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1475492 tn?1332887767 OK. This gets into MRI and molecular physics. This is basic 2nd year university physics stuff (V cross B/Hall effect) For protons (hydrogen nuclei), the Larmor frequency is 42.58 MHz/Tesla. So a 3.0 Tesla MRI (127.74 MHz) is double the Larmor frequency of a 1.5 Tesla (85.16MHz) . So all the water molecules line up in the same direction when the magnet is on. They pulse an RF Generator at 127.74 MHz and during the pulse, the hydrogen protons spin 180 degrees from the magnetic field.
398059 tn?1447949233 Hmmmmm. I have a Vitamin D deficiency, and my endo never attributed my fatigue to that. It's quite low. I take a multi-vitamin (for the older crowd) OTC and he'll retest soon. Interesting, isn't it?
Avatar n tn Even though only one treatment with Ibogaine is required, there is a follow-up period of observation and counseling. The amount quoted includes meals, housing, therapies, etc. I'm not recommending this treatment for anyone else, but of all the alternatives available for detox, this is the one I would pursue if I could ever find a way to deal with my chronic pain some other way than via meds (broken back, pelvis, ankle, femur, radius and collateral damage). Here are your linke: http://www.
Avatar m tn If you could realize that when you are confident withour fear of being judged, the patm stops or fades for a period of time. Another theory is that we have different spirituality than others. People with patm just have to know that they aren't hurting other people and others aren't being hurt. Try asking some of the people who cough it could be close friends or a relative. They will tell you nothings wrong, so what we can do is just move on.
Avatar n tn Rather, a patent confers upon the patentee the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling the patented invention for a period of twenty years from the date the application was filed. You write: "aptec, why would you cut on someone like BOb beck who made all of these discoveries" Why? Because the man feeds off the vulnerability of people like you.
1523804 tn?1316564509 My prediction is, once we die off (Baby Boomers), the truth will come out. There is a lot more people that don’t know how they were infected than the numbers show. I don’t buy into the whole 30+ year old IV drug use/Blood Transfusion theory. Yes, I know that some of us did contract it from then but I feel they are too quick to assume that is where we contracted it from. I was an IV drug user 30+ years ago. I also had been a HEAVY DRINKER for the last 30+ years. I was only a F1.
Avatar m tn ) No one should be exposed to x-ray unless there is a diagnostic benefit over the risk of the disease process. Period. Since the newer CT scanners acquire 12 slices per rotation, the actual exposure is much lower than on the older scanners. Most abdominal scans are less than a 2-view chest x-ray. The scanners at the airport (which are x-rays without a prescription or FDA monitoring) are far more dangerous than a CT scan.
Avatar m tn I was taking ibuprofen for a period of about 18 months before developing, or at least seeing worsening of, breathing difficulties. I virtually stopped ibuprofen, although I do have one or two tablets now and again when I experience bad lower back pain. I couldn't agree more that there are options to pursue. Well said.
Avatar n tn I REALLY recommend counting your antral follicles before starting your last cycle. I had DOC scan me on day 15 and day 27 before my period for 3 months. Each month on DHEA I had 2 more until I had 10 antral follicles after my Testosterone had been up consistently for like 2 or 3 months. We were in the same boat as you…..on our last try and couldn’t take a chance of wasting it without seeing a minimum of 8 antral follicles before we said GO. See #12 below about the patch….
Avatar n tn Although as an honorary member of the Australian Institute of Physics,I may pursue my real passion and explore other energy sources for this planet instead,I have only one light on in my house at the moment to save the planet a bit.I ride a bike and do not use a car,How is your Hypocrasy going?.or are you talking about drugs again?. Just curious,you say you understand every`word`,but are you intelligent enough to understand them the the context of the sentences they construct as concepts?.
Avatar n tn You see there was no medical reason for me to live. I know it was the grace of God. I had lost over 8 units of blood. Anyway, I've been searching scripture for the perfect verse for you. When I receive it. I'll post it. Take this experience and move forward. You have a special gift. It will be used one day for the greater good. Don't fight it.
Avatar f tn Some comments: -- "I am waiting on the KIT from IGENTICS, I am not sure what tests I am to get done as I already had the IgG amd IgM, Elisa test done here in Canada was NORMAL, " IGeneX does a PCR test that looks for Lyme bacteria DNA in your blood, not for your immune system reaction. That is, the test looks for direct evidence of Lyme bacteria, not for faint footprints where it may have been.
Avatar n tn I had wondered if this kind of fracture would need surgery or just RICE therapy. Sounds like im looking at a lengthy recovery period. And i didn't get a scrip for any pain meds...Ibuprofen 3 times a day....ummm...NOT HELPING.
Avatar m tn This issue is that someone with their natural lens still who is presbyopic for instance may be able to theoretically read a particular print size without glasses, but that the muscle effort to focus may be a strain to do for an extended period of time, and the Crystalens at least partly seems to require the same sort of accommodative effort. (though there is speculation it may be benefit from some extended depth of focus, which is what the Symfony is designed to use to begin with).
1647691 tn?1363727302 He believes everything is ok but he just wants to be sure. So long story short, I will be starting BCP after my next period (which should be around August 13th). Then everything starts again. The only difference is if I do PGD, I will have my retrieval than they will examine the cells they extract while the embies will be frozen than a couple of weeks later I will have a FET. So we will see what happens. @Karol1968 - I am so so sorry. It broke my heart to read your post.
Avatar n tn jhollows right hang in there not long to go before you feel better and you will be proud that u did it u can do it at home i took a vac 1 week to get of this s**t and i did it Today is my 2 week mark and i feel great (Exepct sleepin wrong made my neck hurt but i know i can tough it out dont need no pills for sure) just keep counting the days take hot baths is the best thing ever remember not long to go