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778361 tn?1309719224 THey baby at 15 weeks is not even a lb including the placenta. If this helps. THat is to much weight to gain for a pregnancy I would think it is water or a hormone problem. Maybe thyriod. I hope you are pregnant though:) I have heard of some woman gaing like that then not later in the pregnancy to even it out. BUt it was from diet and water wieght not baby weight. Hope this helps/ Hey the 19th is tomorrow!!!
1004712 tn?1263397548 There are recommended ranges for weight gain during pregnancy and these depend on whether you are under weight, within a "normal' weight range, or overweight to begin with (and to know this your height has to be factored in). Typically, recommended weight gain ranges from about 15-35 Ibs with overweight people being at the lower end of the spectrum and underweight people being near the upper end of that range.
15480 tn?1302533402 To a point, I agree with the posters who say that their bodies need to gain some weight. But gaining in excess of 25-30 pounds for the entire pregnancy can put you at risk for several serious pregnancy complications. Good luck to all. The original post is several years old, so if anyone wants to bring up weight or other issues, its always best to make a new post.
Avatar f tn Excessive weight gain can be associated with a higher risk pregnancy, higher rates of gestational diabetes, of pregnancy induced hypertension, of high birth weight babies, and a higher incidence of C/Section. Not to mention having to lose that much more weight afterwards.
4154024 tn?1363759331 All along I been trying to monitor my pregnancy weight gain week by week using MedHelp Pregnancy App and the entry results has been driving me up the wall. I finally contacted my OB with this concern and they provided me a breakdown of the weight entries since I was tested positive and the results seem to be within normal range. What should I do to keep my mind off my weight gain?
2176548 tn?1340681417 Hence to confirm the status of pregnancy, I suggest you to test for pregnancy by a highly sensitive pregnancy test 10 days post ovulation with a sensitive ( 20 - 25 mIU ) pregnancy test. Also then I would suggest you to get your serum HCG levels estimated since this is more specific than urine for pregnancy tests. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn Oh, and I haven't tried to lose weight by the way...I had shocking morning sickness for about 4 months so I couldn't eat much...
Avatar f tn My pre-pregnancy weight was 130. I'm only 10 weeks and I've gained 8 lbs. Is this bad?
Avatar n tn ok- y'all are scaring me with this weight gain stuff... so far I've lost 12 lbs and gained 1 back, but I'm overweight so the doc isn't worried (plus my thyroid is finally regulated). I'm 20 weeks today though and really really don't want to gain 15 lbs in one month!!! LOL.
Avatar f tn Dont be worried about the amount of weight you gain. My pre pregnancy weight was 125 and im very athletic. But ive gained 35 pounds so far and im stacking up the weight. You have to remember that theres lots of that weight that has to do with the fluids for baby, the placenta, the uterus and the baby. You can eat as much as you want, just be sure to eat healthy. I tend to keep strawberries in a bowl that are cleaned and cut so if im hungry i go for healthy food and its all ready to eaten !
Avatar f tn I had that for my first pregnancy and when i gave birth i was back the weight i was when i first started my pregnancy
Avatar f tn I'm 26 weeks and have gained 16 lbs total. With my first I only gained 20 my entire pregnancy. Anyway my weight gain is perfect as my Dr said. Just had a sono my baby is 2 lbs 3 oz already.
Avatar f tn I keep track of my calories and splurge on veggies and salads.. yayyy (sarcastic). I work full time too. By the time i get off work its dark and cold so i hate going on walks then so i just try to watch wgat i eat. I do give in to cravings once in a while and always have dessert at fat free sugar free pudding or hot chocolate!
Avatar f tn And it's normal to put on about 500 g each week for the last 3 months, so hello 6 more kgs.. The weight gain is very individual, hope all of it will be gone a couple of months after birth.
Avatar f tn How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy? How long did it take you to lose it?
Avatar f tn I've gained 46 I'm 34&4 I don't get it either I'm not going over bored eating I'm eating like I always have but I'm gaining like crazy & cried today when I realized I've gained almost 50 pounds..
Avatar n tn Pros & Cons of Weight Gain during Pregnancy by Jackie Lapetino, RNC, BSN The amount of weight a woman should gain during her pregnancy has long been an issue for discussion. There are many different viewpoints; some physicians feel that the optimum weight for a woman should be as little as 15 pounds, while others suggest 40 pounds is appropriate. They contend that if too much weight is gained during pregnancy, the baby will be too large and a difficult delivery will result.
Avatar f tn Apart from pregnancy, other possible causes of weight gain that should be ruled out are thyroid dysfunction, fluid retention, hormonal changes such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, effect of medications and even mass. If this persists, have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn I've given up on meeting my weight gain goal (25lbs) and am prepared for major weight loss postpartum. My GI doctor had similar difficulties in her pregnancy, she lost tons of weight after giving birth but eventually gained them back. It's normal to see weight gain stalk or even drop in 3rd trimester.
Avatar f tn I topped out at thirty pound total weight gain. Of course, my son was a month early, so who knows what the REAL total would have been. Ha ha!
Avatar f tn And my doctor says I gained too much weight so fast to slow down. How much weight are you actually suppose to gain in total thru out ur entire pregnancy. ?
Avatar n tn that seems a bit much. I did gain 6 lbs. one month in my first pregnancy though, I was finally able to eat and it made a big difference. Talk with your Dr. and see what they think. Mine was fine with it since I had not gained much till the big month, gained 23 lbs. total the first time and 18 lbs. the second. Good luck, and don't stress!
Avatar n tn she said dats great and all om thinking where the helk and how the helk did i gain all these weight i just dnt understand...i swear imma be 160something by the time this. Pregnancy. Ends...ive never been more than 130lbs in my life...i know im being a baby about this but from being. 123With muscles to all this weight its just i. Cant stand to gain all that weight i feel so fat and over bloated and all ppl keeps saying ur so skinny ur all. Belly ...i sure.
1642895 tn?1314668012 (I know I'm personally 5'2 and pre-pregnancy I was 147 and was overweight) If you were a normal healthy weight before pregnancy, you would gain 25-35 pounds. Overweight you would gain 15-20 pounds. Underweight would be 35-40 pounds. You should NOT however skip meals. Pregnancy is not a time to be conscious of weight--though many women are for whatever reasons. You will gain, it's just a matter of how much. Eat when you're hungry, and just make sure it's healthy.
9845182 tn?1412033983 ( I just feel like I'm getting so big and super ugly. I'm trying to just walk and not worry about the weight.
613536 tn?1294242047 When do you usually start to gain weight? I am just over 6 weeks and haven't noticed anything yet. My pants still seem to fit the same and my boobs are definitely not bigger. I know some people who have gained like 12 pounds in their first trimester! When did you first start to gain weight? This is my first pregnancy and I have my first u/s on 12/12!!!!