Pregnancy due date with ivf

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439903 tn?1380137882 According to the due date calculator on this site, i'm due February 12th. Im just waiting for my first u/s (hopefully i will have the date tomorrow) and then i will have an accutrate date.
689265 tn?1251130087 t add up with the pregnancy tracker on here however on another site it totally tallied with my lmp AND it put my peak fertile days between 13th and 16th november 08. i know i conceived between 14th and 15th november so that'll do for me. shall double check with midwife on 26th...funnily enough 11th august is the first date she gave me.
Avatar f tn I am young so I am very scared about this but now that I know what the baby is I am a little bit more excited. I hope that with each day I get more excited especially seeing my belly grow. I worry about after I have the baby if I will loose the weight I gained during.Although I was terribly sick and lost alot alot of weight I still worry about it. I am now back to the weight before I got pregnant and almost half way done, not quite but by week 20. It will be interesting.
1686955 tn?1305575794 ment to be due date ( maybe )
1873137 tn?1320336545 I found out on May 1st that I'm pregnant with baby # 2. Concieved on April 7th. Due date is Jan 1st.
1873137 tn?1320336545 I found out on May 1st that I'm pregnant with baby # 2. Concieved on April 7th. Due date is Jan 1st.
1873137 tn?1320336545 I found out on May 1st that I'm pregnant with baby # 2. Concieved on April 7th. Due date is Jan 1st.
344397 tn?1235577228 I am so excited. I went back to my old dr, the one that delivered my son...he gave me a due date of 7/28 instead of 8/1...And he gave me a sonogram so I was able to see my baby...That was fun...Looks like it has a big head go back next month for a sono at the hospital...the better one...This baby better have its legs opened then so I can see the sex already....
Avatar f tn I'm waiting for my first ultrasound to find out whether I'm having twins. Got pregnant with IVF/ICSI and two embryos transferred. Since I'm really nauseous already I'm it just might be twins.
Avatar f tn If you went by the date of the frozen transfer your due date should be march 3rd. It depends on when the egg was fertilized. I would go with the ultrasound date because the babies would have been measured and an accurate date to be given.
Avatar n tn Positive Pregnancy Test- Due Date: Feb 23, 2011 3wks, 5days
Avatar f tn t survive that the baby would have been that much smaller and I am actually 4 weeks further along going with my last full period of March 16th? Calculated due date with a lmp of March 16th is Dec 21st. My Dr went with April 16th as my last lmp (i told him light bleeding April 9th) making my due date Jan 20th. The baby is measuring bigger than it should with an estimated weight of 4 pounds at 29 weeks.
501045 tn?1331083136 I am right there with IVF twins are actually due 5/2 but they have told me to expect them anytime after 4/1. Did you have any progestrone/estrogen therapy with your IVF? I take my last progestrone shot today and I am so EXCITED!!!! Are you already showing? I feel like I am already hugh. My doc said that this is normal with twins. I look like most women do at 5-6 months and I am only 13 weeks.
1806721 tn?1554333407 Beta#1 12/4 (7dp6dt) 41, p4 37.7 Beta#2 12/7 (10dp6dt) 148, p4 7 (L) Beta#3 12/9 (12dp6dt) 448, p4 30 Positive pregnancy confirmed with a due date of August 14, 2014! We are finally expecting our baby girl Junie-Ann!!! Persistent/recurring fever for 6 days varying between 99.5-101.5. OB says viral fever. Still worried - PMID 7684743 - elevated TNF-alpha and progesterone can produce fever that may threaten pregnancy....
4548024 tn?1590005019 Thurs- Jan 9th 2014 Had my progesterone checked and it needs to be over 50 and mine was 130 Mon- Jan 13th my beta is 86 , POSITIVE yay Wed- Jan 15th my beta is 270 and progesterone is great, Fri- Jan 17th my beta is 530 and progesterone is great Mon Jan 20th my beta was 2123 Fri-Jan 24th my beta was 7107 Fri Jan 31st Last beta is 36,940 Wed - Feb 5th first ultrasound to hear my little babies heartbeat Then go back to my regular Ob the best Dr ever hes so nice.
Avatar f tn I conceived on the 16th of Jan, (i had ivf). My due date is october 9th, so you are due about 3 weeks after me so you would have concieved 3 weeks aftet me around the beginning of February. So i would guess the second one, plus u had a period between them. Hope this helps! Congrats and Good Luck!
4190402 tn?1377065810 Which means I have only ta thirty eight week pregnancy due to the Midwife using the conception metho to calculated my pregnancy calender and I wil be 14 weeks when I have a scan.
1073498 tn?1290396410 Just found out that we are expecting Baby #3. I should be around 4 months and due date is around September.
Avatar f tn I'm due july 14. My moms bday is July 16.
725941 tn?1297882209 I think I might be off a couple of days on my due date. I went through ivf and had a 3 day transfer. The retrival was on the 17th and the transfer was the 21st. I know when you caculate the due date on the pregnancy tracker you put the day of your last af. What do you put if you had ivf done? I got my af on 10/7 this month.
Avatar m tn Those numbers sound about right. I'm 22.2 weeks myself via IVF. If he's the only one she slept with then yes it could certainly be his. There are due date calculators you can plug the info into to see for yourself.
Avatar f tn Most of the women under in vitro pregnancy feel confused what would be their symptoms of early IVF pregnancy. Women, who do not conceive naturally, can conceive artificially through in vitro process. Therefore, they often feel whether IVF pregnancy symptoms resemble symptoms of natural pregnancies or not. Following an IVF pregnancy, the egg is taken outside in a Petri dish to fertilize. After fertilization, the egg is again implanted in the body.
1293887 tn?1332702847 Well I am about two weeks out and I just feel emotionless. I don't know whether to be happy, sad, cry or angry!!! I think angry would be the best way to put how I am feeling. I just can't get the image of seeing my little man lying there so helpless and me being too scared to pick him up or barely look at him. I don't think I will ever forgive myself for not picking him up but I was scared!!!!!
Avatar f tn t want the baby to go over the due date and my husband ask her y she said bcuz of the ivf. I just want to know y any information about this topic will be much appreciated. Cuz i can't find any information on the network .
1012334 tn?1283702979 I got my pos pregnancy test, my doctor estimates my due date as Aug 17th 2010