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Avatar m tn hello i have had my period scene April 22nd and i have been bleeding all this month and i have even stopped birth control... How long after you stop birth control that the bleeding with stop because i have been wearing pads forever and im getting kinda tired of it and i just want to be back to normal...
Avatar m tn I had sex 3 days before my period began and it was protected. The period was lighter then my normal period but still changed my tampon twice a day and it lasted for 5 days. my blood was red and a little brown which Im used to. So i just want to know really if pregnancy is something I should be concerned about.
Avatar f tn I'm 27 weeks. Everytime I get an ultrasound shel hide her face and when they try to check her heartbeat she'll kick the monitor and run away from it lol but I'm surprised I actually got a good video!
Avatar m tn Here is the video of my wife's scan on her 21 week. We are very eager to know our baby's gender so that we can be prepared for our great time... here is the link for our video...
Avatar f tn im pretty sure I've gotten my period already! My little girl is only 5 1/2 weeks is this normal?
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Avatar f tn Idk what exactly I'm having yet....but I have a whole list of boy names and no girl names, any suggestions???
Avatar m tn My girl friend missed her period the last month. She generally has it between 20th-24th. We have had physical relationship in between once. This month also it got delayed but the period did come. But the period was only for 1-2 days. Why is this happening. She sometimes takes a bit of stress. Now why is this irregularity. whats going on.
Avatar m tn Hi, about four weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. Well, kinda. He had on a condom, and was only halfway in for about two minutes. He didn't ejaculate or anything. Two days after that, I had my usual period and I thought I was okay. As of late (I've been kind of stressing too) I've been experiencing some weird symptoms.
Avatar m tn Had a cousin that had a period the whole pregnancy healthy baby
Avatar n tn I'm around 4 weeks with my 2nd and I woke up this morning with a bit of vaginal blood, feels more like a period I found out when I was 16 weeks with my 1st so I'm not sure if this is okay in early pregnancy or not
5999134 tn?1378282577 I was most tired in the 1st trimester but it does get better around 4 moths. Also, I agree that you need to tell you parents and get prenatal care as soon as possible. They might be angry but its already happened. Let them embrace you and the idea of while ensuring you have proper medical care. Good Luck to you!
Avatar m tn I am a dentist who recently was advised by my RDH staff that a 6 month period always exists between a heart attack and the patient's prophylaxis. This was taught in their school. Until now, for 31 years, I have relied on the advisement, case by case, of the patient's MD and also the evaluation that we make of the patient's health and periodontal condition prior to the appointment. Sometimes we wait a few months, sometimes we have seen a patient only weeks after an event.
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Avatar n tn i got my last period on 18th october and i was supposed to get my period on November 14th or 15th.Then i got period symptoms but i didnt get period.i took home pregnancy test on 24th and it was negative and also i got my period that day itself. 25th was my second day n there was no bleeding all(normally2nd of my periods it bleeds )why is this change so ???what should i do ???
Avatar f tn I found it on a cheaper website for under $10 a bottle, not the site I found the video on. Watch the video link and see if it sounds like you. You could be spotting because you are ovulating. Do you take your morning temperature? It helps to figure out where you are in your cycle.
Avatar f tn Had baby on august 1. I bled for 4 weeks then it stopped for a week and now I've been bleeding bright red for over a week now. Thought it was ny period but I'm confused. Any already mommy's experience this?
1611503 tn?1325482190 usually implantation bleeding is brown or a darker darker red only becasue its old blood. i would say if your blleding alot and think you may be pg a visit to a doc even maybe a free clinic would be worth it better to be safe than sorry. i funy enough have been reading about this as well and have found its not too common you may feel small cramps and possible spot..hope it helps and you get your insurance quick!!
Avatar f tn i am a girl 23 yrs old. i hadnt had sex in 8 months. i was on my last day of my period and was only spotting.and i had sex with a guy that same day. when i got home i noticed i had blood in panties.... during sex as he entered me it hurt alittle but was enjoyable. i noticed his size was much bigger than any other sexual encounters i had had. is the bleeding do to his size? or the fact that i had not had sex in 8months? or my period?? is this common.
Avatar m tn Page 11 Number 4 It was changed in 2004 and as you have been told in the past you never had an exposure.
Avatar f tn I had my baby girl Aug. 6 at 36 weeks and everything went well .... I'm home with my daughter and everything is great but I haven't stopped bleeding nd passing blood colts the blood clots r not big but they are clots ....
Avatar f tn Now at about 2 weeks after her period she had been bleeding to the point she has needed a pad (this has gone on for about 4-5 days now) no cramping or any type of symtoms that poiint to pregancy. I want to post this to get feedback on this situation.
Avatar f tn Congrats on yer baby girl! I saw the video and she is just too cute!! And pushing out a 9 lb baby! Wooo! Good for you!! Did you have pain meds, or was it natural? Your story was great and I can't wait to see more pictures of your little cutie!!
Avatar n tn sINCE u Say Tht UR in THE same situaTIon, were u fingered or something like my girl said she was a bit relieved that she got period but i cudnt ask her if she had it today and how it was lyk as usual she used to hav or somthng different....
Avatar m tn Well usually your period would be fresh blood. You could spot for a few days prior to getting your period though. Which could be brown old blood. BUT if you don't get a normal flow, you could be pregnant. BUT sometimes women just miss a month or have a light weird period too. Change in diet, stress, excersise can change your period. It ***** being a girl sometimes!
Avatar f tn Went to the ER yesterday. I'm about 5 weeks and had been spotting but my OB wasn't concerned. Well the spotting turned into bleeding like a period and basically they couldn't tell me anything because I'm not far enough to see much. (Could see a sac, but no "pole" inside) Have to go back in a couple days to see if HCG is rising. Im so sad/scared! Has anyone experienced this and not miscarried??