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Avatar n tn But the way used to track it is that I would draw a star symbol in my calendar on the first day of my period and a star every day that I had it. Once your period gets more regular it should come approximately every 28-32 days after the first day of bleeding. So you'd count 28-32 days after your first star to determine the approximate date of your next period.
Avatar m tn I am on birth control that makes me only have my period four times a year. I took my sugar pill yesterday but I haven't bleed, I have cramps though. This same thing happened to my sister who is also on the same birth control as me. I am wondering if I should keep taking the sugar pills because my sister stopped taking them and two days later she got her period. Is this a normal symptom?
Avatar f tn had pills within 72 hours many times after sex (but little late) then I started bleeding as it was my period time but blood was kind of dirty liquid spots then after 2-3 days I started bleeding normally for 2-3 days. we had sex again on 3rd day after bleeding normally but haven't had pills this time & that spots are still on & it is dirty brown in color. So is it symbol that I am pregnant, I am afraid because not even a month has completed.
Avatar n tn What is the update with you? I had a break down too. I still am late, I thought today was 18 DPO but I may have ovulated later than thought and am only be 13 DPO by looking at my chart. I don't understand why I am late and the tests are negative. I made an appointment with an RE for next month though so maybe I will get some answers.
Avatar f tn I'm just starting the 2WW period, is there anyone else out there in the same boat? I have to try and not be so anxious for the next 2 weeks.
5051252 tn?1362973968 When I was a teen, I went through a ten month period of not having my period; and i wasn't sexually active. While I wasn't diagnosed with anything, my doctor did state that anxiety (I stress out a LOT) could cause this issue. If you are anxious, I would go see a doctor and get checked out.
Avatar n tn Best way to know is to chart for a few months on a calendar, maybe using some symbol for a normal flow and some other symbol for light flow. You'll be able to tell what to expect by what has happened in the past.
Avatar f tn today is my period date. now i am seeing a brownish fluid is coming out. i am very much frightened, is that a symbol of pregnancy???? plz help...
Avatar f tn I took a test a week and a half after i was supposed to get my period. The positive symbol showed up immediately. It was confirmed that i was 6 weeks at a clinic 2 days later.
Avatar n tn i am only 14 in i have questions when i start my period i have really badd cramp...WHAT COULD I DO TO HELP THIS? next,i dont knw how many days i am suppose to be on my perid its usely 5 days.?last,which i done with my period their is black stuff dat come out of my virgina...!
Avatar f tn I will definitely repeat the test in 5-7 days. Still i have a question. If I am pregnant , then why spotting happens? Its a symbol of period or an implantation bleeding? But what I heard is the implantation bleeding will observe in 7-10 days after ovulation. But in my case its almost 15 days. then what is this spotting meant for?
Avatar f tn But i have been a little more hungrey and tired and one of my nipples are a little sore. The period is due in 3 days (saturday). I just cant wait to see what it really could be. I havent been thinking about it that much lately and usually i worry worry worry , but now im more calm and patient but its kinda running out. What do you guys think?
Avatar n tn Didn't expereince signs of ovulation....sorry for being graphic, but thick discharge.... I usually start period day 30 or day 35. I haven't hit peak fertility (3 bars and an egg symbol) Should I try another ovulation kit to verify the monitor is working? If anyone has an idea to why I could be stuck at high fertility my poor hubby is exhausted!!!
Avatar f tn All you need to do is change your conception date. What that actually means is the date of the first day of your last menstrual period. If you have trouble, send me a pm and I can walk you through it. That should correct the date without deleting any info you may already have there that you would like to keep. Congrats on that heartbeat...what a beautiful moment that is!
Avatar n tn So I have been tracking every detail of my period and ovulation and all that. My husband and I are trying to conceive so I'm wondering if I'm ovulating today and we had sex 2 days ago and 3 days ago are my chances pretty good of getting pregnant?? I tried having sex this morning but he woke up late lol men i swear. I'm hoping I have a high chance!!!
212161 tn?1537898045 The manual does not explain exactly what the machine picks up, just differentiation in pulse, but it notes that it shouldn't be an alarming indication, just to retake it and sit very still while doing so. If the irregular symbol comes up multiple times during a one week period while taking your BP several times a day, then it's recommended that you bring it up to your doc. It is though a little disconcerting when the irregular symbol comes up and in actuality I felt/heard no abnormal rhythm.
Avatar f tn I was hanging out in the gym one day while under a period of a lot of stress and a "memory" came to mind that was unsettling from a period of time about 15 years ago. I started going over the memory (which was unsettling) then realized that I may be thinking about something that never happened as I had never thought about it before then. I thought all the usual suspects (memory repression, etc.) but then realized that because this "memory" has no context (eg.
Avatar f tn I had it for 4 years and had periods along the way. Had removal spotting for about 3 days and then my first period 8/19. I bought a ovulation kit and it said I ovulated 8/27 and I had sex. And then it said I also ovulated 8/31 and then I had sex again. I took the ovulation test again 8/1 and it said that I am not ovulating. Am I pregnant? or when should I take a test?
148691 tn?1260198503 Does it work like an OPK that when it shows peak (or +) you are gonna O within 12 to 36 hours? or am I O'ing? I didn't bd last night!!! =( but did the night before.... The other one, I was sitting in the toilet this morning (sorry tmi!) and i saw the 'famous EW string!', that means my monitor is correct! EW's are not transparent and 'wet'! they are WHITE, a lot of it, and stretchy almost like a rubberband! they are not like the actual eggs!
460185 tn?1326081372 lonewolf - I added my two cents worth on your journal entry. And like Jerry, my BP machine doesn't have any symbol for irregular heart beat. If I'm trying to check my BP and my heart decides to dance at that moment, I just get an error message and have to do it again. You must have a deluxe model.
Avatar f tn HEY NEED HELP MY CYCLE STARTED 2/24/15 AND ENDED 3/3/15 and that Saturday of the same week I started cramping and spotting and today is the 3/13/15 and I'm still spotting it's just alil heavy and cramping on and off please help I took a pregnancy test Monday 3/9/15 and the negative symbol was cross (positive) was faint idk what to do or think
379471 tn?1212327420 Can you be pregant from being fingered with possible sperm on a hand, but you are still a virgin? my period is 15 days late. it was due from 10th dec whereas the above mentioned recreation happened on about 15thdec or is 6th jan and my period has not yet come. what should i do? help! i feel kinda depressed too.
Avatar f tn im new here so im not sure what information i need to post but i will get as detailed as i can.. the first day of my last period was June 4,2014.. my cycle is usually 28-30 days apart and on time.. i havent been on birth control for over a year and my cycles are normal 4-7 days...i noticed that i had very light pink discharge for 2 days on June 22 and 23 but nothing since then.. i havent gotten my period this month (JULY)..
2059648 tn?1439770265 Pretty much where I blame my exposure coming from.
Avatar n tn I am a 45 yo female. History of anxiety/panic attacks. In February 2006 I went to the ER with SOB and chest pain. I remember the term IST after my EKG. The cardiologist admitted me. Over the next three days I had blood work, Echo, thallium stress test, monitoring, and a catheterization. I was told it was anxiety, had exercise intolerance and needed to lose weight (I weighed 175 at that time). I have since lost 45-50 pounds, but still do not exercise. I always had normal bp (120/80).
318085 tn?1213286521 About two months ago, i stopped taking the pill (microgynon 30) about 3 days early than the pack as i had ran out (it was my last pack which i put in my purse incase i stopped at a friends and didnt have my regular pill pack with me, so i had used a few, hence didnt have a full 21 pill pack). Anyway, i came on my period not long after and was on for about 4 days (which is normal).
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm ttc and on day 20 and 21, I got the egg symbol (peak fertility) on my clearblue fert monitor. I came off bcps in late oct and had two light periods after, each cycle lasting 24 days or so. So 20 days is late but maybe I wont get my period for awhile? I'm not sure.
169379 tn?1207684965 A VERY FAINT line came up, making a cross symbol indicating positive withing a few minutes. I left it alone and even though it states to disregard after 10 minutes, when I looked an hour later there was absolutely no denying a definate positive line. I know I desperately want to be pregnant, but I am also no fool in that I'm not just trying to make myself believe its a positive.
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Avatar m tn Also, a point at infinity, for instance a bright star at night looks like a sideways lower case gamma (or the Christian fish symbol, with the head pointing right, the vertical tail line missing, and of course none of the letters inside.) It seems like there is some other (slight) aberration in play in the right beyond the simple astigmatism of the left eye. I don't expect the right eye to stay this way exactly, since the left eye changed a lot in the months after surgery.