Period or implantation bleeding

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1619439 tn?1298922032 Thought I started my period. It was very light red. I had only bloating and mood swings.
1619439 tn?1298922032 Period is still lighter then normal. still only bloating and having mood swings.
1619439 tn?1298922032 Still lighter then normal. With bloating and mood swings.
1619439 tn?1298922032 Still light. With mood swings and bloating.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I have been experiencing a light pink/brown cm for about two days, it was just once when I would wipe, then yesterday (day 3) it was really heavy and really dark brown (enough for a tampon) then today (day 4) it was not enough to use a tampon, but still brown. I should have started my period 4 or 5 days ago, so I'm wondering if anyone who has been pregnant has had this? I'm not sure if implantation bleeding could be that heavy like it was on day 3.
Avatar n tn I had implantation spotting at 9 DPO but it was just two tiny red dots of blood. I have heard that some women will have a light period in the beginning of there pregnancy. I never started temping so I'm not sure about the temp change, but I would say since the bleeding is much lighter then your period, I would test. Good luck and baby dust!!!
Avatar n tn Could this be my period or implantation bleeding? It was very light discharge all day today and only bled for a few hours tonight. I am confused as to whether this is my actual period or not. Also, i have been working a lot more this month and i hardly have time to eat. Could this affect my period and the flow?
Avatar f tn i am supposed to have my period frm 20th may, on 9th may i see a brown discharge, otoday i see this discharge again. how do i make sure if its period or implantation bleeding. i hope its my period.
Avatar f tn my period is due on 18th may, yestrday ie on 9th i had little spotting,i had the same spoting today also, only today it is a bit it implantation bleeding or period.
Avatar f tn its now the 17th of may and ive noticed for a couple of days now starting since the 11th that ive had light bleeding, but now has turned into heavier bleeding. im wondering if its implantation bleeding or if its just a way early period and if i should continue on my last week of none horomonal pills or start a new pack?
Avatar n tn how can i tell the difference of implantaion bleeding or my period. my period is due around the 12th and today (6th) i have some spotting. i havent fully started yet, but also i took plan b on the 29th and it said it can screw up your period. how am i supposed to know if im pregnant or my period is starting early b/c of that pill...
Avatar n tn Until today around 7PM she said that she was using tampons. Is this her period or could it be implantation bleeding? What is making me doubt if she had her period or not is that I masturbated her on thursday around 11PM and my fingers did not get dirty of blood. Could she be lying about having her period?
Avatar f tn it could be..... i had it for 3 days b4 positive PG, have you tested yet? I tested positive at 10 days PO good luck keep us posted.