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603838 tn?1238538575 -secondary infertility- recurrent pregnancy loss (7 miscarriages including one ruptured 12 wk ectopic in a 10 yr period) -PAINFUL menses- feels like my insides are being ripped out... 1-2 days of severe pain before bleeding starts- my periods are OFTEN more painful than my miscarriages were. Sometimes I bleed for 2 days, sometimes I bleed HEAVY for 7-8 days. Normal 30 days cycle though... very rarely late.
Avatar n tn she had chapped lips and i noticed slight bleeding on her lip after she gave me oral sex (the incident occurred in April 2008), 7 months later (Nov. 2008) i started getting these 3 skin conditions that haven't gotten any better. It is now May 2009, and the skin conditions haven't gone away and I am very worried. Are skin conditions something that usually show up w/in 7-8 months of acquiring hiv? I don't think i ever had the sero-conversion symptoms before tho. Am I being paranoid?
Avatar n tn I had spotting/light bleeding after my 28th June laparoscopy which then turned into my period which was due July 1st. It really came in on 3rd. July and I am bleeding still. I only go through about 2-3 pads/day, never have to change at night so it's not particulary heavy, about normal for my period. It just seems long due to the surgery. At what point do I become concerned?
Avatar f tn Hi , I'm 34 years women, I have PcOs and thyroid (taking 50mcg thyronorm) this month I have undergone my 1st IUI treatment on 4th and 5th of March, on 24th of March I saw spotting twice and today is 25th of March is it symptom of pregnancy ? Or its just a period ? I'm scared to do urine test because if it's comes negative I'm will go to depression .. I have slight symptom of rare cramps and fatigue...
Avatar f tn the weird thing is that on all ovulation calulator things it sas i ovulated on the 14th of april but i had lite bleeding (i now know it was implantaion bleeding )on the 16th... and i thought implantation bleeding didnt happen for 5-7 days after conception?
325228 tn?1237142539 The reason I say that is because I always ge my period in 30 - 40 days. I can never tell, but it's always after 30 days. This time I got implantation bleeding on day 30 and a positive test on day 34. The control line on my test is thick, it's just so light and I was using a really cheap webcam to take the picture. Oh my, now I see why you are confused. In my previous message I said I was 34dpo, that is incorrect. Ooops I made a boo boo. I don't know how many dpo I am.
Avatar n tn shouldn't bleed anymore. Wrong, still bleeding 7 days later.. Took pics to show doc it was bright red.. How can this be, 3 months & 2 surgeries later after a total hysterectomy..
Avatar n tn I started bleeding real lightly 4 weeks ago. I thought it was a period. I have always been really irregular, having my period once every 4-5 months. I went to the doctor Friday and they told me I was pregnant. It was either early stage or I was having a miscarriage. I had a miscarriage.I don't know when, and the doctor said it could have been any time in the last few weeks. However, I am still bleeding as bad as, if not worse than before.
Avatar n tn is this what they call inplantation bleeding or something i also forgot to say that my period has always been like clock work every month.
Avatar n tn I am scheduled to see a gyno in a couple of weeks. The type of bleeding I am having is very similar to period bleeding - most with the mild diarhea and mostly in the morning. The blood is bright red and I pass clots a lot as well. I have gone to ER on several ocassions because I also have a lot of pain in my right side - the docs always say its scar tissue, but that still does not explain the bleeding. The urologist says that it could still be cancer, but the gyno will need to look closer.
Avatar f tn I get my period every 10 days-2 weeks, I suffer from pcos and have had a number of scans but all they confirm is that I have pcos. Has anybody else had this issue? When I first got my period at 15yo it used to last upto a month sometimes but thankfully it only lasts 5 days now for every period.
Avatar n tn i was ment to start my period on the 23rd off this month but i come on, on the 14th for only 2 days it was a brownish colour then light red and i still havent had a propa period could it be implantation bleeding, me and my boyfriend have has unprotected sex for about 2months could i be pregnant please some body help
Avatar m tn Vertex has been the master at public relations but this period of no news is kinda strange. I don't expect info from the prove 3 trials but there should be some news about the status of people from earlier trials.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage on Dec. 6th. It was a blighted ovum that was detected with an early ultrasound. Previous to the ultrasound, I had no indications of miscarriage. I was prescribed Misprostol to induce labor & excel the pregnancy. This happened on the 6th. It has been exactly a month & still no sign of period. I had been getting my HcG levels tested weekly & they have been at 0 for two weeks now. The nurse who gave me the last results said "Congrats, you can start trying again.
6575230 tn?1388816480 But I constantly feel pain and tenderness, and now have bleeding (spotting) as well as a burning feeling inside my vagina. I have started the Terconazole treatments again, but the bleeding/internal burning feeling continues. I have looked online at lichen scolerosus (sp), and it doesn't appear to be that either. How do I know if I have herpes on my cervix? That's what I strongly suspect, but I am not sure.
422891 tn?1315183520 I took 4 hpt first response b4 my period and they were coming up exactly like keepurfaith's pics that she posted but only b4 my period actully came so idk what that was about.
554628 tn?1362781519 hey ladies i was just wondering if anyone knows the normal for when i should start my period after post partum bleeding. mine stopped at 4 wks and madison is now 7 wks old so should it be soon. just didn't now any info would be great. thanks ladies.
Avatar f tn Tht i remember i had my last period on Aug 23 2011. I did not get a period at all in september. But i did spot like the 27 28 29 of september like one of those days not all days tho. Its cuz i had sex on the 25th with a different guy and am hoping its not his based on the due date my doc had given me. I had a sonogram on the 6th of dec 2011 and they told me i was about 12.3 weeks. bcuz the only date i had given them was aug 23rd which i would have been more weeks than tht but am not.
1676569 tn?1390278153 Good morning I had my ultrasound yesterday and the lady cldnt see a baby which she said she wasn't going to be able to in the beginning bcuz my hcg level was 549 so she said either i got pregnant after the period i had this month or I miscarried and I'm still spotting so I go back to the Dr 2moro so he can draw more blood and check my hcg level again
1601869 tn?1441314348 hello ok so i posted pics of a pregnancy test and it was faintly positive ! it was a $0.88 Walmart one never had a problem with them. But 3 days after my period was late i started to spot that turnt into a "period" it lasted like 2 1/2 days normal for me is between 4-5days. it wasn't heavy as hell like it normally is. I had what a friend calls a miracle baby. i had a few er trips and a few best rests with my son so could i be pregnant but just have bleed again?
Avatar f tn because 1 month I didnt have any bleeding for a whole month!!, the next month had bleeding/without cramps.. I could see in toilet and on paper but I dont think it was a period.. because my periods are usually really heavy leading with major cramping.. then the next month again I didnt bleed for a whole month and then on Oct.13th I had a really bad headache all day and then today the 14th I wake up to light bleeding with no cramps again..
Avatar f tn Im 26Weeks I have started bleeding as if im having a period what should I do?
1868815 tn?1412545357 Well recently I had been going through not having a period since Sept. 22 and I have start growing and still is growing a bump down there see pics. I been sleeping, not sleeping, i started to eat breakfast something I dont do, very nausea and tender and sore breats and nipples. Weeks before and I got my period Dec. 25 still on very light (I had 3 heavy cramp days and now i just have little cramps barely bleeding). My doctor had me take provera on Dec.
Avatar n tn I want to have a baby again. i was also wondering when do i get my period again i don't have any bleeding right now. please if some one has gone through please tell me your story.
Avatar n tn i just had day sugery this mornling (cystoscopy and pyelogram)i had some bleeding from my pee hole which is normal. but i also just finished ovulating (started 'bout 2 days ago it seems) but the gooie stuff had sreaks of red blood in it. do any of u know what this is. pls respond as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn I've never seen anything like it before. My boyfriend took many pics of it. It's the 1st day of my period and jelly like blood clots are normal but this wasn't a clot... It was like a bloody uncooked food I was afraid to touch or even look at it.
1868815 tn?1412545357 Well recently I had been going through not having a period since Sept. 22 and I have start growing and still is growing a bump down there see pics. I been sleeping, not sleeping, i started to eat breakfast something I dont do, very nausea and tender and sore breats and nipples. Weeks before and I got my period Dec. 25 still on very light (I had 3 heavy cramp days and now i just have little cramps barely bleeding). My doctor had me take provera on Dec.
2042970 tn?1349105255 I'm due September 12, i don't have any pics but your's looks so cute! I'm 40lbs overweight so i look about 4 months pregnant right now.
Avatar f tn the day before I started my period. My gyno gave me Lo Seasonique to start in August on the first day of my next period. It never started so I called her and she said to start after I took a pregnancy test that came up negative. I took 2 that were negative so I started the pills on Aug. 22. They were supposed to help with the pain from endo but they didn't really. About a week ago, I started cramping and feeling even more crappy than I do every day. Each day I just wanted to pass out.
Avatar f tn I was expecting my period Jan 5/6, had cramping for almost 2 weeks prior, very sore boobs, lower back pain and nausea feeling.I usually only getcramping about1 weekbeforemy period, no other pms. I took a test on Jan 7, it was negative. I took another on Jan 10 and got what looked like a VERY faint positive. ( used first response both times) Jan 11 what I'm guessing is my period started.