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Avatar n tn I have not seen such discussions about getting off Zoloft. Please tell me more about Paxil and whether it is more risky than Zoloft. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I would NOT advise you to switch to Wellbutrin as the previous post suggested! I take Zoloft, which is relatively similar to Paxil. About three years ago, I was on the highest recommended dose of Zoloft. I was never advised that weight gain would be an issue. In less than two months, I gained over 30 pounds!!! I have never had a weight problem before. I could not figure out why I was gaining so fast and so much. The horrible stretch marks on my stomach were more devastating than the depression!
Avatar n tn I've been taking Paxil for 11 years now (I started at the age of 8 due to anxiety and panic attacks) and I desperately want to be free from this medication. I have trouble keeping friendships, relationships or just experiencing emotion all together. Growing up I've gone through periods without taking the pills, and although it was brief I was able to 'feel' what other people feel. But withdrawal was too much for me to handle in my teen years so I always had to go back to the medication.
Avatar n tn I guess Zoloft stays in your system longer than Paxil. I have been on Zoloft before for several years off and on, usually between 50 and 100 mgs, but have stopped taking it for about 3 months. I have not suffered from any withdrawal symptoms. My anxiety symptoms and associated depression which led me to take Zoloft in the first place persist and have increased in intensity on some episodes. Zoloft definitely helped me with these symptoms but never completely rid me of them.
Avatar n tn since I have been taking zoloft (four months). I consulted my prescribing dr. and my primary physician both claim that the zoloft should be weight neutral and that there is another cause for the weight loss...which has me more worried. I am the skinniest I have been since jr. high. Most of my clothes hang on me and people ask me what is wrong...I look sick, etc. I have had no other changes to my diet or exercise plan. The weight seems to be dropping faster than it did at first. Any insight?
Avatar n tn more actually use an SSRI like Paxil. Included in that family are Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro, etc... I have known some that did not like Paxil, while others loved it and I have known some that have like Effexor and some that have not. It really depends on the individual in my opinion. Why are you coming off of Paxil?
Avatar n tn She did tell me that she had read an article about Paxil and Zoloft that said they were possibly being recalled, so we thought that might have something to do with the change, though this was not addressed by her Doctor. She has been doing very well and we want to maintain that. If this is a positive change in medication, so be it. If it is just tinkering, we'd like to know if there is any benefit or problem associated with the change.
Avatar m tn Also, the only one SSRI who work in the past for my panic disorder is the Paxil... but hte Paxil do nothing for the social anxiety, like all the antidepressant meds I try... anyway, the main problem is that I try to be back on The Paxil at least 10 times in 2010 and wasn't able to tolerate more than 1 mg at the time... I had increase anxiety to the point that I had to go to the ER... So I don't know what do to?
Avatar n tn (not million BILLION) Reason it is so popular is because it works well when SSRI's like Zoloft or paxil fail. It a bit rough to get off Effexor when the time comes, but I get withdrawls from just about any AD discontinuation.
Avatar f tn I think you made a good choice. Lexapro is literally the only SSRI I've taken that has not caused severe side effects. I have a very difficult time with drugs and this one was a godsend for me. (I've tried Celexa, Zoloft, Paxil, & Effexor.) I took the generic for a month and didn't notice any difference in it's effectiveness versus Lexapro.
Avatar n tn and saying I was just about to comment on the very old thread, I am about to start generic Zoloft and am here looking for exerience with Zoloft. Maybe the original post will give me some useful on Zoloft.
Avatar f tn First my pysician told me to stop zoloft cold turkey (after i've been on it for 15 years ) and switch over to paxil. I bugged out and didnt' last very long, the fact about paxil being so hard to get off of made me very sscared, and the weight gain. I switched to a psychiatrist that has me on a taper/increase schedule with zoloft and lexapro. I had to be 100mg of zoloft before starting the lexapro, then she introduced the 5mg of lexapro, then the next week she dropped the zoloft down 25mg.
Avatar m tn I have been on 10mg Lexapro since November and have had relief but also have had some side effects. So my Psychiatrist suggested Zoloft. I just started 12mg of Zoloft this week. I will slowly taper of the Lexapro and increase the Zoloft. It is my understanding thru many posts that when starting these meds you may have some increased anxiety at first but it fades in time. I have been also prescribed a very low dosage of Kolonopin .25mg to assist me with any axiety during the transition.
Avatar n tn 2) Am I better off with Paxil/Zoloft + Wellbutrin or Buspar, or is my non-reaction to Wellbutrin a sign that it wouldn't do much in combination w/ Paxil? 3) Any other drug/combo better for my condition and side effects experience?
Avatar n tn Would Wellbutrin or Zoloft negate the typical Paxil withdrawl symptoms? 5)What I am likely to give up in switching off Paxil, i.e. is there a particular aspect of anxiety relief it's best at that Wellbutrin or Zoloft are less effective? Thanks!
Avatar f tn i took paxil when i was pregnant with my oldest son, who does show some signs of aspers, i have worked with him daily for the last few years and he seems to be outgrowing this but i do believe that the paxil which is in the same class of drug as zoloft can and will cause developmental delay, but the doctors can hide behind the risk VS.
459689 tn?1276573743 If someone knows of a reason that Zoloft is so great please tell me. I do have one concern, Zoloft is supposedly better for anxiety than Prozac, and I have even heard that Prozac can make anxiety worse. I am confused and dont want to become addicted to having to have a sleep aid, but I start back at my evil (did not used to feel that way) corporation this Monday. I just want to sleep and not stink and not yell at my wife and be sooo agitiated, is that so wrong?
Avatar n tn Did you have trouble getting off when you were pregnant? I am looking into other meds (Wellbutin, remeron,zoloft, etc.) but I feel comfortable with Paxil since I know it worked for me in the past and I am scared of side effects with other meds. I want more children but worry about having trouble getting off paxil when I am ready to try for another baby.I also do noto wnt to gain all the weight back.
Avatar m tn I was taken off Paxil nearly three years ago by a psychiatrist, who used about a six week taper. At first I suffered a lot of disorientation and insomnia, then it evolved into intense depression, constant anxiety, and worse anxiety attacks. I was put on the drug for anxiety attacks. It's three years later and I'm still in constant anxiety, my phobias are way worse, and deeply depressed, so I ended up with three problems where I was only being originally treated for one.
Avatar n tn Is there a risk in switching? Any known cardiac effects of Paxil greater than Zoloft? Is Zoloft as effective in treating the anxiety and selective mutism? She has been on Prozac in the past with minimal success.