Pregnancy signs days after conception

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Avatar f tn Some common pregnancy symptoms include implantation bleeding (around 6-12 days after conception), sore breasts (as early as 1 week after conception), fatigue, missed period, nausea, headaches, among others. The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to take a test. It is best to wait until you are late for your period to test. I hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to feel signs of pregnancy just one day after conception? ? The day after i was feeling horrible, cramping, dizziness.. i dont start my period for another Week in a half is there a chance i could be pregnant?? Help please!!!
465737 tn?1315754922 What signs of pregnancy (other than a BFP) could I be looking for? And, how soon after conception? I am not testing until around the 8th, but I am wondering what I should/could be looking for as other possible signs.
706866 tn?1230573115 , Most women conceive 14 days after. Usually pregnancy symptoms dont show up till 2 or more wks after u have conceived NOT 5 days.
Avatar f tn with my 3rd pregnancy before i miscarried it was 1 week after conception that i got bad nausea and gaging reflex and tired all the time. but it vary in women and some women dont even get pregnancy symptoms at all. so maybe 1-8 weeks after conception that you could get pregnancy symptoms.
Avatar f tn Boobs were sore and TMI but I had a very LONG bowel movement. I found out only 10 days after conception. A lot of my symptoms were similar to my period symptoms but my boobs just kept hurting beyond my standard few days. We were trying to conceive so I tested as soon as I could.
Avatar f tn thanks for the useful advice, i am abit worried as i was with another guy only one night on the 24th april, then a week later exactly 7 days after the 24th i take a home pregnancy test and it shows positive. so im realy praying it isnt from this one night mistake. but it looks positive that it really isnt and that its more likely from the beginning of april end of march, bcos my preiod ended around the 26thish of march. plus the doctor said its unlikely the test would show positive 7 days later.
Avatar f tn How many days or weeks after conception can u start Getting signs of pregnancy if u get any at all????
Avatar f tn I surely could not know I was pregnant this soon could I just by having these symptoms? I know it takes 7-10 days for implantation, but when conception occurs could it start producing symptoms right away? I am not due for my period until Nov. 28th and will not test until after that, but just curious if anyone else has ever experienced very early signs of pregnancy and been pregnant?
571415 tn?1217039962 Tender, swollen breasts Your breasts may provide one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. As early as two weeks after conception, hormonal changes may make your breasts tender, tingly or sore. Or your breasts may feel fuller and heavier. Fatigue Fatigue also ranks high among early symptoms of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone soar. In high enough doses, progesterone can put you to sleep.
Avatar n tn If you have irregular periods then it may take longer for your first cycle to start however you can get pregnant right after you have a miscarriage. The heavy feeling could be due to ovulation since its only on one side. If you still don't have a period within a week or two look for signs of pregnancy but don't physic yourself out and get false pregnancy symptoms. Take a HPT within a week or two and follow up with a second pregnancy test afew days after.
Avatar f tn Had unprotected sex to try to conceive. Been having early pregnancy signs for nearly 2 weeks but home pregnancy tests come back negative.
Avatar f tn What are the early signs of conception. My ovulation dates were 8-11 apr. i HaV had unprotected sex with my husband to concieve during this time. 'm unsure of how long to wait for the tests. Or should I just try for few more times to wait until my next period?? Pls advice ??
Avatar f tn but again, the best and most reliable sign is a positive HPT followed by a Postive blood test. You can get a positive HPT 10-12 days after conception so you may not get one in three weeks but definitely around your 4th week...hope this helps..I know what it is to want a baby so badly...Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hi Ladies!! Can anyone help me out with this : ? My fiancee and I had sex 5-6 days ago, today I am bleeding, a pinkish almost but very light red, not heavy for a tampon but light enough for a panty liner, but not a lot of cramping - I don't expect my period for another week or so. My periods are never irregular and usually my first 1-3 days are the worst, heavy and cramps are unbearable.
Avatar f tn Hi there, Even before a woman misses her period she might have some early signs and symptoms of pregnancy which begin in the first few weeks after conception. These symptoms may/may not be seen in few women. The first signs of pregnancy are fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, and breast tenderness which may be seen before a missed period .The cause is rising hormones levels in early pregnancy. Wait for your periods. If you miss them take up pregnancy test again. Good luck and take care!
Avatar f tn There is always a chance of pregnancy any time you have sex, as you can ovulate a lot sooner or later than expected. Take a home pregnancy test 2 weeks after having sex or after a missed period, and then go from there. Are you trying to get pregnant?
Avatar f tn s next period would have been due (or 12 to 14 days after conception). In many cases, a woman will not notice any signs until 1 to 2 weeks after her period was due (or 5 to 6 weeks of the pregnancy), when the HCG level is sufficicently high enough to affect her body.
Avatar f tn Its been 10 day's after conception but the home pregnancy test is negative. Must I wait, or what should I do?
Avatar f tn t know when my lst period was before the pregnancy. Had intercourse with one man 1 1/2 - two weeks prior to conception date provided by OB who did US. Had intercourse with different man just a day before conception date given. The baby signs, however, have been ahead of typical - ie movement / kicks, size, location of kicks. what do you think?
Avatar n tn Did you have any early signs of conception? I know everyone is different and this would be our first so just learning about other experiences is nice.
Avatar f tn I am trying to conceive my first child at 35. Very excited and anxious. Friends have told me many ways they "knew" they were pregnant right after conception. Anyone have any Tell tale signs that had when they got pregnant?