Period bleeding for a month

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Avatar f tn ,is it true that after labor you get your period for like a month straight and that its heavier than before ? If its true , why does it last a month ? Sorry but I'm a first time mom and I just wanted to know if this was true or not...
Avatar f tn Sounds pretty normal for your age. It takes a few years for your period to become "regular" and set a pattern. Each woman is different. I do remember being the same way at your age and it can be very concerning. I highly recommend you do talk to your mother about it. If you have been anemic in the past it is definately a concern now whether the bleeding is heavy or not. Keep taking your iron(vitamins) as you should.
Avatar m tn The plan b pill doesn't cause a miscarriage though. If she did get pregnant, it's not supposed to hurt the baby. I think it just messed with her cycle. It even says it on the box that it can. Unless the pill you are referring to was just a regular birth control pill?
Avatar n tn for the last 1 month ive been bleeding everyday. sometimes it stops for a day and comes back. i have done a transvaginal scan and everything seems fine except they said i have got a polycystic ovaries. I am very worried especially with all this cancers.
Avatar f tn I stopped bleeding around 2 weeks PP after my c-section, and 2 weeks later started my period, had one exactly a month later, then nothing until about a month ago. Definitely could be a period, it takes a while for things to really settle back in so it could be anything really.
Avatar f tn t developed she gave medicine after that i got my period on 27th not a nornal one. The one with less bleeding. Now on 9th july i got my period again.. what could be the reason for this?
Avatar n tn why do i have a period and skip a week then have another period in the same month
Avatar n tn spotting for day and a half and then on the 13th of aug i had very heavy bleeding for a few hours with a large clot flashing out of me, the size of a golfball. after that the period continued as normal, no pain, no cramps. my periods usually last a week, bleeding 4-5 days and then maybe day or two of spotting to finish. when that period was supposed to be over a little bit of bleeding continued.
Avatar f tn Had tried all different kinds of birth control, including IUD, nueva ring etc. they all work for no longer than a month and then bleeding returns. Always have had extremely bad cramps since first getting period but constant bleeding did not start till about year and half ago. Seen two specialist and they say I am out of options to control it and can not find any significant cause! Any ideas why this is happening or anyone else experienced same thing?
1090036 tn?1258157928 in 19 years old i hade my daughter 4 months ago ive been on my period for a little over a month already. its realy heavy with alot of blood clots. ive been to the doctor alreadyh and they said it was just iregular bleeding. but i have a feeling its somthing else. im realy scared. plz help.
5803688 tn?1375011747 this month i got my period twice, on 2nd day of the month and now on 21st day of the month.. im so bothered so please help. i really want to get pregnant but i think my period is in trouble! helppppp!
Avatar f tn Okay well here's the thing. All of June my bf and I had unprotected sex, using the pull out method .. I never kept track of my fertile days or anything so I'm f****d ... I think. Ok well anyways, I got my "period " on July 1-7, weird thing about this period was that it was a week early. I was supposed to get it on the 11. It wasn't like any of my normal periods. I'm always reguar. And even the blood was weird. It was not even red, it was like a brown color.
Avatar f tn im 16weeks and 4 days and still get a heavy period every month... so even if you do get a bit of bleeding you would still be pregnant.
Avatar n tn My OB/GYN put me on 250mg of Clomid. I had a period on Feb 8 and the day I was scheduled for my ultrasound (Feb 15) I start bleeding like another period. Since I've had a lap and d&c, my periods are a lot shorter and mostly spotting. I am taking clomid on cycle days 5-9. Until Feb 15 (after the surgery) my periods never really "flowed" just some clotting. My doc. suggested waiting a few more weeks and do a pregnancy test.
Avatar n tn So I have had heavy bleeding now for about a month. Im 18 weeks 3 days. It all started after i masturbated. (So embarrassing!) I woke up the next morning covered in blood. I immediately went to the er and everything checked out fine. They couldn't figure out where the bleeding was coming from. Sent me home said to just take it easy. I've been to the er (after couple of different ones) about 3 more times since then.
1292707 tn?1292010621 If your periods are normal and your cycles are regular then you should have got a period within 4 to 6 weeks. Bleeding should have stopped about a week after your miscarriage. I bleed for 7 days after my miscarriage which didn't require a d&c as everything came out naturally on its own. My period came exactly 4 weeks later and today is its last day.I don't know if what your experiencing is normal, i would definitely go and see a doctor immediately.
Avatar f tn Immediately following, I had a contraceptive pill. Just after 6 days, I had vaginal bleeding again. It was dark brownish-colored and not much in volume. It lasted for couple of days. Could that indicate that am pregnant or anything else. Please suggest.
1946361 tn?1325018041 Hi guys, it's me again with another question. I am 8 weeks pregnant and have been having slight (quite heavy in the beginning) bleeding for almost a month now. It's driving me insane as I can't get any answers from the docs. Had 1st scan at 5.4 weeks and everything turned out fine, even saw hearbeat. Then bleeding decreased for a short while and then I had heavier red bleeding with clots. My doc sent me for another scan when I was just 6.