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Avatar f tn A due date is just an estimate from the start of your last Period to 9mo. Its hard to say when exactly a woman conceived so doctors go by the start of your mentrual cycle. Not many actually deliver on their due date. But some do. With my first i was 38wks. With my second I was 37wks. & this pregnancy I'm 19wks 5 days & my anatomy scan showed that I was 17/18wks or baby is on small side. At my next appt my due date may change. Who knows.
Avatar f tn I had c-section with first baby due to getting a fever from epiderl. My daughter was 8lbs. I want to have to have vbac this time but I have been told my baby is 10 pounds and unsafe for me to have a vbac. I was told his shoulders can get stuck etc...I'm currently 40 weeks and my doctor scheduled me for c section in a few days. I just need a second opinion please?
Avatar f tn Not every woman is the same but yes they do say that. My mom had me (her first) 2 weeks early!
158939 tn?1274918797 I don't want to bum anyone out but I was looking up some thyroid cancer statistics because I've heard from a few people (a couple on line, some in person) that thyroid cancer isn't as serious as "real" cancers. Maybe I'm just posting this information as an homage to my sisters and all those on this site who took control of their lives and conquered thyroid cancer!! Maybe it's one more thing I can use to *try* to convince my mother to have her thyroid removed.
Avatar f tn My first untrasound at 10wks put my due date at 6/5/10, 28wks pregnant as of today. I had another one today because durring today's checkup my fundus measured 32wks. Today's ultrasound put size and developement at 31 1/2 wks, new due date at 5/20/10. There is concern that because my previous child was quite large at birth (10lbs, 2oz) that this one will also be large and warrent a repeat c-sec. I am hoping that this child will be a more normal size as I'd like to attempt a vbac. When my Dr.
Avatar n tn I just want to know why you have to wait 6 months to get pregnant.
Avatar m tn It's especially important for women who are planning to become pregnant to take vitamins with folic acid beforehand, because neural tube defects (problems with the normal development of the spine and nervous system) happen in the first 28 days of pregnancy, often before a woman even knows she's pregnant. If you have or your partner has a family history of a significant genetic disorder and you suspect either of you may be a carrier, then genetic testing may be advisable.
865566 tn?1356703962 If I O on schedule and have a 40 wk pregnancy I will be due on January 1. Not the ideal due date as we were hoping to not deliver until January. I guess its something that I shouldnt bother worrying about until I get there. Just kindof curious what the likelihood of going past my due date at age 37 would be.
Avatar n tn The basic answer was, there isn't anything specifically wrong, just likely theres a diminished egg reserve and lower egg quality. One other thing - on my first pregnancy, it happened on the first try, immediately in the first month we tried. My husband and I were so surprised how quickly and easily it happened. I'm wondering if that was just a fluke, or if it could mean I may have a little better chance than what they show in the charts that list probabality of conception at various ages.
Avatar f tn I had a HSG with my 1st IUI and did get A BFP, but it showed nothing wrong with my tubes. I lost that pregnancy due to low hormones. I had another HSG with this IUI and also had a D&C due to uterine polyps. Now in my 2ww. I've heard after a D&C your chances go up alot to. I posted a new question on the forum about it to see what people had to say but nobody replied to it... Im so not loved! lol. But thats what I read and thats what I have been told. Anyone with experiances?
Avatar n tn I have had my Mirena for 31/2 years. When I first had it inserted, I had similar "pregnancy symptoms." After quite a few hpts, I realized that it must be the Mirena, and the symptons went away, except for periodic cramping and cyclical "un-period" discharge. About two weeks ago, I started to experience similar symptoms again, including fatigue, frequent urination, constipation, gassiness, lower back ache and a feeling of fullness in my lower abdomen.
Avatar n tn I am trusting God to get me through this pregnancy until at leats 36 weeks. My due date is March 19, 2007. We need to keep in touch to encourage each other through this.
Avatar n tn Lisa (34) married 5 yearChris (33) have a dd who just turned 3 and are expecting another girl:) Dec 30 but will have a c-sect the 21st (had a c-sect for my first child- 56 hours of active labor but never dilated past 3)
Avatar f tn Congratulations on your healthy baby. I am 10 weeks post ablation and scared to death. Been to 2 perinatologists both wanting me to terminate my pregnancy. The ultrasound seems to be fine and everything looks good. I was wondering if after your ablation did you continue to have normal periods? I did my bleeding did slack a small bit but I still have 5-7 day periods every 30 days. I feel great & I go for another ultrasound Dec. 29th. My due date is July 10th.
1047073 tn?1264674012 Hallo, how you felt with your first one is exactely how I felt with my first one, I never slept, never ate, also felt like I was in this big black hole, it was like I said the worst time of my life, I spoke to the doc and they said if you had it the first time you are more prone to get it the second time round as well...I don't want it again so the doc has put me on Cilift allready, she said to me I must take it with when I go in to hospital and I must not stop drinking it no matter what...
Avatar n tn My midwife is afraid of ectopic pregnancy since my first pregnancy was back Dec 2006. I had surgery for that one and they cut part of my right tube. This pregnacy to me seems fine. Im not bleeding,spotting, cramping or anything. I did cramp and bleed alot with my first pregnancy and back then my HcG was only 80. My hopes are up. I think its just very early and Ive read that the doubling doesnt usually start until 5-6 weeks gestation.
Avatar n tn took a pregnancy test from first choice the one with +yes or -no. the first one said -no so I figured I wasn't. I have very low blood pressure and my last tempeture was 37 and my body has gone hot to cold. I kept peeing every 5 minutes after drinking no drinking problem controling I always had to go. then I started to crave my chocolate bar that I love to eat when I'm going to go on my period.
Avatar n tn I found out today that my pregnancy isn't viable and that a miscarriage is emminent. Another crushing disappointment. This will be my sixth time down this road. Question: Do you think it's possible that my "mild case" of HCV is causing my miscarriages? I do know that it has triggered at least one auto-immune disorder: anti-phospholipid syndrome (I have a very high level of the cardiolipin auto-antibody). Anti-phopholipid syndrome is indeed tied to to miscarriages.
Avatar n tn The statistics are that about 40% of persons with initial genital herpes due to HSV-1 have no recurrences at all; another 40-50% have only 1 or 2 recurrences over the next year or two, then nothing; and only rarely does someone have ongoing recurrent outbreaks. Similarly, asymptomatic viral shedding is rare in genital HSV-1 infection. The odds are very highly in your (and your baby's) favor.
Avatar n tn So, it is also possible you could be receiving a positive result due to the Ovidrel shot, not due to pregnancy. Wishing you the best of luck.......I am rooting for you!!!
Avatar n tn I am always like clockwork and have NEVER been late, except for my first pregnancy 7 years ago, which resulted in miscarriage. I am confused and concerned because I am 35, I have blocked fallopian tubes and my chances of becoming pregnant are through IVF. I guess I am hoping for a miracle but again, I am also concern because if I am not pregnant, could I be experiencing Ovulation failure?
Avatar n tn A strong foundation includes financial stability by the way. I like couples to date for good while, make a commitment to each other and then thoughtfully consider when it is a good time have a baby. And the longer the wait, often the better. Why? Because that time just the two of you is really key to being able to sustain a long term relationship. You sort out problems, you find the things you like to do together, you work on your goals together.
Avatar n tn ) I feel quickening and I am 6 weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy I first felt quickening at 14 weeks. It is not gas bubbles either. I know what quickening feels like, and It doesn't feel like any gas I've ever had. As a matter of fact I have never had gas in my pelvic area. The bowel/colon is not that low. This is a fact. It is possible to feel quickening early.
Avatar n tn She wasn't ttc. I think you can't rely so heavily on the statistics you read regarding age and pregnancy because every woman is so unique in terms of pregnancy, ovarian reserve and genetics. I would have all the testing done to be sure your prog. levels and so on are good. Please just realize what an incredible blessing you've been bestowed.
Avatar n tn I also do not remember if I had an increase in CM with my first pregnancy. I was glad you asked today because I was thinking do I have my ovulation days off or what. So begins the 2ww.
Avatar n tn I only take progesterone and estrogen injection, also do vaginal progesterone capsules. I took my first pregnancy test on day 9 post transfer and I was worried that it might have been the hcg injection I did before the transfer. I think that it can defenitely affect the results, but please don't loose hope. Why are you taking hcg injections whats the point of that? What was your beta result? Good luck!!!
7463033 tn?1399314706 Statistics show for most first time mom's we go over our due date most of the time. And it's because our body's haven't gone through all the changes and stretching. A due date is an estimate but from what I understand most first time mom's will go over their due date. But it doesn't mean you will but be prepared to go over just so you're not so disappointed if your due date comes and goes with no sign of baby yet. Babies run on their own schedule they come when they are ready to.