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Avatar n tn If your average cycle length is 28 days from day 1 of a period to day 1 of the next period, you would be at about 19 weeks pregnant and your due date would be May 14, 2009. I agree that you should have seen a doctor by now if you have not. It would be time for an ultrasound, at the least.
Avatar f tn If you are not due a scan yet there are due date calculators on line that take account of your cycle length. When everyou are due I hope all goes well!
Avatar f tn If I just put in my lmp, my date is about 6 days ahead of if I adjust for my cycle length. I just say I due any time in may! Hope that is helpful and not confusing!
Avatar f tn Ive used calulators using the 21 day cycle even the proper nhs one and it says im due 30th Sept coz of my cycle length. I have my scan on the 26th im just wondering.
Avatar f tn Yay we r due the same date. That's great to find a mommy due on the same date as mine. Where are you from I'm in Jersey.
Avatar n tn //www.babycenter.
190838 tn?1226613607 x The calculators that are most accurate are the ones you put your usual cycle length on as well as lmp date, as due dates depend on cycle length too. If my cycle was 28 dys then I would be due on 4th but as it's 29 then it's a day later...
589762 tn?1330207135 Depending on the due date calculator I used, my due date changes. If I go by the online one that uses your exact cycle length, my due date is 1/4/09 ...(tho I somehow have been saying 1/8/09 ...maybe 'cause I liked the numbers! lol). If I go by the doctor's due date calc (which uses the average 28 day cycle), I'm due 12/31/08. So I'm between 29 and 30 weeks.
Avatar n tn If not yet, you've still got about a week which is considered normal (especially if your due date was hard to calculate, e.g.unsure of conception date, or you had longer or shorter than normal cycle length - it's not an exact calculation at all!) All I can recommend is raspberry leaf tea, no idea if it really works but it tastes ok and can't hurt!
Avatar n tn Most calculators will assume a 28-day cycle, whether you go by ovulation or LMP, so since you calculated by your ovulation date, the calculator probably just counted back 14 days to get the LMP date of November 11. If your cycles are irregular in length, you're definitely better off using your ovulation date to calculate due date.
Avatar f tn You could have ovulated early or late, or the baby may have implanted late. Also, depending on your cycle length, the due date may not be what is calculated on the standard "OB wheel".
Avatar f tn Would it be better to go more by my symptoms than my due date? First my due date was 5/16 based on lmp 8/9...i had another cycle 2 weeks later around 8/24 but they said they dont count that one because it was not "regular". Next my due date became 6/7 because of the babies size. This is my second pregnancy but i feel i am experiencing symptoms of 15-17 weeks, i have been feeling the baby move for a couple of weeks now and i am showing.
Avatar f tn oh and how long is your cycle, and when was the first day of your last period...
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me an due date of April 6th based on my LMP but my ultrasound gave me an due date of April 1st. In order to get an more accurate ovulation date which due date should I go by? Are ultrasounds always accurate to calculate ovulation or are ultrasounds more based on the babys size?
Avatar f tn So they base it on your LMP, and 40 weeks later is when you are due. They can change your due date after you have an ultrasound in the early weeks to tell how far along you are by measuring the baby. So it is confusing, but in the end it turns out right.
865566 tn?1356700362 If I O on schedule and have a 40 wk pregnancy I will be due on January 1. Not the ideal due date as we were hoping to not deliver until January. I guess its something that I shouldnt bother worrying about until I get there. Just kindof curious what the likelihood of going past my due date at age 37 would be.
Avatar f tn I'm 35+4 pregnant. Due August 25. I thought your pregnancy goes by your LMP & cycle. Okay my LMP was November 15, 2012 my cycle is 34 days. I had sex with my ex November 26 & 28. Then had sex December 3rd with my boyfriend. I know this sounds confusing but who would be the father? Both men know about the situation & are happy. But its urking me.
Avatar n tn Yes.
Avatar f tn So when I went to the hospital last week the nurse said going by my cycle im about 5 weeks. They did a sono and the doctor said I was 6. But it doesnt all add up ? How do you calculate your due date on here? So I could see how many weeks I really am. I last started on july 6 & ended july13. && my pd is regular so iShould of got it on August6th but iDidnt. Can someone help?
Avatar f tn If a woman has regular cycles there will be a 2 week gap between lmp and ovulation. The due date for you will be calculate by your LMP even if your conception date is known as that is the way it has been traditionally done. The traditional method assumes the two week gap or greater if the cycles are varied in length. (It is just easier to ask/know when your last Lmp was then to know when one ovulates). That is where the utility of the US measurments really shines.
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm 6 weeks, and 3 days pregnant. The first day of my last period was on November 18th 2008, my period is every 31 days, not 28. The doctors are having a hard time telling me when my due date is, because of my cycle length, and I'm just wondering when could I have gotting pregnant. Can you help me please! Thanks!
Avatar f tn you have a chance of being pregnant. I agree with DrTjAlam - you need to take a pregnancy test. When is your period due? How long do your cycles normally last? 2 weeks after the last sexual encounter (if you don't know when your period is due) you can use a home pregnancy test and get a fairly accurate result.