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Avatar n tn Any meds she has been put on are low dose. She started on Prozac, then to Paxil and was just put on Zoloft. She is frustrated because nothing seems to level off her emotions. She believes it is because they are all in the same family. She actually got worse on the Paxil. Also, now the Zoloft is making her sick. She is a college student and it is hard to go to class with the nausea. She takes with water and food in her stomach.
Avatar f tn Whatever you do, don't just abruptly stop taking either medication (are you already taking the Prozac or still on the Zoloft?) It's important to be tapered off these kinds of meds. Best of luck to you, congrats on your pregnancy, enjoy it!
Avatar n tn ) There's tons of info on the net (and I mean professional experts' information - the internet harbours both good and bad sites). There are support boards and info sites specifically with regard to SSRIs generally, some to Prozac, some to Paxil etc.
Avatar n tn Juniper, Paxil, an SSRI(like Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox and Celexa) is indicated for the treatment of OCD as well as other anxiety and mood disorders. In general side effects( nausea, diarrhea, headache, fatigue) are minimal and generally resolve if experienced within the first few days to weeks of treatment. Please discuss these issues further with your psychiatrist. You may also find it helpful to search this forums archives for further information regarding OCD and Paxil.
Avatar n tn Personally, I found Prozac with Xanax as needed to be a perfect combo for me. I had been on Paxil, tried Zoloft, and Celexa. There's no med that works as well as Xanax [alprazolam] for anxiety. I never used too much and was always careful about that. I never had any side effects either. It's the best thing for insomnia also.
Avatar m tn Paxil is one the most difficult meds to take and especially to quit, so nobody's going to give it to you other than a quack unless everything else is tried first and they can monitor you. That's just how it goes. Can your dad take you to the psychiatrist for a chat?
Avatar n tn If you can, try and get a little bit of exercise each day. As far as comming off of the Paxil, I did find it more difficult then when I came off of Prozac. In any case when (if) you decide to come off of the Paxil, don't quit cold turkey! You'll most likely get withdrawl effects either way, just with the cold turkey method it can "run" you over! p.s. You may even feel a little worse for a week or two as your body adjusts to the Paxil....
550739 tn?1224166972 Started with prozac, (which only made me a zombie), then zoloft, then paxil and finally Xanax. The Xanax works for me because it doesn't take several weeks to become effective, and I don't have to take it every day, only when I need it. You're right, everyone reacts to the numerous available medications differently, I did not feel worse from taking Paxil, I just didn't feel better.
Avatar n tn Hi, I switched over from paxil to prozac by gradually decreasing the paxil and starting the prozac at a low dose and then after a couple weeks, I decreased the paxil again and increased the prozac. I did this until I was completely off the paxil and onto the prozac and it worked great for me! I did all this under my pdoc's suggestion by the way.
Avatar n tn Thanks to all that replied. As far as tapering off is concerned I have tried that with no sucess. I take 60 mil. per day and unfortuantly I can't afford the 180.00 a month that it takes to buy the drug. I have been researching the side affects of not taking the drug and was hoping there was something over the counter I could take to help with the withdrawl process. I know that there is Kava-Kava. Thanks.
Avatar m tn It's ''softness'' could also indicate that it won't affect your libido like Paxil did. Prozac is a good bet too in case you don't respond to Zoloft since it's not a substrate of Pgp unlike Zoloft and Paxil but Pgp doesn't seems to be a problem with you since you responded to Paxil. Well, yeah Prozac would be the AD I try if Zoloft is not doing the trick then I would move on to the tetracyclic. You will have time to discuss all this with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Has anyone taken Prozac and then switched to Zoloft? If so, which one did you prefer? Prior to my pregnancy, I was taking Prozac; however, due to the pregnancy, they suggested I quit taking Prozac. I did; however, was continuing to have problems with my OCD, so they put me on Zoloft (during the pregnancy) to help. My little girl is now 7 months old. I've continued taking the Zoloft; however, they doubled it because I'm still having trouble with the OCD.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder several years ago. I was first started on Paxil and had very few problems except for weight gain and night sweats. I was later switched to Prozac with the same side effects. I now take Zoloft and I still have the night sweats. I am wondering if night sweats are a common side effect of these medications and what can be done about it.
Avatar m tn I stopped Zoloft and went back on prozac. I stopped the prozac after a couple traumatic events with increased panic. For some reason i thought the prozac no longer worked. i doubt the zoloft would have either. The sexual side effects will happen with any ssri, but prozac was much more suttle and only lasted a few days. the zoloft was far worse, my desire was greatly diminished and..well you know the rest. I was told early on that if an ssri is correct you will feel nothing...
Avatar f tn Given the problems associated with the various meds, I'd probably try Prozac first, Lexapro second, then Zoloft, then Celexa, and man, I'd wait on the Paxil for last resort. But from my years of going through this, shrinks seem to think Zoloft is the best for anxiety.
Avatar f tn Lots of anxiety and panic-trouble sleeping due to racing heart which I think is anxiety related. My ob-gyn suggested zoloft. My regualr MD is suggesting Paxil. I know zoloft is more for the depression side, and the paxil is for the anxiety/panic. I have suffered from depression and panic attacks inthe past-aout 6 years ago. I took Zoloft then Effexor. Cannot take the Effexor anymore due to the type of pill form it comes in-I cannot take the extended release due to gastric bypass surgery.
Avatar f tn I have been on Zoloft for years (on and off). I had to go back on it in January after a 6 month break. My anxiety got so bad I was having severe panic attacks. This time when I went on the Zoloft it had the opposite was more stimulating that calming for me and I'm not sure why. Neither is my doctor. I also have OCD and it increased my OCD by 10x almost immediately. I'm at 100 mg now (for almost 7 weeks) and it hasn't gotten much better. I aslo take .5 mg of lorazapam twice a day.
Avatar n tn I saw the physchiatrist again yesterday and told him my two concerns were obsessing about my condition (OCD) and suicidal ideologies (OCD). He suggested we switch from Zoloft to Paxil CR. We're going to transition over a week or two. I also asked to be taken off the Wellbutrin and he suggested we make one change at a time. I'm currently on 100mg Zoloft, 25mg Paxil CR, 60mg Buspar, and 150mg of WellbutrinXL.
Avatar f tn on a second note, i have a question on zoloft. i am taking zoloft for two days now and i am going crazy with my moods. insomnia is huge problem along with a panic attack last night... i wanted ot ask your symptoms when you initially took zoloft...
Avatar n tn I tried Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft and many more. All of them made me feel like a I was still in a dream state and not in touch with reality. I don't want to go on and on , but I just wanted you to know that your not alone and I don't think you should have to take a medication that makes you feel any worse than you do already. As for the beers with the medication, been there..,only my reaction was complete mania, I lost all sense of inhibitions and really felt out of my mind.
Avatar n tn My doctor told me I should actually lose weight- she also put me on Topamax to ensure the weight loss (I was really concerned with the whole weight thing, since I'd been through a huge ordeal with Paxil and Prozac and fought REALLY HARD to get rid of 20 of the extra 30 pounds they packed on). I didn't want to go through that again. As I told my husband- what's the point of being happy if I'm fat? Then I'm right back to being miserable, but for a different reason! Anyway....
Avatar n tn 5 Paxil Cr to 100 mg Zoloft. Paxil increased my weight and blood pressure. I was on it in varied doses for 5 years. I am 2 wks into switch over, cutting back paxil weekly. I am really tired, mind is racing more. Hope this goes okay, and my weight and blood pressure come down. Anyone else?
Avatar n tn I spoke with my pschy this week and he has given a weaning program that includes Prozac. Week 1 Paxil 20mg + Prozac 10mg Week 2 Paxil 15mg + Prozac 20mg Week 3 Paxil 10mg + Prozac 20mg Week 4 Paxil 5mg + Prozac 20mg Week 5 Stop Paxil stay on 20mg Prozac I am so worried about this, probably because I already feel bad. Has anyone ever done this type of withdrawl program before? On top of that I take Xanax .
Avatar n tn Withdrawal from ALL SSRIs (Prozac, Paxil, etc) needs to be taken VERY slowly indeed. Unlike Paxil, Prozac does not give immediate withdrawal symptoms because it has a longer half-life and so does not leave the body as suddenly as Paxil. The danger in this is that it might be tempting to disgard slow weaning off, thus suffering similar withdrawal symptoms at a later date. Extracts:
Avatar f tn My doc was willing to let me try Paxil so I left with a script for Paxil. I wonder if I should've tried the Prozac. I had a doc tell me once that Paxil causes significant weight gain. Should I have tried Prozac? I don't want to gain a bunch of weight or stay tired all day long. However, I can't take anything that is too stimulating, because it'll make me too jittery.
Avatar m tn In head to head studies, Prozac had far fewer withdrawals than Zoloft and Paxil, both of which have much shorter half-lives than Prozac. Withdrawal isn't caused by the drug being in your system, it's caused by the drug being out of your system and the brain's difficulty waking up serotonin receptors that have shut down because of how these drugs work. It takes time for some people for their brains to adapt to working naturally again, and for some this is easy and for some it's very hard.
Avatar n tn He told me to stop taking the paxil and take the zoloft the very next day, and from then on. I have been on zoloft 25mg for the past 3 weeks, and now the horrible withdrawal symptoms have seemed to die down. I wasn't feeling quite up to par last week so i went back to the doctor and he switched me to 50mg of zoloft. I took it for one day and have had horrible akathisia ever since. I switched back to the 25mg of zoloft about 4 days ago, but am still feeling the akathisia.
Avatar n tn I remember when I read the initial instructions, for Zoloft, there was 52 weeks time limit. No elaboration on what if you use it longer, when you get weaned is there any withdrawal symptom, or relapse of condition. I'm 68, suffered stress-depression for a long time. The 1st medicine was Doxoepen, then Prozac & Paxil before Zoloft.