at 11 weeks? Any relief suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanx!
Avatar n tn I just had my son a few months ago, and the nausea was so bad with him, that I lost 30lbs throughout the pregnancy. I had to take Zofran to be able to stop vomiting. I was told it would go away after I gave birth, and it did ease off for a while. I haven't started vomiting again, but the nausea is coming back and steadily getting worse.
Avatar n tn My 17 y/o daughter has been complaining of nausea and early satiety for several months. She has always been very thin and is now 5'10" and generally weighs around 110-115 lb. She began complaining of inability to eat because of severe nausea and I just kept encouraging her to eat, thinking that her busyness at school and with cheerleading was the culprit. However, her complaints of nausea and then fatigue became so severe that I took her in and asked for blood work for mono, anemia, etc.
Avatar f tn I can't eat without my stomach getting upset and feeling very sick. Anyone else have this happen? What did u do to help ease the nausea at this point in pregnancy? Still taking zofran but doesn't seem to help like it did before.
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have nausea and an upset stomach so close to my due date? I'm 38+5 weeks. I feel terrible and I still have a week of work left.