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Avatar f tn According to a conception calculator based on your last period, your likely dates of conception are Feb 25th through March 5th. Google conception calculator and use your last period. Most women ovulate about 12-14 days after the start of their last period. That would put you ovulating the 27th through 29th if you're average. Sperm can live for a few days in the vagina. So it is likely your exes.
Avatar n tn mymonthlycycles[dot]com Click on Pregnancy Calculator from the menu on the left-hand side. Then choose Retro Calculator.
99627 tn?1301270952 haha, i had a boy...are u going from conception month being the last month u had a period or from the month the baby was actually conceived ?
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Avatar m tn s more than six weeks along counted the medical way, but that count begins on the first day of bleeding when she last had a period, not at conception. Her possible window for conception on a conception calculator is the 11 through the 19th of October, but if she was 'late' on October 22 and took a test, the 19th is certainly out, and you are much less likely to be a possibility either as that's only 9 days from the time you had sex.
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Avatar m tn ll put the dates into the conception calculator I usually use) and it will give you a likely ovulation/conception date and also a range or window of likely days that sex would have produced a pregnancy. In the meantime, don't tell your boyfriend one way or the other that it's his or isn't. The early ultrasound will be the gold standard for you to try to date the pregnancy. Good luck, only two or three weeks for confirmation of what you think is going on in terms of the daddy.
505857 tn?1329681517 Could someone tell me how long is a full term pregnancy i would like to check when if i am pregnant when i would be due Thanks
4573769 tn?1356672346 ), any ultrasound dates and projected pregnancy length from the ultrasound(s), things like that. But a period coming in the normal way (the difference between a 6-day flow and a 7-day flow doesn't matter) between two candidates for dad usually does rule out the one before the period.
Avatar f tn It is possible to bleed in early pregnancy. However, usually an ultrasound report gives the date of the first day of your last period, not a conception date. Please be sure "conception" date is really what you are reading; it is unusual for an ultrasound to date a pregnancy from a presumed date of conception. Also, when was the ultrasound done? If it was recent and you got pregnant six months ago, it is very normal for an ultrasound to be off by a few days.
Avatar n tn If it makes it there before the pill takes affect then it wont stop the pregnancy. All Plan B does is protect the egg from being fertilized but you did have a slight open window for conception.
Avatar f tn If you got it by an ultrasound in the early weeks of pregnancy, you can use a conception calculator with some confidence in its answers. If you got it later than your first trimester, or if it was simply computed using the first day of your last period, it is not reliable enough to answer your question for sure.
Avatar f tn t ovulate on the schedule provided by an ovulation calendar and pregnancy calculator. (All an ovulation calculator tells is when an average woman might have ovulated.) Best thing to do is get an ultrasound around January 15-20, and tell the doctor you don't know when your last period began, and ask for an estimated due date based only on the embryo's measurements and developmental markers.
Avatar f tn July 19, 2013 (40 weeks) This would lead to the possible conclusion that your ex is the dad, but it is not foolproof, since there are only three days between Guy A and the first possible conception date. A conception calculator is only as good as the method by which you got your due date -- was it by ultrasound? How early was the ultrasound in the pregnancy? (The earlier the more accurate, and the later, well, if it was past the first trimester, it could easily be off by 3 days.
Avatar f tn You cannot get a positive on a home pregnancy test (or even a blood pregnancy test) only four days after sex. If it was a positive, you were already pregnant before the sex with the second guy.
Avatar f tn Could this pregnancy still be from July/Aug or is it from Oct conception? Please advise. I have posted in other channels but they advise to use a calculator obviously I know how to calculate but that's not the question here.
Avatar f tn re due date is accurate, I used it in a conception date calculator.
Avatar f tn If you found out you were pregnant by a home pregnancy test on April 13, from that fact alone it is highly unlikely that April 6 gave you the pregnancy. That would be an extremely early result from a home test. You mentioned that your due date is December 13, when did you get this due date, and was it from an ultrasound? How early in the pregnancy?
Avatar f tn i quite agree with you. freaks a lot of fathers out. but, from the first day of your last period it is. maybe because conception has quite a timeframe where it can occur after sex...i don't know. i'd prefer if they used a likely conception time as the start of pregnancy though.
Avatar m tn If her first ultrasound was at 5 weeks, it will be the most reliable for working out a conception date.
Avatar f tn (Keep in mind the doctor will begin the week count with Day 1 of your period, not an assumed day of conception, so use a calculator to get that conception date.
Avatar f tn You should really figure out your last menstrual cycle and use a due date calculator or by the day they gave you for your due date and it was tell you your conception window
Avatar f tn Here is what the conception calculator says based on your due date. First day of last menstrual period: February 19 Probable date of ovulation: March 5 Possible dates of conception: March 1 to 9 Due date: November 26 (40 weeks) But it also sounds from your information that you've seen a conception calculator or you wouldn't think you conceived on March 5.