How to stop period bleeding naturally

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Avatar f tn m a worry wort and tend to ask my doctor a million questions and one of them was about my period. He said it would take a few mos to regulate. He did not mention constant bleeding. I was almost 6 weeks when I miscarried last month and my bleeding only lasted for 5 days. If I were you I would give your dr a call and let him or her know that in fact you are ttc again but you had been bleeding for 5 mos. To me that does not seem normal.
372598 tn?1256940170 I was told with my last m/c that since it was naturally... To count it as a period.... Because in it's own way it is..... And if you miscarry, you still ovulate.. Because your body thinks of it as a period.......... Hope that helps some. That's what I was told....
1419937 tn?1302557849 how to stop!?! my altament question!!! i masterbated to the point were my libas cover ALL of vagin, I HATE it cause i got a yeast infection an loose skin (im a 13 year old girl!!!!)> how do i tighteghen the skin an kill the infection without creams cause i dont want to tell my mom HELP!!!!
1688492 tn?1346364370 as I've posted before after this miscarriage I ovulated on day 15, 6 days after I finished bleeding, my doctor didnt say anything to me as he knows I'll do what I want anyway :), I took longer to ovulated after my d&c than when I miscarried naturally, it all depends on how you are feeling emotionally as to when you want to try again, when you feel your ready, good luck
Avatar f tn So if I miscarried Nov 13 and stop bleeding Nov 17 I have to wait to get my period so try ? And hiw long after miscarring will I get my period ?
Avatar f tn ) Because I thought I might be ovulating, I stop the pill again on (6 Jan) and decided to start when my period come again.I start to bleed on the 11 Jan and then start the pill on the 15 Jan. I am on the pill at the moment,a month sex free, breast tender, adominal cramps and negative for being pregant.
1401945 tn?1280932432 so u didnt stop bleeding until 4 weeks then or what ? and how did you know when to expect a period? and yes its hard i lost my baby and really confused with when i shall expect a period.
Avatar f tn first period after your mc.. I got my period yesterday for the first time after my d&c and it's only been like spotting.. nothing heavy to go on a panty liner or pad, just when I wipe.. that was my first day.. so I don't know if it's going to continue like that or how it's supposed to be...
4280010 tn?1352134681 If i were to have a miscarriage how long would it take to actually come out? How long after the miscarriage will i get my period?
1292707 tn?1292010621 well i went to my doctor the day after my miscarriage and she said i didnt need a d&c but i havent stop bleeding, but i am definitely going to fo see a doctor.
642191 tn?1226784192 C, I had heavy bleeding for the rest of that day and it took about 10days to finally stop. In both cases I got my 1st period right at 4w later, The first period was heavier than normal both times, but my system went back to normal right after that. Hope you recover quickly.
1407098 tn?1287111766 I have spent weeks praying to stop bleeding I am praying to start. Good luck ladies. I hope you never ever have to go through this again.
Avatar f tn I lost my baby at 9 weeks and the baby came out on its own i bleeded for a week
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 24... And i come on my period on Saturday night. Tomorrow (Tuesday) me and my boyfriend have planned to spend the day together. And I don't want to be on my period as we won't be able to get comfortable. I've been drinking lots of water and been taking ibuprofen and had a hot bath to try to stop it.. But wondered if they was anything else I could do or take to stop them completely for this month?
Avatar f tn d not stopped and now again I am getting spotting now I am worreied do I have to take the tablet again to stop this or it will stop naturally, I had gone under a diet for sometime but I am now off diet I was wondering that because of this I might have irregular periods so I took tests of thyroid and vitamins so my b 12 and d3 were low so now I have take shots for that I am 30 yrs of age and I have a son of 5 yrs I and really worried as I am being bleeding from last 11 days and I have no pain
1210142 tn?1266077031 Just keep your blood pressure in the normal range. If I cut myself, I still stop bleeding, it just takes about twice as long than it used to. I think plavix is very important for CAD sufferers. The half life of plavix is short anyway, so if it came to some emergency, it wouldn't take long for the effect to wear off.
Avatar n tn It took me 8 weeks each time I miscarried, to get a period. You cannot count any bleeding as a period. There MUST be 20 consecutive days of NO BLEEDING in order to consider your next bleed a period. This allows the hormones to follow their proper chain. 4. Depends on your doctor. Some say 1-3 cycles. I got pregnant (and am currently pregnant) after both of my miscarriages right away, after the first period. 5. Miscarrying naturally is the best way to miscarry.
1750910 tn?1312133884 I really can't comment with regard to how your enviroment is directly affecting your overall health but I can make some suggestions on how to proceed with regard to your extended heavy periods. My wife was in pre-menopause and thus her periods became very irregular down to only a few a year. She started having heavy prolonged vaginal bleeding with no other symptoms. She had a transvaginal sonogram which showed a complex solid cyst/mass on her ovary.
Avatar n tn i can't stop my period,been to dr.
Avatar n tn I am so confused! I have been having my period for 3 months now..some days are really heavy with giant blood clots an then someways it makes me think im about to stop...but it hasn't scared to go to the doctor because i dont want hear bad news, and the town i live in doesn't have the best doctors...they always just give out pills and go home check back in a there anything i can do to stop the bleeding??? im never really in pain..
Avatar f tn I was 8 weeks pregnant when it was determined that I was facing a miscarriage. After 2 ultrasounds, 2 weeks apart, there was no growth & the sac was only measuring 5 weeks in size. They recommended waiting for my body to naturally expel the tissue, taking Misprostol to speed up the process or having a D&C. I was terrified. I have a 5 year old daughter from my previous marriage & experienced no complications whatsoever when I was pregnant with her.
548642 tn?1266179652 when you miscarried, how did you know! were your hcgs not doubling, were you bleeding or spoting, having cramps or was it just some random thing! did you see the hb or far along were you!!!!!! i ask this question just because of all the different stories we hear on here!
976035 tn?1379009147 hello it could be implantation or breakthrough bleeding(sometimes your hormone levels arent high enough to completely stop your period that would be due) so you bleed a little. I went through this in April but for me it wasnt good. I had what they call early miscarriage but my blood was very red and the same as a light period.I wish you all the best and hope embie sticks. keep us updated we're trying naturaly now but will do ivf july time if nothing happens.
Avatar f tn I no the feeling I also had a miscarriage in 2012 so I no what it is like to go through the blood tests an then the aftermath, im now 34 weeks pregnant with a little boy an had to go through blood tests at the start of the pregnancy because of slight bleeding all I can say is try stop stressing as it will drive u crazy not to mention depression, what is ment for u won't pass u by, I hope all goes well for u, think positive x
Avatar f tn should my period stop after just one dose of camila also what can one take to stop your period for a day or two ?