Period or implantation bleeding

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Avatar f tn It has only been a couple of hours that I have been bleeding. But is this just a whacked period schedule? Or could it be implantation? My friend Rachel had a period for the first month, and so I am wondering, could this just be my body cleaning out due to implantation or what??
Avatar f tn It could be implantation bleeding, I didn't notice any but a lot of ladies have said there's were pink as well.
1611503 tn?1325482190 usually implantation bleeding is brown or a darker darker red only becasue its old blood. i would say if your blleding alot and think you may be pg a visit to a doc even maybe a free clinic would be worth it better to be safe than sorry. i funy enough have been reading about this as well and have found its not too common you may feel small cramps and possible spot..hope it helps and you get your insurance quick!!
Avatar f tn I believe my period was not a period. I don’t remember it being the normal. Wanting to know more if it was implantation or period. Or if it would of been implantation bleeding would I had tested positive sooner.
Avatar n tn From my understanding, implantation bleeding is just light spotting and doesn't last very long. Some women experience it and others don't.
Avatar f tn Could this be my period or could it be implantation bleeding. My period is not due till the 9th of Dec. I took a HPT yesterday and it was negative. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.
Avatar f tn ve had unprotected sex through out the month sometimes using pull out method others times no form of birth control help implantation or crazy period also i took two test second day of spotting both negative
Avatar f tn i am supposed to have my period frm 20th may, on 9th may i see a brown discharge, otoday i see this discharge again. how do i make sure if its period or implantation bleeding. i hope its my period.
Avatar n tn Have you taken a home pregnancy test yet? If not, I would start there. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Sounds like spotting.
Avatar m tn im not sure whether this is implantation bleeding or period. Has anyone ever experience implantation bleeding that looks like this? about 10-11 days After my 'period' came, i experienced slight sore breast and feel nauseated all the time as well as lighter lower back ache. Help ! i did 2 pregnancy test and both came out negative!
Avatar f tn Oook so here's the deal... me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on Nov. 1st and I noticed like a dot of blood when I wiped on Nov. 7th. I kind of thought that was implantation bleeding but it seemed a bit early for it to be that (6 days after intercourse). So I ignored that & now I'm really worried because today (Nov. 15th) I went to the restroom and noticed some brown colored blood (there was only a little).
Avatar f tn it could be the sign that your periods can start anytime.
Avatar f tn Im bleeding but its light and cramps are light also.
9807151 tn?1406762059 It's definitely not your period what you are describing is implantation so the best thing for you to do is take a test in a couple of days and see what happens hope this helps
676084 tn?1233259008 My period is due on the 9th. Could this be implantation bleeding or an early period? What can I do to ease my mind . Please help!!!
2118117 tn?1365022106 Implantation bleeding is normally a brown or light pink discharge when you wipe, which doesn't sound like what you had. Since you've JUST literally came off birth control, it's possible that it's just your cycle trying to start. It can take a good few months to regulate into a normal cycle after getting that sort of thing removed. I'd wait a week, and if your period doesn't show in that time like your doctor predicated, then take a pregnancy test.
Avatar f tn There is no such thing as heavy implantation bleeding. In fact implantation bleeding isn't "bleeding" at all, it's spotting at best. If you get it it will generally be a spot of blood when you use the bathroom and nothing more. That said, women bleed for far more reasons that just a period and implantation. Disease, infection, cysts, irritation/cuts, decidual bleeding, etc can all cause this.
Avatar f tn my period is due on 18th may, yestrday ie on 9th i had little spotting,i had the same spoting today also, only today it is a bit it implantation bleeding or period.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with my partner on 2/23/18 and have been feeling strange ever sense. A weird bloat/rock type feeling in my stomach that I've never felt before, light cramps and back pain (though I have chronic back pain) and also frequent headaches (and I'm also prone to headaches too), nausea(with some vomiting but not limited to morning) as well as sore breasts (which is NOT a typical period symptom I get).