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Avatar f tn This will depend on the length of your cycle, and also on when you got your due date -- was it by ultrasound? and if so, how far along where you when you got it? But it sounds (speaking very generally) more likely to be the September 4 man than the mid-August man.
Avatar n tn If your average cycle length is 28 days from day 1 of a period to day 1 of the next period, you would be at about 19 weeks pregnant and your due date would be May 14, 2009. I agree that you should have seen a doctor by now if you have not. It would be time for an ultrasound, at the least.
589762 tn?1330210735 Depending on the due date calculator I used, my due date changes. If I go by the online one that uses your exact cycle length, my due date is 1/4/09 ...(tho I somehow have been saying 1/8/09 ...maybe 'cause I liked the numbers! lol). If I go by the doctor's due date calc (which uses the average 28 day cycle), I'm due 12/31/08. So I'm between 29 and 30 weeks.
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me an due date of April 6th based on my LMP but my ultrasound gave me an due date of April 1st. In order to get an more accurate ovulation date which due date should I go by? Are ultrasounds always accurate to calculate ovulation or are ultrasounds more based on the babys size?
Avatar f tn Sperm can live up to five days in a woman's reproductive tract (some research says longer, some says it's not too mighty by that point), and so theoretically a woman can have sex on the 1st and conceive on the 5th. Skylar, it sounds to me like you got one estimated due date by ultrasound that suggests the June sex, and then one estimated due date not by ultrasound that suggests the July sex.
634866 tn?1222736872 Going by your dates you would be due about the 12th of Oct. My LMP was Jan 5 and I am due Oct 11. I have a 26 day cycle (you did not state your cycle length) but either way if your LMP was in Jan then Oct is when you are due. If your dates are dated by ultrasound then I would be concerned because it goes on measurement of the fetus. There are websites that you can punch in dates (LMP) and it will give approx. dates of conception but you need to know your cycle length.
Avatar f tn If a woman has regular cycles there will be a 2 week gap between lmp and ovulation. The due date for you will be calculate by your LMP even if your conception date is known as that is the way it has been traditionally done. The traditional method assumes the two week gap or greater if the cycles are varied in length. (It is just easier to ask/know when your last Lmp was then to know when one ovulates). That is where the utility of the US measurments really shines.
Avatar f tn I can answer the due date question. Yes, your due date will be moved back by about one week. Your due date is calculated 38 weeks from date of conception (the beginning of the pregnancy is dated 2 weeks before you ovulate). A standard assumption many doctors make is that a women has a 28 day cycle and ovulates on day 14 - date of conception is day 14, and pregnancy is dated from the LMP which is 2 weeks beforehand.
Avatar f tn and yes I started getting nauseous, particularly in the mornings, and my 'periods' started happening earlier and later then the expected date but only by a day or two, and also my uterus feels tight and full, my periods are heavy (for me) the first two days then are get so light the folling 5 days days, could that be vaginal bleeding? I think I may be overly paranoid.
Avatar f tn I've decided not to wait for a cycle before trying again, if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen, I don't think there is any medical reason not to concieve so soon other than it's difficult for midwifes to calculate your due date. Many people on this forum have gotten pregnant and delivered healthy babies straight away after a misscarriage.
Avatar f tn It matters in answering your question, because first-day-of-last-period kind of measurements only work for women who are as regular as clockwork, with the classic 28-day cycle. For a woman whose cycle is not average length or regular, an estimate based on it will not be helpful.
Avatar f tn I was looking for the doctor to give you a gestational age (in other words, the length of the period from computed the first day of your last period) and a due date, but it does not sound like it happened.
8171031 tn?1399331234 I went to a free clinic for my first ultrasound April 1st. They said I was 11 weeks 5 days by the ultrasound, not by my last period date that I gave them. My due date set is October 13th. Which date or conception is most likely? January 7th-14th or past January 22nd? Please help. This is very important.
Avatar f tn I have an appt the 21st which is this coming Monday to get a better due date but I'm not really sure exactly how far along I am since I've had my period the last 2 months.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to update everyone. I went to the health dept yesterday & the way that they calculated it, my due date is June 1, 2010 which makes me 4 weeks 1 day today. I am waiting on my medical card in order to see my OBGYN so that an ultrasound can be done to find out a better due date because I think they are off a couple weeks. I'm just so excited to be preggo again!!!
Avatar f tn Would it be better to go more by my symptoms than my due date? First my due date was 5/16 based on lmp 8/9...i had another cycle 2 weeks later around 8/24 but they said they dont count that one because it was not "regular". Next my due date became 6/7 because of the babies size. This is my second pregnancy but i feel i am experiencing symptoms of 15-17 weeks, i have been feeling the baby move for a couple of weeks now and i am showing.
Avatar f tn Northern - you sound a bit brighter, a month off may be just what you need, could you treat yourselves to a weekend away maybe? treatgirl - what is your normal cycle length, I know that over the past year my cycle was all over the place, one month I completely missed an AF but wasn't pregnant and no explanation, I then settled into a ridiculously short cycle of 24 days.
589816 tn?1332980371 I'm gonna have to work on that one. But I would need everybodies average cycle length and average O date, I think? So tonight driving home I was thinking about what if we didn't have this forum? What would our DH's or DF's do with our constant chit chat of TTC, OPK's, HPT's, AF and off topics? What if we told them as much as we tell each other, as often? Then I imagined them having their own forum - "DH of a TTC Wife". What craziness would the DH's tell each other.
Avatar f tn But can't promise anything. What makes it harder is my would be due date is tomorrow and its also BF's birthday. It will be hard not to think about it.
Avatar f tn im doing great but feeling huge- also my due date has changed if you want to uodate it- Oct 30 i am scheduled for a c-section, it could even be sooner, my dr said that this little girl is already a big baby! good luck to everyone else- cant wait to see more healthy babies born!
693804 tn?1304724074 / i've only taken about 5 out of the 28, a subconcious thing me thinks, lol. CD25 today, not sure what my cycle length is, used to be 24-25 days. Will probably test on CD30 if no show with AF. Wouldn't it be typical that after deciding not to try and possibly throw in the towel for good I got that coveted BFP - I can but pray for a miracle :) Hope everyone is doing well.
Avatar f tn well i am either late all ready by a week if my cycle is my usual 28days or if it was my last one that went on 35days i will be late if i dont get my af tommorrow, am trying not to think of it and not symptom spot but is verhy hard!!!!! i do have a feeling deep down that i am not pregant and af is going to come at some point next week as i keep getting a little tingle of lower stomac cramps :( i think even if i dont come on i shall waite to test till sunday to make extra sure!
449498 tn?1338775639 Hey Everyone, I haven't been around too much lately. We did a natual cycle this month due to scheduling conflicts, so we will see. I had my surge last Monday night (the 2nd) and all last week up until around Saturday afternoon I had what felt like a cross between AF and bad O cramps, so not sure whats up with that. I feel better now though :) We did use pre-seed for BDing M, T, and W for sure!! Poor DH, he had surgery on his leg the 30th of May. Hey, he said it was okay....!!!
318181 tn?1336447096 CD6, natural cycle mrspace: CD6, clomid cycle Quinns momma: CD5, clomid cycle bfromthed: CD1, baseline sono on Tuesday babylessinflorida: IVF cycle, will start lupron on January 9 Ingy: Starting FET cycle in January kmcarino: Starting new cycle beginning of January
Avatar f tn my marriage is hard so I don’t see my husband often as much so please don’t judge and I got pregnant I am worried because I went to my appoinmnet my ultrasound people say Im due August 23 because my last period was November 16 and I had sex with my ex on the 23 and on January 19 my uktrasound says I was 9 weeks but my doctor states my period doesn’t match the ultrasound as my cycle is 30 days and that my due date is still September 6 or 7 I’m really confused can someone please help and that my c
Avatar f tn Be sure they understand that your last period was a bit wonky and you don't want it to affect the assessment of when you are due. They'll give you a due date, then you can take that home and either count back manually 266 days on a calendar, or use an online conception calculator, and it should give you an estimated conception day. Also keep in mind that "weeks pregnant" are counted by the doc as beginning on the first day of your last period, so don't let that throw you.
Avatar f tn which means conception date is different. then they give her the due date. From her last menstrual cycle time i would say on 23/11/2011 which is today she is 21wks now. you have to get checked that whether she is 21 wks showing in her US or LMP. last you have to wait to get DNA test done. No one can tell you that its your baby unless DNA does. Doctors always count from LMP. you have to be patience.
646038 tn?1268399586 com has a calculator that has an option to change the length of your average cycle and it readjusts the due date and fertile dates accordingly....