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Avatar m tn Hi, about four weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. Well, kinda. He had on a condom, and was only halfway in for about two minutes. He didn't ejaculate or anything. Two days after that, I had my usual period and I thought I was okay. As of late (I've been kind of stressing too) I've been experiencing some weird symptoms.
Avatar m tn I am a dentist who recently was advised by my RDH staff that a 6 month period always exists between a heart attack and the patient's prophylaxis. This was taught in their school. Until now, for 31 years, I have relied on the advisement, case by case, of the patient's MD and also the evaluation that we make of the patient's health and periodontal condition prior to the appointment. Sometimes we wait a few months, sometimes we have seen a patient only weeks after an event.
Avatar f tn I found it on a cheaper website for under $10 a bottle, not the site I found the video on. Watch the video link and see if it sounds like you. You could be spotting because you are ovulating. Do you take your morning temperature? It helps to figure out where you are in your cycle.
Avatar m tn Page 11 Number 4 It was changed in 2004 and as you have been told in the past you never had an exposure.
Avatar f tn I suggest watching laci greens videos on utube and wearing a pad for now, particularly her video on the hymen. I guess our bleeding depends on how big he was, particularly as its our first time. Do not ignore it if it pursists for more than a week or nomal period time frame. Hope u r ok and I wish u all the best!
Avatar f tn So my 7 year has expressed that she wants to see a video of childbirth. I have showed her one that was not very explicit and very quick. But I don't think she grasp the pain part that I was trying to get across. We have spoke about where babies come from, and how they come out but nothing in detail. anyone else dealing with this situation?
Avatar m tn My breasts have swollen in the past, before my period but typically go back down once my period starts. this has not happened and I should be getting my period again in the next few days. I exercise everyday by running 5 miles and doing an intense workout video with lots of push ups, I am dairy and gluten free, eat lists of veggies and have cut back my caffeine intake although there is currently a good amount of stress going on in my life.
1868280 tn?1320165473 Watch this video from CNN...great Christmas present for the grandkids!!
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. I do believe that The Chiari Insitute has a video on this proceedure and others..... I have not watched it as I am the type that does not want to see that until after and maybe not even then...I have a sensitive stomach.....
Avatar n tn i had mine inserted in july 09 and didn't stop bleeding the whole first month, but at soon as my regular period came a month later..i haven't bled since, i have had cramps and maybe a spot or two....does that seem normal to anyone?
Avatar m tn org/documents/1838 The need for a repeat HIV test if still within the window period after a specific exposure should be discussed. Although fourth generation tests shorten the time from exposure to seroconversion a repeat test at three months is still recommended to definitively exclude HIV infection.
Avatar f tn Hello, I think the thickness of the endometrial stripe really depends on where you are in your cycle I have heard up to 12-15mm in the late stage is normal. I would think a biopsy would be appropriate. I know I had a thickness of 4mm one week after my period, 12mm and 15mm later it my cycle. I had a biopsy and it wasn't too bad. Just in case you've heard horror stories. My reg. gyn. did it right in her office. I hope you will be able to save an ovary! Is the anemia from heavy bleeding?
Avatar f tn Bleeding could be a sign that you miscarried. But my cousins wife had period like bleeding for 3 months and then stopped bleeding and went to the doctor and they told her she was 4 months pregnant...but I think that is really rare.
Avatar n tn I have had uterine fibroids for 10 years and increasingly heavy bleeding. I also had an ebolization in 2004 and it did not do anything to reduce the fibroids, though one year later they had not increased in size. This year I am having amazingly heavy periods, as well as a brownish discharge that starts right before my period begins, and this time I am noticing that I am having the discharge During the period as well.
Avatar f tn My son was born on the 11th & I've just now stopped bleeding. I read that the more active you are, it may prolong your bleeding. Now I get to wait & see when my actual period is going to show up. That's the really annoying part, waiting for your body to get back on cycle.
Avatar n tn but if there is bleeding;there is no pain and if there is no bleeding there is i am so much scared of it.there is no any discomfort during urinating. thank you.i am from nepal so i have english language problem.sorry for inconvenience.
5648238 tn?1431863784 Hi. My period started 3 days later then I thought it would. On the 3rd day I had died blood. 4th day my period started light and got heavier, however it wasn't as heavy as my first day usually is. Also it didn't start until I masterbated that day. The next day was really heavy bleeding with a few cramps. From then it was normal. I had a medium bleeding day and one really light. I normally only bleed 3 days while this time was 4. Today I had some brown dried blood.
Avatar f tn this month my period took more days to stop's 14th day,i mean 14days after starting period but i still see it's bleeding.but the pressure is usual...i don't know when it will be stoped.will i die from bleeding?!!!:((oh,i don't hope so:(((...i was really surprised because i seldom see a very little blood,8 days after every period:((...just PLEASE help! does it mean an especial illness?!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn And its not heavy bleeding its just like when your at the end of your period or about to finish it light but I still use a pad just in case . and I have pain like cramps from my belly button down.
Avatar f tn My doctor had told me that during my surgery that he had got out all of the endometriosis that he could find and that I should not have endometriosis ever again. I have not had any problems with bleeding, blood clots (like when on my period) pain, nothing sense my surgery. And all OBGYN exams have been great. Until last night. After I urinated and blotted myself as usual, I had had no BM.
Avatar f tn So she told me to stop the bc and take provera for ten days which would reset my body and stop the bleeding and then I would have another period then I need to start the bc again. I am on day 5 of 10 and still bleeding. UGGGHHHHH. Then today the pain came back FULL FORCE. Like double me over and could send me to the ER. I am not going to go to the ER because I know that there is nothing that they can do for me. This pain is like the pain I had back before surgery.
Avatar n tn I was on demo for two years and after I got off my period returned to normal.
Avatar f tn It was the normal bleeding after giving birth.
Avatar m tn After giving birth the bleeding isn't actually a period. It's called lochia and is after birth bleeding. Some women can have this for only a short amount of time, such as 1-2 weeks. Others it can last anywhere from 6-8. After the birth of my daughter I bled for 5 weeks and spotted for another week or so. Causes for concern would be if you're having large clots or if you're soaking through a pad more than every hour.
Avatar n tn I have just got a question.