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371498 tn?1198948640 Still, I remember once we had protected sex literally, right before my period came and that period lasted about 3 to however many days like it's supposed to. After this one, though, it was only heavy for the first few hours it came and after sex, it has been very light and I finished this month's period within 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 days. Is this normal after sex? I'm not sure how a period is supposed to continue since this is the first time I have ever had sex on my period.
Avatar n tn althought i have now been on this period for like a week and its gottet to the point where it doesn't even look like a period anymore. i am just bleeding and bleeding and it won''t stop. the blood is bright red. and on saturday mornig i passed a huge clot about the size of a softball, and i've been passing clots the size of a tennis ball and some the size of a golfball for two days now. it it so heavy i am wearing super extra tampons and a pad.
Avatar n tn i was ment to start my period on the 23rd off this month but i come on, on the 14th for only 2 days it was a brownish colour then light red and i still havent had a propa period could it be implantation bleeding, me and my boyfriend have has unprotected sex for about 2months could i be pregnant please some body help
Avatar n tn I get extremely painful chest pains a week before my period. It ramps up and then down again a few days later when my period starts. I've had every test and doctor known to mankind. No one has given me an answer. I felt very much alone in this regard but it seems as if many women on the web have voiced this same issue. If you find any more information, I would be grateful. I've had 3 gynecologists tell me they can't help me.
Avatar n tn I hope I start soon! These comments were so encouraging to hear that I'm not the girl who didn;t start her damn period this month, lol.
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5999134 tn?1378286177 I was most tired in the 1st trimester but it does get better around 4 moths. Also, I agree that you need to tell you parents and get prenatal care as soon as possible. They might be angry but its already happened. Let them embrace you and the idea of while ensuring you have proper medical care. Good Luck to you!
1038969 tn?1269499639 She also tried to hint that her early period bleeding --spotting as the hymen bleeding....and appeared tense when i found that her period had started early. i know 40 percents girls dont bleed and feel pain on first time sex. her anal is so tight ...then how come her vagina so wide from first day.. she does not want to tell anything....she says she never had any relationship before marriage... I respect her . But want the truth.
Avatar n tn This past week I got my very first Urinary Tract Infection(painful!!) I was also scheduled for a US because I have not have a period since Nov 22. I took HTP and Neg..they did a blood test in Jan and Neg. But I was wodering if I was 2-4 weeks pg, could they see that on an US? My doc has just now precribed Provera but Im still not certain that I did not concieve this past month. I show too many signs of early pg.
Avatar f tn I actually showed my son a video of how it is born but he thinks that his daddy gave it to me and I swelled it!
4437866 tn?1388123224 I'll look into that stuff thank ladies! Well my bleeding and cramping stopped last night. And had hardly anything today until now... I'm spotting yet again. And cramping too. Feels like I'm on my period to be honest.. can't wait to go to the doctor on the 9th of january and hear their heartbeats... then maybe I will relax.
Avatar n tn Hopefully you will get some good pics of the little one with legs wide open. Did they tell you to bring a video tape? My DD watches the video of her in mommy's belly all the time.
Avatar f tn Congrats girl and I'm happy for you although I wish I was in your shoes *sighs*
1601869 tn?1441314348 I've had mirena since 2011 and don't have any issues. Except my cramps hurt more when I have my period. But for a woman like you who has gone through labor pains cramps shouldn't be a problem. I've never had a baby but I've had kidney stones and an adult tonsillectomy, both of which were excruciating but I got through it and I'm also not afraid of menstrual cramps.
121828 tn?1333468091 my prayers are with you!!! stay strong girl. is the 5 week sack a viable baby? maybe they can surgically remove the empty sack and preserve the other. i'll be thinking of you. lots of luck. if you are ever unsure about something, its ok to ask your dr lots and lots of questions to put your mind at ease.
Avatar n tn I am 49 and after not having a period for four months, I had two weeks of heavy bleeding, followed by a week off, then a week of extremely heavy bleeding. I consulted with my OB/GYN. My options were to have a D&C or try Prometrium to control my bleeding. (I've taken Prometrium before) The D&C would be temporary and the medication approach could take several weeks or months, so I opted for the ablation.
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Avatar f tn I'm having a boy so I don't have to worry about talking to him about having a period. Lol... but if I do have a girl someday, I'm definitely going to talk to her about having a period an having sex. I'm going to tell her what my mom told me. She said when I'm ready to start having sex to let her know an she'll taken me to get on birth control.
480448 tn?1426952138 Even people in these categories usually test POS within the 3 month window period, but as a precaution, it is recommended that people with severely compromised immune systems test to 6 months post an exposure. NO ONE ELSE NEEDS TO TEST BEYOND 3 MONTHS. If a person was prescribed PEP ("Post Exposure Prophylaxis), then they need to test 3 months after their LAST dose of PEP. "Autoimmune Disorders". This is often confused with what I discussed above.
Avatar n tn I think it is very possible that you were drugged and it's suspicious that your finace had to go with the other girl for beer. It doesn't make sense. If your fiance does reside with you and you own a video camera I would definitly check that because it all sounds so strange, I am thinking maybe they filmed the event. Again I am sorry if this causes you more anxiety but I've heard of this happening. And if you two do live together for goodness sakes get out.
114123 tn?1289630070 A miscarriage is when you are indeed pg and then begin to bleed and lose the baby. If she is not bleeding at all then either her period is just late or she is pg and the pg is going fine. An abortion is much more than taking a pill. You are probably thinking of the Morning After Pill, a.k.a. Plan B. This has to be taken within just a couple of days after the unprotected sex though. So, this is not a option for you two.
Avatar f tn when i woke he abused me sooo much saying there is a man in the video i sent him and he can see me making out .i cried alot the video only had me i sent that video to his family and told them to explain him how there is no man it matter wat his family said or friends said he dint belive it ..he abused me for a week tortured me by sending pictures and voice notes of him sleeping with other women and saying im revenging on u ,where i had done nothing and i am a virgin ..
Avatar f tn And now you worried about using a damp towel from your stepdad, washing your hands, getting into bed and then fingering yourself!!!! Then in another post - you advise a young girl on her period that it could be IMPLANTATION BLEEDING and how the timing seems right. You advised her to take a PREGNANCY test in the week, it should give you an accurate result. How on earth you know about Implantation Bleeding and not about general sexual reproduction is beyond me. Sheltered or not - RESEARCH it.
119398 tn?1204823032 i dont know if i am for sure about the girl but i did that chinese predictor and it says girl and it is pretty acurate judging from births i already know of.
1178131 tn?1282658419 I am waiting for my period 3-4 days but I have some on and off lower ab cramps and lower back pain. I have wonderful gas and burps too. I was on endogest 200 until yesterday (recommended for 20 days and had it for 10). But since I know that endogest wouldn't give me a period I have stopped it to see if it is menstrual cramps or pregnancy signs. Will do an HPT anyways.
Avatar n tn there was no foul odor, im guessing becuase when i put the tampon in i was really light to the point where i think i had finished my period. But im bleeding now that the old tampon is out. and still feeling a big dizzy. but i dont know if its all in my head since i was reading about tss and getting a lil parionod. Im going to see if my obgyn can see my tomorrow. let me know how your apt goes!
Avatar n tn I was about 6 weeks pregnant. The strange thing was that the bleeding lasted only a 5 days like a period. Now I have been waiting for a period and nothing. I have the breast tenderness and some feelings of sickness in the mornings. Today I took a pregnancy test because I just had that feeling and both tests I took were positive. I am so scared and confused. Could I actually be pregnant again so fast? I am going to make a doctors appointment.
Avatar m tn I usually use those little square patch band-aid's over an injection site to cover the slight bleeding after I remove the needle, but often remove them the next day as they are uncomfortable on the surrounding body hair when I move around alot. So I was wonder whether what others do to avoid injection in one spot to often in a short time period?
Avatar n tn did you get your starting kit from Pegasys? it has all kinds of goodies and video plus other instruction booklet. Call their customer line to request if dr did not have it for you. I just got mine 30 wks into tx and it still came in handy. The info I got was to pull out on the plunger after inserting to make sure it was not in a blood vessel, you are looking for actual blood. Interferon can be given in IV form, but I don't know about the pegylated form.