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Avatar f tn So I was wondering if anyone else out there is close to this due date since this is my first child and have really no pregnancy buddies!
Avatar f tn If you are 7 weeks +2 then your due date should be December 21st. They won't give you a due date this early because it is easy to mismeasure the baby this early. One millimeter can equal a few days. I have had 3 ultrasounds already and my daye has changed every time. At your next ultrasound they will get an accurate measurement and set your due date. Don't stress about it to much if your date changes it just means baby wasn't cooperating when they measured the first time.
Avatar f tn Today I found out I was pregnant, can you tell me what my due date might look like?
Avatar f tn Doctors calculate pregnancy using a 40-week calendar, though from the date of conception, pregnancy is only 38 weeks long. They go back and start the count on the first day of your last period. This is the way doctors have dated pregnancy for a long time, certainly from before the invention of ultrasounds, because the first day of a period is a noticeable signal and known date, and ovulation is hidden and happens on a date not usually known.
Avatar n tn I found out on 3 August. Estimated due date is 14 April. Second baby & very excited.
Avatar n tn My due date is may 9... First pregnancy... Excited but the fatigue and nausea taking my excitement down .
1428281 tn?1367147700 i am 4 weeks 7 due date is october 29..this is my third pregnancy..i had a miscarriage back in august at 13 weeks then a chemical i am hoping with this one i have a healthy pregnancy and first pregnatal appt is on monday..hope everything goes well.. CONGRATULATIONS to all october mommies..
Avatar f tn Me too! Same due date . I know it feels forever.
Avatar f tn Okay so my doctor has my due date as May 18th but one of my last ultrasounds showed i was due May 13th and now im 29 weeks and my ultrasound says that im 30 weeks but the doctor os still sticking with the original due date should i or should i prepare for the new due date based off of my ultrasound??
Avatar f tn Dec 2nd is my due date but I have a scheduled c-section November 25th. How are u ladies doing?
Avatar f tn //www.babycenter.
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy :) and I'm extremely happy. When are y'alls due dates? Mine is June 28.
Avatar f tn Is anyone close to they due date? I'm 37 weeks I'll be 38 Saturday. I'm having so much pain sleeping, moving, even walking. I never had nun of these problems with my other two pregnancies. Some times it's hard to get out the bed or to even get up. Do anyone have any advice on this Please help.
Avatar m tn No. You didn't get pregnant in October.
Avatar n tn My due date is Feb 7th. But will be having Jan babies due to them being twins. Will be my 2nd and 3rd baby, my daughter is 15mnths old. So will have 3 babies under the age of 2 next year.
Avatar f tn Up to how many days can your doctor be off on your due date early in your pregnancy??
Avatar f tn So they base it on your LMP, and 40 weeks later is when you are due. They can change your due date after you have an ultrasound in the early weeks to tell how far along you are by measuring the baby. So it is confusing, but in the end it turns out right.