Period bleeding for a month

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Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would first clarify your information. From what you have written, it sounds like you have been bleeding for a month with only one day off. If that is correct, you should see a doctor fairly soon to get that under control. If I have misunderstood, you may not need to be seen so soon. Women with irregular periods often are not ovulating regularly and sometimes have difficulty conceiving.
Avatar n tn spotting for day and a half and then on the 13th of aug i had very heavy bleeding for a few hours with a large clot flashing out of me, the size of a golfball. after that the period continued as normal, no pain, no cramps. my periods usually last a week, bleeding 4-5 days and then maybe day or two of spotting to finish. when that period was supposed to be over a little bit of bleeding continued.
Avatar m tn 21 she had heavy bleeding(2 pads a day) now on 22nd she is having light bleeding. IS it a normal period due to pill or is she pregnant?
Avatar m tn 21 she had heavy bleeding(2 pads a day) now on 22nd she is having light bleeding. IS it a normal period due to pill or is she pregnant?
Avatar m tn The plan b pill doesn't cause a miscarriage though. If she did get pregnant, it's not supposed to hurt the baby. I think it just messed with her cycle. It even says it on the box that it can. Unless the pill you are referring to was just a regular birth control pill?
Avatar f tn She said my endometrium isn't developed she gave medicine after that i got my period on 27th not a nornal one. The one with less bleeding. Now on 9th july i got my period again.. what could be the reason for this?
Avatar f tn I stopped bleeding around 2 weeks PP after my c-section, and 2 weeks later started my period, had one exactly a month later, then nothing until about a month ago. Definitely could be a period, it takes a while for things to really settle back in so it could be anything really.
Avatar n tn why do i have a period and skip a week then have another period in the same month
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old, so my period has been normal and regular for a while. Well last month i started my period as usual, it only lasts for 4 days. After it was done everything was ok. About a week later i started lightly bleeding. Not heavy, which is how my period usually is, a light bleeding. This con tined all the way up till my next period started, which i started about a little over a week ago and i am still bleeding. This is not normal for me, my period only lasts 4 days.
Avatar n tn for the last 1 month ive been bleeding everyday. sometimes it stops for a day and comes back. i have done a transvaginal scan and everything seems fine except they said i have got a polycystic ovaries. I am very worried especially with all this cancers.
Avatar f tn ,is it true that after labor you get your period for like a month straight and that its heavier than before ? If its true , why does it last a month ? Sorry but I'm a first time mom and I just wanted to know if this was true or not...
Avatar f tn Sounds pretty normal for your age. It takes a few years for your period to become "regular" and set a pattern. Each woman is different. I do remember being the same way at your age and it can be very concerning. I highly recommend you do talk to your mother about it. If you have been anemic in the past it is definately a concern now whether the bleeding is heavy or not. Keep taking your iron(vitamins) as you should.
Avatar f tn No cramps, no bloating, no nothing just a slight bleeding that i only see when i wipe. Could be nothing but i'm still a bit concerned. Might not help that i did have sex last night but a condom was used so im not sure what could have happened.
Avatar n tn so your body might need to adjust to the amount of hormones for a month or two, or you need a higher dose. i had the same problem before, and i know its not fun.
Avatar f tn im 16weeks and 4 days and still get a heavy period every month... so even if you do get a bit of bleeding you would still be pregnant.
5803688 tn?1375015347 this month i got my period twice, on 2nd day of the month and now on 21st day of the month.. im so bothered so please help. i really want to get pregnant but i think my period is in trouble! helppppp!
Avatar f tn My last period was short and not heavy like ususal but light and really dark brown red. Now I've been getting white discharge with no odor, itching, or burning for a month but have been bloating and have constant stomache aches. They are not severe but moderate and I can do my ususal activities this has been happening for a while now even after I got my dark period.
Avatar n tn now Im having what seems like a period but I already had my period for this month..and I'm having abdominal crapping on the right side...
Avatar n tn why does my period last for a whole month and it goes away for a month and then back for another month how can i stop this from happening again.