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Avatar f tn I get my period every 10 days-2 weeks, I suffer from pcos and have had a number of scans but all they confirm is that I have pcos. Has anybody else had this issue? When I first got my period at 15yo it used to last upto a month sometimes but thankfully it only lasts 5 days now for every period.
Avatar f tn I've never seen anything like it before. My boyfriend took many pics of it. It's the 1st day of my period and jelly like blood clots are normal but this wasn't a clot... It was like a bloody uncooked food I was afraid to touch or even look at it.
1601869 tn?1441310748 hello ok so i posted pics of a pregnancy test and it was faintly positive ! it was a $0.88 Walmart one never had a problem with them. But 3 days after my period was late i started to spot that turnt into a "period" it lasted like 2 1/2 days normal for me is between 4-5days. it wasn't heavy as hell like it normally is. I had what a friend calls a miracle baby. i had a few er trips and a few best rests with my son so could i be pregnant but just have bleed again?
178590 tn?1294176767 yep so far the second trimester has been easier.....thank God and so far no more bleeding.....I'm 14 weeks 2 days today and only a week til We know the sexes.....can't wait..
372598 tn?1256940170 m not sure why I had the bleeding before the appointment, but I was reading in my pregnancy books and discovered that you still have hormonal changes when you would normally expect your next period which could bring on some light bleeding. Since I have been home, I've been resting and laying on the couch and I haven't noticed any bleeding at all.
1820473 tn?1344980763 but august 20 i was due for a period was 4 days late it came 24/08/11 but was spotting no period my periods usually are heavy and 5 to 6 days long this was panty liner use and 3 days if that. ok so i thought it could have been implnation bleeding. please look at my photo and tell me what you think..
2042970 tn?1349101655 Hey Nennie! I'm due September 12, i don't have any pics but your's looks so cute! I'm 40lbs overweight so i look about 4 months pregnant right now.
Avatar f tn Im 26Weeks I have started bleeding as if im having a period what should I do?
Avatar f tn because 1 month I didnt have any bleeding for a whole month!!, the next month had bleeding/without cramps.. I could see in toilet and on paper but I dont think it was a period.. because my periods are usually really heavy leading with major cramping.. then the next month again I didnt bleed for a whole month and then on Oct.13th I had a really bad headache all day and then today the 14th I wake up to light bleeding with no cramps again..
725941 tn?1297882209 Well my little man surprised us and came early. I started bleeding and the placenta was starting to detach itself. He has Down's but is the most adorable little man. I wouldn't change a thing about him!
Avatar f tn I was expecting my period Jan 5/6, had cramping for almost 2 weeks prior, very sore boobs, lower back pain and nausea feeling.I usually only getcramping about1 weekbeforemy period, no other pms. I took a test on Jan 7, it was negative. I took another on Jan 10 and got what looked like a VERY faint positive. ( used first response both times) Jan 11 what I'm guessing is my period started.
522984 tn?1299509081 I think i had implantation bleeding at 6dpo it was a pretty good amout of bloody discharge,I am 9dpo and got a BFN this morning, too early?
Avatar f tn Bleeding could be a sign that you miscarried. But my cousins wife had period like bleeding for 3 months and then stopped bleeding and went to the doctor and they told her she was 4 months pregnant...but I think that is really rare.
1868815 tn?1412541757 Well recently I had been going through not having a period since Sept. 22 and I have start growing and still is growing a bump down there see pics. I been sleeping, not sleeping, i started to eat breakfast something I dont do, very nausea and tender and sore breats and nipples. Weeks before and I got my period Dec. 25 still on very light (I had 3 heavy cramp days and now i just have little cramps barely bleeding). My doctor had me take provera on Dec.
1499174 tn?1327231194 )few pics but they are still very faintto the camera but i can see it in person wooooo :)
Avatar f tn My son was born on the 11th & I've just now stopped bleeding. I read that the more active you are, it may prolong your bleeding. Now I get to wait & see when my actual period is going to show up. That's the really annoying part, waiting for your body to get back on cycle.
5648238 tn?1431863784 Hi. My period started 3 days later then I thought it would. On the 3rd day I had died blood. 4th day my period started light and got heavier, however it wasn't as heavy as my first day usually is. Also it didn't start until I masterbated that day. The next day was really heavy bleeding with a few cramps. From then it was normal. I had a medium bleeding day and one really light. I normally only bleed 3 days while this time was 4. Today I had some brown dried blood.
Avatar f tn this month my period took more days to stop's 14th day,i mean 14days after starting period but i still see it's bleeding.but the pressure is usual...i don't know when it will be stoped.will i die from bleeding?!!!:((oh,i don't hope so:(((...i was really surprised because i seldom see a very little blood,8 days after every period:((...just PLEASE help! does it mean an especial illness?!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn And its not heavy bleeding its just like when your at the end of your period or about to finish it light but I still use a pad just in case . and I have pain like cramps from my belly button down.
Avatar f tn My doctor had told me that during my surgery that he had got out all of the endometriosis that he could find and that I should not have endometriosis ever again. I have not had any problems with bleeding, blood clots (like when on my period) pain, nothing sense my surgery. And all OBGYN exams have been great. Until last night. After I urinated and blotted myself as usual, I had had no BM.
Avatar n tn I was on demo for two years and after I got off my period returned to normal.
Avatar f tn It was the normal bleeding after giving birth.
Avatar f tn And also have been bleeding from my period, my last day of my period the IUD was placed and I still have been spotting/bleeding from that also since then. I didnt know if alot of sex could have caused it, or all the bleeding?, I dont know. It doesnt look like zits, pimples.. it's skin color...
Avatar m tn After giving birth the bleeding isn't actually a period. It's called lochia and is after birth bleeding. Some women can have this for only a short amount of time, such as 1-2 weeks. Others it can last anywhere from 6-8. After the birth of my daughter I bled for 5 weeks and spotted for another week or so. Causes for concern would be if you're having large clots or if you're soaking through a pad more than every hour.
Avatar n tn I have just got a question.
4268628 tn?1375041176 So I have heard the first period will be super heavy n painful. I stopped bleeding a couple days ago finally and started bleeding again, this time bright red blood. But no cramps and fairly light. Should I assume its my period or be worried? I go in next week to check the fibroid and figure out about the surgery plan to remove it. Not sure if that changea anything.
1020232 tn?1251491296 I went to the bathroom last night and i was bleeding like i was getting my period well then i changed my tampoon and there was only a little blood well then i put a new one in and then this morning i took it out and i was not bleeding at all!!! But then I started bleeding again but not real heavy! Um I had sex sunday the 23rd. I have had cramps for a while but now just got my period.
Avatar n tn okay on april 13 i got my period it was normal bleeding up intill april 16 when I had sex it stopped. (had a condom) now its may 14 i got my period may 12 two days ago but it hasnt been flowing really. so i was worried could it be implatation bleeding?
Avatar f tn SO I was supposed to start my period today . But I started bleeding yesterday . And every time I wipe it's alot of blood and like blog clots and then on my pad it's a medium amount of blood . Is that normal ?