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Avatar m tn Could all these symptoms is a positive sign.
270512 tn?1333177636 so is HCG an early sign of pregnancy?
Avatar n tn My first pregnancy I was showing before 8 weeks and I am a thick girl. I had a very noticeable bump. This pregnancy I'm not showing yet (I'm 8w3d). Since you are small, it's definitely possible that you are starting to show. Even though the baby isn't big yet, your uterus has been expanding and filling, and therefore you could be showing.
Avatar f tn Breast Tenderness, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Morning Sickness, Food Cravings, or Aversions to Foods, Sensitivity to Aromas, Nausea, Heartburn and/or Constipation, Mood Swings and Irritability, Higher body temperature, Bloating, Implantation Bleeding or Cramping (i didnt get bleeding but i did get the cramping. that was my first sign of pregnancy), Most important is A Positive Pregnancy Test and Missed Period. I had them all on this list except for the missed period.
191907 tn?1200618879 Has anyone had this happen to them during early pregnancy - I am 8 weeks and the blood on the toilet paper and bright red blood in the toilet bowl is exactly what I experienced yesterday after a bowel movement, just wondering if it could be hemorrhoids or a sign of miscarriage??? With internal hemorrhoids, you may see bright red streaks of blood on toilet paper or bright red blood in the toilet bowl after you have a normal bowel movement. You may see blood on the surface of the stool.
Avatar n tn This is a new one for me while the other pregnancies I have had constipation. I have read up on this a bit. It says loose stools during early pregnancy can be a sign of pregnancy, as the uterus starts to grow and pushes out the waste. Prenatal vitamins can also cause it. I tend to believe it is the first as I have been taking these prenatal vitamins for some time because I was pregnant earlier in the year but m/c.
Avatar f tn Meds can sometimes give you constipation pending on the type of med. It is pretty early to have pregnancy signs. Sore breasts are a sign but I do not believe constipation is a sign of pregnancy...
Avatar f tn I read that an early sign of pregnancy is a white discharge (w/ no odor, itch, or color)...it happens when fertilization has occurred. FYI- I had my first IUI 10/18. some discharge started today. (plus i'm bloated and boobs are a little bigger than usual:) Anyone experienced this? Any truth to it??
Avatar n tn ve been feeling cramps and getting heart palpitations. Could this be a very early sign of pregnancy or just a side effect of the Plan B One Step?
Avatar f tn From last 2 days i m having some lower back pain. I read in some forums that back pain in early pregnancy time is not a good sign and also some says its quite normal, i am reaaly worried, Does anybody have same problem ? is this normal in early pregnancy time? Please help me...
291233 tn?1347297526 For some women, constipation is a very early sign of pregnancy. The digestive tract slows considerably to allow the body to extract all the available nutrients, and this results in constipation. If a woman is not used to drinking large amounts of water, this can be a real problem early on. Another trouble might be gas (both burping and otherwise), again from the slowed digestion. These early signs of pregnancy are often not noticed.
Avatar f tn my periods are due in 1 week. never have experienced such low back pain. is this a sign of early pregnancy or just a muscle ache or due to constipation as i am also having constipation.
Avatar f tn A lot of things can be a sign of pregnancy and also caused by other things.
Avatar f tn ve heard of constipation being a sign of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Cervix position changes at different times in the day so I'm not sure that you could take it as a sign of pregnancy. Its soo hard not to read into symptoms but best wait until your missed period.
1213374 tn?1267479192 STILL seeing occasional EWCM, though in main cervical fluid is sticky -- CAN be an early pregnancy sign but only 20% of the time. Very gassy also!
Avatar f tn Yes, it is a sign of pregnancy, but to be honest is can also be a sign of a UTI. Have you taken a test yet? Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn My last periods were on 9th oct. and mine is an irregular cycle. Since 3-4 days i am getting nausea, aching and swollen breasts, vaginal discharge, constipation and fatigue. Should I assume these symptoms to be the sign of early pregnancy? I assume home pregnency test won't give a result that early? Also I am getting acidity, is that also related to pregnancy? Can I take some medicine for that? Please help me ASAP...
533193 tn?1289727345 If you are on any progesterone, both of those symptoms are side effects of that, but the swollen boobs could also be an early pregnancy sign but it may be too early. I get swollen breasts when I am on the progesterone supp. I hope that it turns out to be pregnancy!!