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Avatar f tn If you have an early ultrasound (before your 9th week), and if the doctor bases everything on the measurements of the baby and its developmental markers and not on the woman's report of the first day of her last period, and if you got an estimated due date from that early ultrasound, you can plug the estimated due date into a good online calculator and it will give you a really close estimated conception date.
545877 tn?1251120634 // according to this due date calculator you are 9 weeks.
Avatar m tn Hi, My due date is 14th June by ultra sound at 12 weeks. When is my likely conception date? I slept with one man on 1st September and then another man thereafter. I thought I had a period around the 11th Sept but I am confused after reading about spotting.
Avatar f tn The doctor told me today my conception date was most likely Jan 5. Last time she had told me Jan 6. The date of my last period was Dec 27, 2013. Can someone help me determine if I should take Jan 5-6 as likely conception dates, over January 10th which is what I receive when I do an online conception calculator.
Avatar m tn March 6 to 14 Due date: December 1 (40 weeks) Here is how the due date of December 4 works out on a conception calculator: Probable date of ovulation: March 13 Possible dates of conception: March 9 to 17 Due date: December 4 (40 weeks) Neither of them implicate the sex on the 24th of February.
Avatar f tn They use your last period to help calculate the due date and what not. So I think the guy from june 6th is probably the dad as it matches the dates better.
Avatar f tn i quite agree with you. freaks a lot of fathers out. but, from the first day of your last period it is. maybe because conception has quite a timeframe where it can occur after sex...i don't know. i'd prefer if they used a likely conception time as the start of pregnancy though.
Avatar f tn The two things that seem correct, and that matter, are your due date March 29 and your conception date July 6.
Avatar f tn This will depend on the length of your cycle, and also on when you got your due date -- was it by ultrasound? and if so, how far along where you when you got it? But it sounds (speaking very generally) more likely to be the September 4 man than the mid-August man.
Avatar m tn When I asked the Dr the conception date he said July 9, 2014 and when I do the conception calculator wih both edd the earliest I could've concieved is June 28, 2014. I had my period starting after June 10 and ending before June 21. Is there any way I could've concieved prior to my cycle and the Dr/ ultrasound give an estimated conception date off by 3- 4 wks?
Avatar f tn Then (because your ultrasound was in your 12th week and not earlier) you bump into the margin for error on a 12th-week ultrasound, which is said to be give or take a week (+/- 7 days). The conception calculator says that if your due date is the 18th of March, you conceived around the 25th of June, but that is if the ultrasound is correct and giving you a figure that has no margin for error, in other words, like an ultrasound done in your sixth week.
Avatar f tn If she has records of an early ultrasound, such as in her first trimester or better yet, in her 7th week or so, and if that ultrasound gives her a projected due date (it would probably be listed on the face of the ultrasound or on the report as an EDD, an estimated due date), I can help her plug the EDD into a conception calculator and get a likely conception date. But without that, by now there is probably not a lot that can be done besides a DNA test of the likely daddy.
Avatar f tn Unless your ultrasound where the tech told you July 12 was very early in the pregnancy, you can't be certain July 12 is your exact due date, which means you can't be certain October 19 is the day you got pregnant. And of course, if you had sex with your boyfriend on the 18th and the 20th (this set of dates certainly seems to bookend the world's shortest breakup), his sperm will be in there as active players in the race to the egg even if you did ovulate on the 19th.
Avatar m tn have you put your numbers into a due date calculator? most usually give you the dates of possible conception. also, don't jump the gun since sometimes the fetus doesn't match up to the dates. you need to get all of your facts together because you confront her because this will offend her. you need to be calm and gentle about this with her.
Avatar n tn If you are driving yourself crazy, see a counselor. This is probably just displaced anxiety or guilt. By now I'm sure that you know that your early ultrasound suggests you conceived around May 12. Sperm would not have lasted from April 22 to May 12 in your system and early ultrasounds are not that far off.
Avatar m tn You can count back 266 days on a calendar from the estimated due date and get an estimate conception date, or use a conception calculator online. From you saying 8 weeks 6 days on June 15, I get conception as being on April 28, which makes plenty of sense given you having sex from April 22 to 25. (Not only is there the margin for error mentioned by the doctor but also, sperm can live up to 5 or 6 days in a woman's reproductive tract.) It just all adds up.
5980942 tn?1377773046 If so, did it vary by many days or just one or two? Here is what the conception calculator says for the due date of October 16. First day of last menstrual period: January 9 Probable date of ovulation: January 23 Possible dates of conception: January 19 to 27 Due date: October 16 (40 weeks) I can't see that Mister Didn't-Come (who you slept with on the 10th when you were broken up from your boyfriend) has anything to do with anything.
Avatar f tn Based on that information, my doctor and my due date calculator concur that my baby was most likely conceived between the 9th and 13th of September. Is there any way that the baby could have been conceived earlier than that? I have a due date set as June 4, 2015, and really want to know that there was NO possibility that my baby was conceived any time at all in August. Help please!!
Avatar m tn My questions is concerning the accuracy of ultrasounds and how close they are to the date of conception. I read that they are less accurate for a conception date the further in trimesters you go?? here's the story: I had "safe", protected sex with a girl on december 10th. She texted me at the start of January telling me that she was pregnant. She told me she had also had sex with another guy the end of November, but with him, it was completely unprotected sex a few different times.
Avatar f tn October 22, 2012 (40 weeks) However, the calculator assumes the due date is at 40 weeks from the first day of your last period. Was it? You're pretty close if the conception window on the calculator says it can be as late as February 3 and the date you want to know about is February 4.
Avatar n tn Here's what the conception calculator says regarding the due date of November 28. How early in the pregnancy was the ultrasound that gave you the due date? If you really slept with the other guy only at the end of January, he is probably out of range even if you had a later ultrasound. Do you have any way to confirm that it was no later than the end of January that you slept with him?
Avatar f tn When did you get your due date? If it was done by ultrasound in your first ten weeks of pregnancy of so, it is more certain (for the purpose of dating the pregnancy) than if it was done later.
Avatar f tn my first ultrasound said that I was actually 10 weeks an 4 days pregnant leaving me with a due date of June 30th by the measurement of the baby. but that couldn't be possible because that would mean I would have had my period on sept. 21st and ovulated on oct. 6th or 7th I forget , either way that's impossible because I know exactly when my last period was. when do you think I conceived and/or ovulated? I'm so confused at this point . please help me . also I have a 31 day cycle not 28.
Avatar m tn It does sound like you were already pregnant by the 11th. Your conception window based on your due date is November 29 to December 7. If you were to try to compute from your period instead of from the ultrasound (which is never a good idea), it would put the window even further back.
Avatar m tn How did the doctor come up with the possible conception date of the 10th to 18th of November, was that just by counting from the first day of her last period, or did he see the baby in an early ultrasound and base it on the baby's actual measurements? Are you sure he said that was the conception date range and not just the beginning of the count for pregnancy?
Avatar n tn yes they said my due date is November 28th..., When I count back 12 weeks and 1 day (which is what i currently am according to my first ulta sound a month ago ) I get a date of feb 25 - I dont know how that's possible since I wasn't with anyone during that time... But ive done some research and they say that it could b off 3 days - or + I dont know ! / =. What do you think ladies ?