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Avatar f tn Hi, i have missed my period and am not irregular, its like one month and 2 days, had last period on aug 3 rd, have pregnancy symptoms like feeling of vomitting after drinking coffee and fainting, but test result shows negative after i month n 5 days, can i still be pregnant, also i lost about 4 kilograms, during 2 weeks
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Avatar f tn Try to get pregnancy this month
766586 tn?1284383198 Hello friends, I know its been a while so I wanted to give an update. All is well on the baby front and since my due date is Aug. 19 I am in the home stretch right now and just relaxing as much as possible. All the baby showers are over and I am finishing up the last of the thank-you cards today. Its been a wild ride, but I really have enjoyed my pregnancy and I think that is because I made it fun. The baby's room is ready to go and looks great!
1051017 tn?1349636853 its looking like this is nt the month after all. started bleeding earlier and im not sure im going to be able to hold this pregnancy. going to the doc this aft.
621711 tn?1223570604 krikey's....i made it! yay! i feel so good today, the best i've felt in a long, long, time.
1792857 tn?1315359623 One month after shot still spotting brown and light red
Avatar f tn Today is one month off suboxone for me!! I am actually feeling very good. I still am having some stomach & sleep issues and I also get the chills at night. Mass amounts of sneezing but NOTHING compared to how I was feeling. I feel so blessed to be where I am in recovery and finally off all meds. I know there are a lot of people who stuggle with getting off the suboxone. This is the hardest thing I have ever done but totally worth it.
392430 tn?1382904781 Wow! The time is flying...I feel like I should be prepared to drop Phin off at college next week or something. But really the time does just flow by without us really noticing. Phin is getting chunkier by the day and he already has pretty decent head control. He had his first bottle fed to him by Daddy...both of them enjoyed it. ^_^ He has officially grown out of an outfit, it made me cry a little.
Avatar f tn Dh just told me he's giving the job hunting one more month. If he doesn't find a civilian job, it's back to the Marines. I'm not sure how I feel about it. There is so much sh!t going on right now. My mom just lost the room she had at my aunts house b/c her irresponsible coked out son, and alcoholic 16 year old grandson lost their house. o_0 So they showed up at her house at 1 am and pretty much forced my mom out. She JUST NOW told me this!
Avatar m tn Done with my first month without a drink. It's been getting easier as time goes on.
1663817 tn?1304785240 Nothing has changed, some things have gotten worse. I'm ready to give up.
Panda one month.. How we doing?
Avatar f tn Exactly one month ago I lost the baby. Ironically I started metformin last night. I have had left sided O pain all day and low back pain. I have a positive OPK test. Too bad we cant try right now....sigh....
5506662 tn?1369334325 Cant believe my baby boy is a month old already! We move in just over a week. everything has been going good. This past weekend we went to Sault Ste Marie. Hubby had military duty and my family came up and visited so they could see Ely for the first time. It was an amazing weekend. Im still not thrilled about moving but with the heat the past few days and not having ac its been so miserable here Im looking forward to the move just for the a/c! Not much else going on here.
Avatar f tn 2nd one done and negative, going to ring doc and see if i can up dose to 100mg when i come on.Before i go back in july for review but im ok about result now to start a new month.
Avatar f tn today I got my periods our second month of trying I just want to fall pregnant with a healthy baby
Avatar n tn so i got the depo shoot last month and i waited a week to have sex..... but i haven't gotton my period at all and it's been 5 weeks....should i be scared?....can someone tell me whats going on with me...
Avatar f tn I have exactly a month left too! What are you having?
7558356 tn?1410715309 First Trimester: Month 1 : 1-4 Month 2: 5-8 Month 3: 9-13 Second Trimester: Month 4: 14-17 Month 5: 18-21 Month 6: 22-26 Third Trimester: Month 7: 27-30 Month 8: 31-35 Month 9: 36-40
Avatar f tn omg just realised I'm due one month today, I haven't been nervous this whole pregnancy, I think it's just starting to hit home that in roughly 31 days I'm gonna be a mum!
Avatar f tn m 25yrs old I have 2 daughters I had 2 miscarriages one last yr and one the beginning of this yr. I had taken a few pregnancy tests the beginning of last month n this month. Im getting pregnancy symptoms (dizzyness, cravings, my breats hurt they feels kinda hard,mood swings and a few cramp moments) so any who the first 3 hpt came back negative and the other 3 after came back with a faint positive line... I went to the doctor about 12 days ago.
Avatar f tn GAINED. That's what happens when I keep doing the same thing ... I get the same result. If I want to see something different happen, I need to DO something different. It's as simple as that. So, I tell myself, get up off my *** and get busy!
675718 tn?1530033033 today i mean yesterday i reached a short term goal of one month of sobriety i am happy and i am going to pray for another thirty days( one day at a time) yahoo fer me :) 0
Avatar f tn Try BBT now - first month after chemical pregnancy
514428 tn?1287598456 I can't stop looking at my test!! I'm so EXCITED!! I wish everyone a good month this month and hopefully we have more Febuary babies!! :) I'm just happy I'm not due in Sept-Oct like my other pregnancies...this weather is terrible!!
1289251 tn?1277417399 the tinist brownish 3 times today, one pink streak, and some pieces of tissue appox 5 small stringy peices. Went to Dr fontyne today he says see what blood test indicates as well as follow up for one on Thursday.
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