Period bleeding longer than usual

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Avatar f tn I have been having my cycle for 3-4 days ,but this month my period started 2days early,and im now going into day 8. Could it mean something (pregnancy maby) Its unusual for my period to last so long!
Avatar f tn I have been having my cycle for 3-4 days ,but this month my period started 2days early,and im now going into day 8. Could it mean something (pregnancy maby) Its unusual for my period to last so long!
963857 tn?1247225141 For the first time ever, I am having a period longer than 5 days and am still bleeding bright red (sorry if TMI). On top of this I have had quite an uncomfortable belly lately - feels gassy but isn't and I'm also more constipated than usual - and today while I was rubbing my tummy I noticed on the left side (same side as cyst), that there is a strange lump which feels like its within my tummy muscles....I am not overweight and my tummy is quite firm so its quite noticeable.
Avatar n tn I don't know why your period is longer than usual, sometimes an ovarian cyst can make a period odd. But it doesn't indicate pregnancy, if that is what you are curious about. I'd check with your doctor if the period doesn't stop.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry you are nervous and scared and can only say that I wish that were not the case. Hopefully you will figure out why your period is longer than usual and there is an easy remedy.
Avatar m tn Is it possible to get an early (heavy and longer) than normal period after missing two pills? Also, if at the end of the pack you do in fact get your period totally normal (or slightly heavier flow). Note, there was no unprotected sex and no ejaculation during intercourse. Is there any chance of being pregnant? If the next normal period is to come on time as usual, is there anything to worry about?
Avatar n tn I usually get sore breasts a few days before my period, but this time it is just my nipples and they started to hurt much sooner than usual. Could all of this be implantation bleeding? Is is too soon to take a hpt? Any advice would be great. Thanks.
Avatar f tn When this happens the burst (if you will) and your period is longer and heavier. During the time that they are growing your period may skip. When they burst the period is longer thatr normal. I have also learned that this may also cause your eggs during ovulation to fall in partial pieces. This can also be related to the thyroid gland. And when that is not funtiontioning correctly it throws everything off.There are so many turns to this syndrome.
Avatar n tn I had the start of my last period November 6th. I am not on a regular cycle, but I was a few days later than usual (3 or 4?) when I recently started bleeding again. I bled on the 12th of was very light, spotting, and a light brown color. The next day I bled a bit more...enough where I needed a tampon. 1 tampon lasted all day, but I do have lighter periods. Just not usually this light. The following day, I was no longer bleeding. So I really only bled for 2 days.
Avatar f tn Well my period was 10 days early, alot lighter than usual and 2 days after sex but lasted 5 days and towards the end it was on off, and like a brownish colour but throughout was a little watery, also my stomach and very close to the bottom is bloated, and last night i felt really sick and just passed out in bed and also ive smoked for 3-4 years and everytime i have a fag i feel sick, also very moody, im really scared as im only 16 what do you guys think???
Avatar n tn I never had a miscarriage. Im 15 years old. My perid was always regular. But this isthe second month my period came & was darker and lasted longer than usual... It clots more often also, please help me.
Avatar n tn We There were a few minor tears on the rectum but nothing serious or painful. We also were doing it for longer than usual. On today my wife discovered blood in her stool and on the tissue paper. It was dark blood. She had to check twice to make sure it wasn't her period. She is not experiencing any pain or discomfort, but we are worried that it could be something serious.
Avatar f tn I have had sex lately but i do remind him to put quater or half way from behind me. Since i became pregnant he wants me more than usual, but only once in few days thats all i agrrr to.
Avatar f tn I hope I'm just being PARANOID. Because my period is really lighter than my usual. Only half of my tampon are being consumed. Its my 2nd day of bleeding. Bbefore getting my period i got stressed because of thinkig that i might get pregnant.
Avatar f tn Usually implantation bleeding does not last longer than 2 days. Only about 30 % of women will have implantation bleeding and it can be just a drop of blood that you don't even notice to what seems to be a very light period. You're still bleeding after 3 days and it did turn in to heavy bleeding. You can take a test once the bleeding has stopped. Are you still having the itching? I really don't think you were or are pregnant.
Avatar n tn ONE unusual cycle is not anything to worry about. But, if the bleeding lasts longer than two weeks, or if your cycles start acting like this every month, you might want to see your doctor for some "cycle control'. By the way--a word to the wise if things go any further with your friend: CONDOMS Good luck!
Avatar m tn I suppose I need to wait longer before making any decisions, but as I said I have never had non-period bleeding before and I was on birth control for six years on and off. The bleeding I am experiencing is the usual color and consistency of a normal period. Thank you!
Avatar f tn 1) Your period could be delayed and different than usual due to stress or hormonal changes. 2) If you are pregnant, you could be experiencing Implantation Bleeding. More info about that: 3) Other issues which you'll want to see your Dr. about. It'd be best to take a home pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. As long as you get your period, even though it is late and lighter than normal, this time you are probably OK.
Avatar f tn I felt like I had usual period cramps and what I think is my period. But my last period was 1/22/11. only 26daysago. 2days after my last transvaginal US. I have a 10cm ovarian cyst vascular solid cystic. Are they stirring up the hornets nest or is this my period.
Avatar f tn Is this normal? Also it seems that these ovulation pains have lasted longer than usual it's also taking place at the time of the month that I should be menstruating not ovulating. I've already taken pregnancy tests and they are all negative.
Avatar f tn But a week after we had sex she started bleeding brown and it lasted 6 days and it was more than a spot but less then her usual period. She thinks she's not pregnant but I just Wana make sure she's not. I've read there's brown periods and there's light periods but not very many brown light early periods. She was supposed to get her period on the 25th 2 weeks after she started bleeding. Please help. Anything helps. She hasn't had any symptoms. But the last 2 nights she hasn't slept well.