Period bleeding longer than usual

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Avatar n tn A week and a half is longer than usual, correct? Normally it is three weeks on and one week off for a regular schedule. You probably should use back up birth control right now (condoms) to make sure you are safe) and yes, I'd continue the pill until you are done with the full cycle of it. Talk to your doctor if the spotting continues.
Avatar n tn so likely what your mother experienced was bleeding (which can happen during pregnancy) because that does not sound like a period you having sex days before this really just sounds like a short period or bleeding from having had could be anything really.
5268376 tn?1406179712 but i noticed my hr was way slower than usual.....i usually have a resting hr of 77 but i just checked and its 60....
Avatar f tn For the last 2 months my periods have been less horrible than usual. The cramps aren't so bad anymore, even though I can feel their presence, they're not as tormenting as they usuallly were. I'm on my fifth day and I'm still bleeding however the blood comes out in lighter color and there aren't that many blood clots. The changes are quite subtle but they still concern me a bit. I've been going through something emotionally stressful lately so could that be the cause?
Avatar m tn Is it possible to get an early (heavy and longer) than normal period after missing two pills? Also, if at the end of the pack you do in fact get your period totally normal (or slightly heavier flow). Note, there was no unprotected sex and no ejaculation during intercourse. Is there any chance of being pregnant? If the next normal period is to come on time as usual, is there anything to worry about?
Avatar n tn ok so, it would be really appreciated if you read the whole thing and help,, i'm 19 and i'm a virgin (by virgin i mean there was never a penis inside my vagina) although i do sleep with my boyfriend sometimes... my period is normally 32 days.. last period started 6th of Jan ended 11th of Jan, on the 12th of Jan I slept with my boyfriend (so it's 12th night and 13th morning) we were messing around but he never put his thing in mine, he just came really close to my opening....
Avatar f tn If your period was later than usual and longer than usual it could be a spontaneous abortion.Many women have these and think theyre having a bad period. If you become light headed or dizzy and the pain is is unbearable go to the hospital.
4389032 tn?1355849006 Well my boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby, and we have been trying since September. This month I got my " period" 4 days early and it last longer than my usual period. Can I possibly be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Having worse pain then usual with my period this time which was also later then usual and going on for longer,it started as light spotting for a few days but just got heavier today and yesterday, have painful bloating and the need to urinate more often aswell, what could cause this?
Avatar f tn my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex last month around valentine's day and he finished inside of me. i took ec to be sure & my period came when expected (feb.23). my period was like normal but lasted 2-3 days longer than usual. my boobs stayed swollen & ive been very gassy lately as well as bloated. i work out regularly & i seem to have put on weight or make no change in body appearance. on march 3, we had unprotected sex again and he finished inside of me.
7502680 tn?1405284034 Do you mean a period or just bleeding? The bleeding will vary. Some women only bleed for a couple days, but some much longer. Sometimes it's a lot and other times just spotting. It really depends on you. When you actually get your period, it's normal for it to be longer than usual, but exactly how long will vary. Sorry not the best answer! We're all just different.
Avatar f tn no, i am notpregnant. the period came,but it lasts longer than usual.
Avatar f tn the pink blood is new blood that is coming out. it is common to have some spotting if the intercourse was rougher than usual or longer than usual because the lubrication from the vagina helps keep that from happening. If you having pain during or after intercourse or the amount of blood increases then you need to call your gyno because it could be Pelvic inflamatory disease or other things. Hope you get feeling better and I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I had a regularly period on 20/04/2016,which lasted a little longer than usual (9days on and off), few days later I had implantation cramps (pulling sensation in uterus and spotting)and that happened for about 5days, I also had other symptoms of early pergnancy. One the second week, the light brown spotting had turn to little bleeding.
Avatar f tn After my 2nd c-section I bled for about a month and was cramping very bad the whole time, and my first I bled for about three weeks but then right after it stopped I had started my period which lasted way longer than usual so it may be that but I think that it is normal, it seems like after every baby the bleeding last a little longer.