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Avatar f tn If you have an early ultrasound (before your 9th week), and if the doctor bases everything on the measurements of the baby and its developmental markers and not on the woman's report of the first day of her last period, and if you got an estimated due date from that early ultrasound, you can plug the estimated due date into a good online calculator and it will give you a really close estimated conception date.
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Avatar m tn March 6 to 14 Due date: December 1 (40 weeks) Here is how the due date of December 4 works out on a conception calculator: Probable date of ovulation: March 13 Possible dates of conception: March 9 to 17 Due date: December 4 (40 weeks) Neither of them implicate the sex on the 24th of February.
545877 tn?1251120634 // according to this due date calculator you are 9 weeks.
Avatar m tn June 14 (40 weeks) Given that your due date came from a 12th week ultrasound, and even if we use the slight discrepancy with the date of your period to assume it might be a few days off (to be expected when the margin for error is 7 days) I'd say you did not get pregnant any earlier than September 17.
Avatar f tn My due date is may 25. My ovulation date was sept. 1! My last period was August 18, & that's what the doctors base your due date off of. They probably just told you your ovulation time, but regardless pregnancy is always based on your period. Don't over think it. Your due date is correct.
Avatar f tn October 22, 2012 (40 weeks) However, the calculator assumes the due date is at 40 weeks from the first day of your last period. Was it? You're pretty close if the conception window on the calculator says it can be as late as February 3 and the date you want to know about is February 4.
Avatar f tn The doctor told me today my conception date was most likely Jan 5. Last time she had told me Jan 6. The date of my last period was Dec 27, 2013. Can someone help me determine if I should take Jan 5-6 as likely conception dates, over January 10th which is what I receive when I do an online conception calculator.
Avatar f tn Happy, unless madison has exactly the same dates as you, when her due date is wouldn't be significant.
Avatar f tn They use your last period to help calculate the due date and what not. So I think the guy from june 6th is probably the dad as it matches the dates better.
Avatar f tn The two things that seem correct, and that matter, are your due date March 29 and your conception date July 6.
Avatar m tn This holds true even if your period doesn't line up -- the ultrasound saw and measured the actual embryo, and it trumps any info about the first day of your last period. The conception calculator gives the following for the due date of August 26. Probable Date of Ovulation: December 3 Possible Dates of Conception: November 29 to December 7 Due Date: August 26 (40 weeks) As I said, it sounds like you were already pregnant by the 11th.
Avatar m tn ) How often did she have ultrasounds during the pregnancy, and did they always agree with a presumed conception date of November 10-18? If she didn't have an ultrasound very early in the pregnancy (or at all), her irregular periods would be significant, because a doctor really can't count out a pregnancy from the first day of the last period if the periods are irregular.
Avatar f tn Im 14w 3d my conception date was june 24th and I know this for a fact I was keeping track of everything.
Avatar f tn Google it they have calculators u can put in ur due date and it gives u conception date
Avatar f tn It's a conception calculator on baby2see.
Avatar f tn Tell them you aren't sure when your last period was and ask them to tell you the estimated due date of the baby, based on the embryo's measurements and developmental markers. You're still early enough in the pregnancy for an ultrasound to be helpful in dating conception, but this won't be true for long. When they give you an estimated due date, go home and plug it into an online conception calculator or just count back from it on a calendar 266 days.
Avatar n tn I have tried many online calculators and it seems impossible for him to be my son. The date of conception on the calculator was Nov. 22. Can you have a deviation of 20 days from the date of estimated conception??
Avatar f tn Your August 5 ultrasound put you at 8 weeks 3 days from first day of your last period, and lo and behold, it was almost exactly correct (your first day of your last period being 8 weeks and 4 days prior to the ultrasound).
Avatar f tn When she gave me a due date I was able to calculate a conception date online. I had unprotected sex with my husband Sunday March 22 and he came inside of me. I had unprotected sex with someone I don't even know on Tuesday, but he didn't *** at all. I had unprotected sexual intercourse with my husband on Wednesday after. And then on Thursday I had protected sex. The conception date I was given online is the 27th of March. I need help to chill my nerves and stop me from throwing up every day.
Avatar f tn A 19-week ultrasound is not going to be pinpoint in its accuracy when it comes to timing the pregnancy, and your choices are very close together.
Avatar f tn So they base it on your LMP, and 40 weeks later is when you are due. They can change your due date after you have an ultrasound in the early weeks to tell how far along you are by measuring the baby. So it is confusing, but in the end it turns out right.
Avatar m tn When I asked the Dr the conception date he said July 9, 2014 and when I do the conception calculator wih both edd the earliest I could've concieved is June 28, 2014. I had my period starting after June 10 and ending before June 21. Is there any way I could've concieved prior to my cycle and the Dr/ ultrasound give an estimated conception date off by 3- 4 wks?
Avatar f tn Then (because your ultrasound was in your 12th week and not earlier) you bump into the margin for error on a 12th-week ultrasound, which is said to be give or take a week (+/- 7 days). The conception calculator says that if your due date is the 18th of March, you conceived around the 25th of June, but that is if the ultrasound is correct and giving you a figure that has no margin for error, in other words, like an ultrasound done in your sixth week.
Avatar m tn A due date of July puts your date of conception on November 2(which is totally possible with an encounter on October 30th). If you had a first trimester trans vaginal ultasound, it should be accurate within 3-5 days and should rule out the first partner with fairly good confidence. Second trimester ultrasounds are less accurate with a possible error of up to two weeks. That still should rule out the first partner with reasonable certainty. Hope this helps!