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Avatar f tn We thought about getting the Plan B right away, but didn't get the chance til Monday, 72 hours after. I was still on my period when I took Plan B. My period stopped on the 8th/9th but then I got some bleeding a day after. And on the 14th had some really heavy bleeding to the point that I had to wear a pad, like I was on my period. I forgot how long it lasted but i think light to heavy flow stopped on the 18th. Now, my cycle is about 31-33 days...
Avatar m tn i get my first period on 18, and cycle of period is 40 day's, dose this effect on getting pregnant, because i am married last year and yet not getting pregnant, i am not using any contraceptive any time, also having sex daily, so what is problem.
Avatar n tn Oh yes. You will most likely be irregular for three months or so. Plan B is a big dose of hormones -- that's how they work. But those same hormones affect your system. So, it's also really important to use good birth control because you will not know when you will next ovulate.
Avatar f tn Also I’ve been reading about if it would effect my period and most girls said they were late on their period too when taking Clindamycin. Can somebody please tell me if this is normal????
Avatar m tn 3 month ago i put my finger inside vagina of my gf next day she took ipill having doubt of sperm on my fingers. her period date was after 11 days she got her first period in time. In second month period was delayed for 2 days and in third month she hasnt got her period till now its 13 days already... is she pregnant..she is getting many symvtoms of tiredness abdomen pain etc...
Avatar n tn I haven't had a period in 4 months and every time i have sexual intercourse i bleed a lot...
Avatar m tn Ever since I hit the big dosage I can not only get an erection period including the morning but if I really force myself to get erect, I can't hold It for more than 10 minutes. It's really bothering because my sex life is now non-existent. .... I was also on Klonopin and Geodon so I am worried that all of this medication is finally catching up with me and starting to cause problems. So here are my questions and concerns. Does my high dosage of Lamictal affect Erectile Dysfunction?
Avatar f tn a bung of thigns could effect your period
Avatar f tn With multiple follicles, the eggs don't all release from the follicles at the same time, usually they release within a 24 hour period of each other. Cysts develop when the egg does not release from the mature follicle.
Avatar n tn Was 6 days late and when my period finally started on Nov 21st it was thin bright red blood. No cramping, no PMS symptoms at all. It lasted 2 full days and I spotted on the 3rd. The 4th day today, I did another pregnancy test just out of curiosity, negative result. Now, my question is....will the bleeding for a short time throw my ovulation earlier than it would normally be or is it still possible that I'm pregnant?
Avatar m tn i had protected sex early in may , my period came in may on the 18-24 or 25 (of may). it was regular.. then june comes and no period. i had few signs but no period now its july and i broke out and breast tender. i think i missed because i am in volleyball and we run everyday well since summer started i have not been exercising AT ALL. swimming but no real running , well i started running again and now the signs of my period are here.. is it coming?
Avatar n tn i haven't got a period since 1 and half year and i was using depo shot birth control, so now i have a period so what am i gonna do now?
Avatar n tn I had multiple ovary cyst removed on october 31,08. since them I haven't get my period. I need knowledge about this.
Avatar n tn He doesnt want to take any antidressor because he is scared of the side effect. We have 3 kids in young age. He can be very agressif under this medication and he focus on little thing and make them a big deal. I dont have help at all. He does thing like getting mad at me for using the car at 9:30pm in our daugter's birthday. Its was to go get a movie at 1 km from home. He went on and on about how hard it is on a car. Please I need encouragement.
Avatar n tn I was taking wellbutrin for a month and I had missed my period... or so i thought. I got it almost a week late. During this time I switched from wellbutrin to phentermine. I have now had my period for over 3 weeks. It has been very light, and occasionally its seems more just like spotting. I seem to not have it for a few hours then its back. I don't know if it has anything to do with my medications and I don't know if I should be worried or see a doctor.
Avatar f tn So my period was late, the blood was brown, and it was extremely light. Usually it's right on time, normal red blood, and normal. I haven't been eating regulary and I cut my calories by more than half. Could this have something to do with it? I've always be active, but I amped everything up. (I am a competitive swimmer, and I went to dogging practice to trying really hard, to drop a couple of pounds).
Avatar f tn Hmm how would I know if my last period was my real period..may be silly question.. My last period was supposed to come at the end of march but instead it came the first of April so I just told my obgyn that date but didn't mention it was late.. So how would I know if I am actually further? Just curious.
Avatar f tn Ive had my period for about two weeks now, at first it was brown blood, now its kinda a mixture of both brown and red. I also took two emergency contraceptive pills within one week because I had unprotected sex twice, and not too long after i took the second pill I got my period. Im starting to get worried because ive had my period for so long.
Avatar f tn I know it can be a scary thought but its vital that you take a test especially since you missed your period for two months and then had a very unusual light period. Once you take the test you can go from there on what you'll need to do. If you aren't pregnant then it might've been from stress but I would probably go to the doctor and ask what it could've been from.
1491327 tn?1313572712 Dear All, Me & My wife wants to pregnant since a year. but her period was not correct. sometime 32 or 34 or 39 days gap between two periods. also b4 3 months 1 month she don't have period. same last month also. last week she went to Dr. Dr. gave some tablets, but still now nothing. I entered her details.
Avatar n tn i think you are probably fine that you forgot one night. i didn't take progestrone before i got pregnant, but first trimester they did give me the suppositories. progestrone lengthens your luteal phase (the time between ovulation and your period) so your cycle will be lengthened, which is a good thing. by having a lengthened luteal phase, it gives the embroyo more time to safely implant rather than having your period comes soon, shedding your uterin walls which could be very early m/c.
Avatar f tn I had a negative HIV test 4 months past unsafe vaginal sex (white male of unknown status). I was trusting of this until I read some conditions can effect the window period. I have thyroid antibodies and a benign nodules but have been taking low dose synthroid and all function is/has been normal. I normally have a great immune system (not sick or tired or having any thyroid disease symptoms) so do I qualify as "normal" immune system?
742718 tn?1232637941 it says on my birth control (ortho tricyclen lo), that missing pills can cause no period and spotting. It's really when you don't get your period for TWO months that you should be worried. Did you make up the pills you missed?