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Avatar f tn So they base it on your LMP, and 40 weeks later is when you are due. They can change your due date after you have an ultrasound in the early weeks to tell how far along you are by measuring the baby. So it is confusing, but in the end it turns out right.
Avatar n tn Yes.
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Avatar n tn mymonthlycycles[dot]com Click on Pregnancy Calculator from the menu on the left-hand side. Then choose Retro Calculator.
Avatar m tn If her first ultrasound was at 5 weeks, it will be the most reliable for working out a conception date.
Avatar f tn ), and January 5 is the only time you had sex, then that would be considered your conception date. Your due date would be 38 weeks from then. Based on a due date calculator, your due date would be September 28, 2010. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn I had two periods last month. Which period do i use to calculate my due date?
9525685 tn?1410800512 I don't know my conception date that's why i referred the conception calculator
689265 tn?1251130087 sooo...between the 7th and 9th...and i've just got 11th exactly the same way as you got your date spade, LOL. oh well, at least the dates are all fairly close together so i have a fair idea.
Avatar m tn Im due nov 18 and i got pregnant feb 25th ita always 2 weeks after your last period. Use baby center calculator
Avatar f tn July 19, 2013 (40 weeks) This would lead to the possible conclusion that your ex is the dad, but it is not foolproof, since there are only three days between Guy A and the first possible conception date. A conception calculator is only as good as the method by which you got your due date -- was it by ultrasound? How early was the ultrasound in the pregnancy? (The earlier the more accurate, and the later, well, if it was past the first trimester, it could easily be off by 3 days.
Avatar n tn I'm not good at this but seems off by a week...???
Avatar f tn t have sex again until the 22nd of march with a man I started a relationship with. My due date is dec. 17 2010 according to ultrasound. Is the man from feb the father or my boyfriend?
Avatar n tn Here's what the conception calculator says regarding the due date of November 28. How early in the pregnancy was the ultrasound that gave you the due date? If you really slept with the other guy only at the end of January, he is probably out of range even if you had a later ultrasound. Do you have any way to confirm that it was no later than the end of January that you slept with him?
505857 tn?1329681517 Thanks very much
Avatar n tn I had an u/s done 13 days ago to date my pregnancy....I was due for my period on 12/27 but it never showed.....I did not get a + pg test until 1/9( it was the 1st day it came up faint + b/c I tested the day before that with 1st am urine and it was negative) the U/S they dated the baby based on 7wks I figured my conception was around 12/ question is how they calculated my due date....
7596124 tn?1394671431 I just used due date calculator to see what it said my due date would be from conception. By last period my due date is 6/30 but the conception date for that was 10/7 which is ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT. My conception date was between 9/20-9/23. My boyfriend and i had sex all three days. My period ended up coming on after sex on the 23rd. This means I'm actually 35wks which is great bc my doctor said baby girl was measuring at 35wks and is over 5lbs.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you conceived around August 3. Since your ultrasound at 6w6d gave you the due date of April 26 and it hasn't changed, it would be reliable to put your due date into a conception calculator and expect a pretty exact answer.
Avatar f tn So I did a due date calculator thing because I was bored. I am lost it says my first trimester begin on June 22 but I didn't have sex until June 29th and July 6th and my doctor told me my due date was the same as what the calculator gave me which was March 29th. I don't understand how my first trimester could of begin on the 22 if I didnt have sex until the days I listed. Sorry first time pregnancy 18 years old lol. Some one help explain?
Avatar m tn If she has a healthy pregnancy, I think you can take this pregnancy calculator to the bank, with a due date of July 8. As Annie mentioned, sometimes things can get confusing if you go by when menstrual periods are due, but early ultrasounds don't get very confusing. An ultra sound performed about a month after conception is accurate. So. Working back from the due date, my calculator shows she got pregnant Oct. 15. That would be you.
Avatar f tn So i entered your last period date into the conception calculator and this is the result... it is based on a 28 day cycle and could vaer depending on how many days your cycle is... but as you may see it could go either way... was your cycle regular, how many days was it? do you knwo when your next period was due? Anyway you should get a paternity test regardless to make sure...