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Avatar n tn The doctors have both said that my due date is Oct. 4th which comes from my LMP Dec. 28th and the two ultrasounds. Now the question I have is if I ovulated late would it affect the due date because all the conception calculators I've used and all the other types of calculators puts my most fertile days around the middle of Jan. (from about the 6-16th) on average. But the thing is I had sex with 3 different guys with 2 of them being in the early weeks of Jan.
Avatar m tn March 6 to 14 Due date: December 1 (40 weeks) Here is how the due date of December 4 works out on a conception calculator: Probable date of ovulation: March 13 Possible dates of conception: March 9 to 17 Due date: December 4 (40 weeks) Neither of them implicate the sex on the 24th of February.
Avatar n tn Then, I got a conprehensive sonagram 2 weeks later where they measured the baby to get a more accurate due date and it said my due date was March 25, concieved on July 2nd. I thought for sure I conceived on July 13th which would make my due date a few weeks before what they are saying. Could the doctors be wrong bc of the late sonagram and could the baby be measuring too small???
Avatar m tn And due date oct 1 but we will get a more accurate from my midwife this was my fame doctors estimation
Avatar m tn But if you just got the due date from a calendar, or from ultrasounds later in the pregnancy, then there is no way to know which event produced the baby. If it is question of paternity, a DNA test will show what you need to know.
Avatar f tn So once it calculates that it gives me a whole different due date and date I conceived. Now I tried by putting my due date and it tells me a different day I conceived and my correct weeks of pregnancy. So idk if to go based off the due date. Has anyone had this problem? Thank you.
Avatar m tn June 14 (40 weeks) Given that your due date came from a 12th week ultrasound, and even if we use the slight discrepancy with the date of your period to assume it might be a few days off (to be expected when the margin for error is 7 days) I'd say you did not get pregnant any earlier than September 17.
Avatar n tn I also slept with my boyfriend the ebd of Feb of 2007, and again in March between the time of 16th -19th.I had an ultrasound in May of 2007 that said i was 8 weeks pregnant with a due date of Dec 10, 2007. I want to know if i could have gotten pregnant in Jan or if it is my boyfriends baby. Please help me to get some relief.
Avatar m tn The first estimated due due she was given was 12/30/15 based off the ultrasound done on 8/11/2015. She had NO prenatal care up to that point. She did not even take a pregnancy test until late July. My other concern is that she is only 14 years old. Could she be further along and the baby just be experiencing slow growth due to lack of prenatal care and her age?
Avatar f tn Idk if you did an ultrasound yet or was giving a due date but from my calculations you should be due around August 6. If it was the 2nd dude your due date would be around August 20th. I hope this information was helpful..good luck!
Avatar f tn But she measured the baby on the ultrasound from romp to crown. Estimated due date is 10/6/15. My question is I couldn't have conceived December 12 right? Because I was thinking if I did the first ultrasound would have detected a baby and would be much bigger than just a sac. And I would be further along right? Another question is my doctor dating pregnancy by my last period? Thanks!!!
5891248 tn?1406414464 During my last pregnancy they gave me a due date 10 days earlier than my conception date. I didn't say anything till it was time to have my baby and they wanted to induce...I wanted her to come naturally. My doctor went with me and I went into labor exactly 10 days after my due date...
Avatar m tn From the ultrasound, they should also be able to give you an estimated due date. You can count back on a calendar 266 days from that date to get to an estimated date of conception. If you get an ultrasound and the doctor or the tech says "You're 7 weeks pregnant," just keep in mind he or she is not saying you are 7 weeks from conception.
Avatar m tn Did you get the February 13 due date early in the pregnancy from a doctor reading your ultrasound results?
545877 tn?1251120634 // according to this due date calculator you are 9 weeks.
Avatar m tn My pregnancy wheel using the original due date of January 12, gives a conception date of april 21 with a last menses of apirl 7th. Semen does not live that long inside of you; 5 days at the most under ideal conditions. It's the second guys baby. Ultrasounds before 8-10 weeks are very reliable for dating, within a few days.
Avatar f tn Besides trying to assess your conception date from your ovulation date, you could also make a pretty accurate guess if you had an early ultrasound that gave you a due date. Did you get an ultrasound before your tenth week, and did the doc give you an estimated due date from it?
1057060 tn?1266516726 okay so im just trying to figure out my conception date for fun... my last period was august 11th 09. my first ultrasound was september 29th which said i was 5 weeks and 1 day (almost 2 weeks less than what i was supposed to be). but according to the subsequent ultraounds and the fact that my due date is may 27th i would have been 5 weeks 6 days. is the first ultrasound the most accurate?? when did i conceive?
Avatar f tn My due date is October 17th you had the baby on the 11th the only day you had sex with your boyfriend was January 2nd would my boyfriend be the father??
Avatar f tn Happy, unless madison has exactly the same dates as you, when her due date is wouldn't be significant.
Avatar n tn on may 17th i found out i was pregnant, and the same day i had an ultrasound that was stating i was 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant and the due date was january 7th ,2013. the other ultrasounds i had were stating that my due date was on january 10th, ( morphologic ultrasound i had at 20 weeks, and a 3d one that i had at 25 weeks) i need to know when i have conceived. my doctor says sometimes around april 16th.
Avatar f tn The doctor told me today my conception date was most likely Jan 5. Last time she had told me Jan 6. The date of my last period was Dec 27, 2013. Can someone help me determine if I should take Jan 5-6 as likely conception dates, over January 10th which is what I receive when I do an online conception calculator.
1900462 tn?1352778902 Right but I just don't understand how those two different conception dates come up with the same weeks and days that I'm along and the same due date if they're different conception dates. Wouldn't the feb 16th conception date put me farther along? I don't know how this works cause this is my first pregnancy. Thanks for answering my question again :) I posted another question about weight gain if you want to take a peek at it.
Avatar f tn An estimated due date of March 12, if it was gotten from an early ultrasound, gives the following. Probable date of ovulation: June 19 Possible dates of conception: June 15 to 23 This is why I asked if you slept with someone after June 6, because above, you only gave the choice of a guy may 24, and a guy June 6. What does "I only slept with the second guy all of June from 06/13" mean? Is that someone else other than the June 6 guy?
Avatar n tn I'm very confused about my conception date. I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant. On Friday, April 3rd, I went to the doctor with bad back aches and they gave me meds for a bladder infection, by Monday it wasnt better so the doc called in a different prescription. I was using the ortho evra birth control patch, and had been for about 4 years. Well my period was due April 24th and never came, so I took a test and it was positive.
Avatar m tn It doesn't sound like she got pregnant in December, but in January. Please clarify some information: - Did the doctor say the exact words "You are at 6 weeks 0 days"? Or did the doctor say 6 weeks and some number of days, like 6 weeks 3 days or 6 weeks 5 days? - Had you discussed with the doctor that you needed to know a conception date, using the word "conception" specifically? This matters.
404138 tn?1308945256 Evacuation DPO - Days Post-Ovulation DPC - Days Since Last Clomid pill was taken DPR - Days Post-Retrieval DPT - Days Post-Transfer Dx - Diagnosis E E2 - Estradiol EB,EMB - Endometrial Biopsy EDD - Estimated Due Date ENDO - Endometriosis EG - Evil Grin EOD - End Of Discussion EPO - Evening Primrose Oil EPT - Early Pregnancy Test ESP - ESPecially ET - Embryo Transfer EW,EWCM - Eggwhite Cervical Mucus F FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer FHR - Fetal Heart Rate FIL - Father in law FP - Follicular Phas
Avatar n tn I got pregnant march 28th with my daughter and my due date was december 21st. This pregnancy i conceived april 26th-ish and my due date is January 17th. Plus implantation bleeding isn't actually flow, its just spotting. You conceived in April.
Avatar f tn ) When there, explain that your periods are a little off and you would like to have an estimate based on the embryo's measurements and developmental markers of how many weeks pregnant you are and when your estimated due date is. You can use the e.d.d. to count back to the estimated conception date, or the doc might be able to help you do it. You're lucky because you are still early enough that the estimate won't be wildly off.