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191907 tn?1200622479 Has anyone had this happen to them during early pregnancy - I am 8 weeks and the blood on the toilet paper and bright red blood in the toilet bowl is exactly what I experienced yesterday after a bowel movement, just wondering if it could be hemorrhoids or a sign of miscarriage??? With internal hemorrhoids, you may see bright red streaks of blood on toilet paper or bright red blood in the toilet bowl after you have a normal bowel movement. You may see blood on the surface of the stool.
237300 tn?1231458318 I've been unusually thirsty during my 2WW and I'm hoping it's an early sign of pregnancy. I'm 12dpo and my only other symptoms are insomnia, some dull uterine aches and a feeling of tugging below my belly button. I've been reading about the other kinds of symptoms women have in early pregnancy like nausea, bloating and sore bbs and have been watching myself like a hawk to see if I have anything like that, but so far it's mainly the thirst.
Avatar n tn This is a new one for me while the other pregnancies I have had constipation. I have read up on this a bit. It says loose stools during early pregnancy can be a sign of pregnancy, as the uterus starts to grow and pushes out the waste. Prenatal vitamins can also cause it. I tend to believe it is the first as I have been taking these prenatal vitamins for some time because I was pregnant earlier in the year but m/c.
Avatar n tn In answer to the first question, constipation can be an early sign of pregnancy, due to the reaction the body has to the increased hormone load. That said, going for several days without a peep out of your bowels seems extreme even for pregnancy. Good luck with the grapes.
Avatar n tn If you're getting them now then it's probably from things other than pregnancy. Even if you don't have trouble with constipation, lingering on the toilet for too long during/after a BM can bring them on. Or maybe you're straining too much but don't really realize it. Preparation H works good, and I liked to use just plain vaseline too. I used Tucks pads after I had my baby and I don't really understand the fuss about those -- I don't think they helped me.
1308690 tn?1273700011 With both of my pregnancies I had diarreah as a early pregnancy sign accompanied by menstrual cramps. But then a few weeks into the pregnancy I got constipated. Like Losingmymindinga said everyone is different and you should defntly take a HPT! Good Luck and keep us posted!
Avatar f tn From last 2 days i m having some lower back pain. I read in some forums that back pain in early pregnancy time is not a good sign and also some says its quite normal, i am reaaly worried, Does anybody have same problem ? is this normal in early pregnancy time? Please help me...
164914 tn?1269577507 I am having the exact same fears. I am hoping I got pregnant this month, but won't know for another week at least. I remember with my last one (before my m/c) my breasts were very tender and I am not feeling tender breasts at all. I have started feeling really sleepy and a little stopped up and every once in a while I feel a little naseau, but no breast tenderness. It either means I am not pregnant this time around, or I fear I have low HCG again if I am.
1541066 tn?1328903676 The earliest you can test for pregnancy is 6 days before your period,with First Response early preg test.Its the most sensitive one on the market.It was the only one that gave me my positive after so many negatives.Goodluck.
Avatar n tn My first pregnancy I was showing before 8 weeks and I am a thick girl. I had a very noticeable bump. This pregnancy I'm not showing yet (I'm 8w3d). Since you are small, it's definitely possible that you are starting to show. Even though the baby isn't big yet, your uterus has been expanding and filling, and therefore you could be showing.
521037 tn?1212279053 I just looked this up, on a site. The first sign of pregnancy is usually a missed menstrual period. A little bleeding or spotting may occur, due to implantation of the fertilized egg. Some women experience no early symptoms of pregnancy during the first few weeks, while others may experience all of them. A woman's breasts usually seem larger and feel tender as the mammary glands prepare for eventual breastfeeding.
Avatar n tn I have also started feeling a little weezy at night--not enough to get sick but just not feeling right. Could this be a sign of early pregnancy? If so, how long should I wait before I take a pg test??
Avatar f tn it could be I've heard of constipation being a sign of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Hi this is a folo to a constipation problem and fear of endoscopy/colonoscopy. Well I had these tests done the other day, and to my dismay, found out that I do have a hiatal hernia, and a tortuous colon? Does anybody have any idea with a tortuous colon indicates as in surgery? I am told it is caused by my years of constipation, it elongated my colon/intestinal tract? Also, I read in papers (mine) that my colon was dialated, can anyone enlighten me on that...
567488 tn?1244744266 With my first pregnancy I had it from early on up until around 14 weeks from what I remember. It's totally normal. And it freaks you out because it happens so quick and is so sharp! The pain is usually low and off to the side, almost near the groins. Thought you might like to know!
Avatar n tn 15, 2006 I measured 5 weeks 5 days.... so in a since I found out really early... and it's gonna be a long pregnancy... I did notice, starting last week that my stomach and abdominal muscles have been really sore lately along with the sore breasts. I noticed because my 1-1/2 year old son was climbing on me wanting to play and I could hardly sit up that morning...
Avatar n tn i did research last night and found that the creamy discharge could be a definite pregnancy sign...says it starts early pregnancy and increases throughout. however, i took a test early this am and it was negative. i wanted to hold off a little longer but was losing sleep over it. if my period doesn't come in a few days, i will try again. the test says that it's only 51% accurate this early. guess i'll go to target for more tests.
192918 tn?1199454779 I've heard this may be a sign that labor is coming soon? Anyone had this be a sign? If so, when did the symptoms start and how soon after did you deliver?
Avatar f tn i have history of preterm labor, 3 of my kids dilated at 27wks 2 were born early. this pregnancy i had my cervix sewed at 22wks (cervical calage) due to cervix shortened to 15mm & dilated to 1cm. i see my ob doc on regular schedule, and a fetal med doc weekly. i do cramp on regular passes but doc always says all the same no change... i could never tell contractions either :-( my cervix is 2.
Avatar n tn I think the line might still be from old hormomes from the m/c. Has anybody had those same early pregnancy symptoms? I never had any with the pregnancy that m/c. Sorry so lengthy, any help would be great.
Avatar f tn I don't think they are a pregnancy sign... but I know that all 3 times I took Clomid, I had night/day sweats (just happened randomly). I've been (overly) paranoid about any physical changes I have... really, really wishing one of those darn ailments will be a pregnancy sign. Although this sort of fed the paranoia a little, I found this site to be helpful in listing the early symptoms: http://www.americanpregnancy.org/gettingpregnant/earlypregnancysymptoms.
1312584 tn?1280938285 A week before the bleeding started I had been having weird dizzy spells, constipation, needing the toilet a lot more, breaking wind, sore breasts, headaches, tiredness and just the feeling of maybe being pregnant. Because I wasn't sure if it's my period come early, implantation bleeding or a sign of miscarriage, I spoke to NHS Direct last night and was told to go to the hospital where they did a pregnancy test which was negative.
Avatar n tn It has now been 31 days since my last m/c. I took a first response early pregnancy test it was negitave. The pain in my left side is getting worse, and the constipation is unbelivable, it is getting worse. I think I am going to make a Dr's appt, just to be safe.
Avatar f tn on MH, it says that 37% women experience spotting during early pregnancy... I've had it too couple days ago when my doc wanted me to start alternating Crinone gel and progesterone shots. After taking Crinone for 2 days, I've experienced light pink spotting. My nurse said it happens and that's normal.
1312584 tn?1280938285 you can take a pregnancy test. could be an early miscarriage.