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Avatar n tn Also while off my boyfriend noticed I was highly aggitated and snapped and cried at about everything. I then started reading up on Paxil and found that my symptoms were withdrawl from the drug. The paranoia alone makes me scared to quit the drug! All I suggest is read, read, read and be well informed before making a decission on a drug. They have changed my life for the good, but for some people, the side effects and the withdrawl might not be worth it!
177505 tn?1220445858 she is going to get me off of the paxil and back onto the zoloft, but this time, i found out that my insurance covers the name brand. she said i will, for a little bit be on paxil and zoloft to wean down off of the paxil. this makes me nervous because of taking 2 meds at the same time plus taking ativan as needed. will this be safe or can i just go from paxil to zoloft since i haven't really be on a high dose of paxil for a long period of time? i am just wanting to feel better.
Avatar n tn I have increased my fiber. Eat a lot of salads with no dressing and workout. The only difference between my twin and me is the zoloft. Its too bad because the zoloft works well for my anxiety and panic but I will try to find a different medication now. I was on Celexa in the past and didn't notice any weight gain on that.
Avatar f tn but my doctor checked and it is paxil and wellbutrin...been on both since Sept. he decided the paxil alone wasn't working and added wellbutrin...but to me i do have the symptons as if i were on zoloft which the dr. said i wasn't...nurse didn't call me back after she got it straight with the dr. that i am on paxil and wellbutrin...maybe tomorrow. if not i will check with the pharmacy. thanks so much for caring.
Avatar n tn Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbrutrin, and now Paxil- The paxil has been a wonder drug for me- I actually have a normal life now. However the down side is the weight gain- I have gained a tremendous amount of weight in the year that Ive taken this. This is very sad to me- for fear that if I keep going I could weigh more and more. I do exercise (not as much as I should), Ive just started back and I hope this will help.
Avatar n tn Recently, I've been exceedingly tired, ill, quite, unable to concentrate, aimless, unable to make decisions, and dizzy/nauseated, so I went to my GP instead and she took me off the Paxil 40 and started me on Zoloft 25mgs for 3 days and now to 50mg. She took me off Paxil because she thinks as do I that it is not working correctly for me and is the source of my issues. I am still having massive withdrawal issues from the Paxil so I'm planning on talking to my GP about this at my followup.
Avatar n tn To anyone who has not started taking Paxil I would tell you not to and to try a seratonin and melatonin natural alternative. And to anyone who is about to stop taking paxil I will say good luck and to try your best to stay off it forever. The supplements I mentioned above in small doses will help with any emotional problems that you are having I can almost promise.
Avatar n tn Luckily, I thought about a possile link between my not taking the Paxil and feeling this way... when I got the prescription filled last night, I couldn't WAIT to get in the car & take one! And now that I've found this bulletin board, I feel very very very relieved that it's not "all in my head"... ((((big sigh of relief)))) I'm also dreading the day I have to go off Paxil... I've been on it for about 15 mos now, but plan to get pregnant within the next 6-12 months....
Avatar f tn And for you to feel its full effects. I took Zoloft once, and never took it again. It made me have strange and crazy thoughts. I didn't like the way it made me feel. Thoughts of killing & death. Never took another dose, & those thoughts and feelings went away. A ton of law suits were filed also by women prescribed Zoloft while pregnant. Their babies bring born with cleft palate and other defects/deformities. That's why I never took it until after I had my baby.
Avatar f tn There is no love lost between me and the big pharmaceutical houses, but if Zoloft WAS causing miscarriages and heart problems, do you really think it would still be on the market among the top 5 most commonly prescribed antidepressants? No, it would not. You can scare the wits out of yourself by reading the insert on your bottle of aspirin.
Avatar f tn Both times I tapered off of my 100mg dose slowly, and both times my discontinuation symptoms were so intense (with no difference between the two different tapering schedules) that I had to resume taking the drug. My symptoms are no worse this time either, but I don't know what to do to manage them--perhaps that is why I was never able to quite before. I have the standard hot/cold flashes, electric zaps, nausea, exhaustion, vivid dreams, and INTENSE light sensitivity.
Avatar n tn Half the people like Paxil the other half like Zoloft... I'm on Paxil only 10MG and it's giving me weird dreams and making the anxity worse that I was already on Xanax for.... I have been doing so much research online since the first of the year with myself getting sicker, I am seeing an inner ear doctor on the 10th, I believe after that I will no longer need the Paxil...I also believe I will be able to cut way down on my Xanax....the mind plays hell on the body and anxiety....
Avatar n tn I battled for six-seven months before (March 2006-August 2006) not willing to take meds but upon failing with Paxil in June/July, I agreed to take Zoloft and did GREAT! The stress was alleviated, I felt like I was making a difference in my profession, the relationship was working out, etc. Now, two weeks after surgery I'm on my third day of 100 mg Zoloft (the doctor increased it upon hearing of my sympotms) and am not getting much relief.
Avatar n tn Just FYI! I tried Paxil and Zoloft and both made me feel like I was buzzed out on cafine. I didn't like the feeling at all and neither helped. I am now taking Buspar again and it is much better. I took it before for many years without any side effects. Everything else bothers me alot. Just an idea. I am certainly not a doctor. Just letting you know what works for me.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to state my experience and to state that what I read about Paxil. I am NO means an expert or even a doctor. But just wanted people to be aware of my experience should they decide to take Paxil. I wish I was told about the withdrawal before I started, and might have chosen something different. I am sorry if I came across differently. Today is my first day of being Paxil in 12 years.
Avatar n tn Whether it's Zoloft, Paxil, Paxil CR or any of the others, we need to be educated. Learning about the side effects and the withdrawl symptoms from the internet is to me a little disturbing. The receival of this information is something we expect and therefore put our faith in when dealing with our medical professionals. I can only guess what to expect should I choose to discontinue using Wellbutrin.
Avatar n tn My doctor recommended I try Paxil CR and it might not have as much of the weight gain effect. Does anyone know if there is a difference between Paxil and Paxil CR and the side effects? Thanks for listening to me.
Avatar n tn I've been through Paxil, Zoloft, and most recently, Serzone, over the past 8 years. I suffer from major depression, and have in addition to drug therapy been in psychotherapy (cognitive) for treatment. All drugs worked to some extent (though not without side effects) but were discontinued when either they a). quit working or b). the side effects became intolerable. I am to start Celexa tomorrow, and am aware of all the side effects but am frustrated in the lack of info.
Avatar n tn After the sudden loss of my 5 year old pet two months ago, I was placed on Zoloft (due to depression returning and extreme anxiety) and the Ambien (I try to take 5 mg. not 10 mg. I have been on 25 mg. of Zoloft for two months and have developed pins and needles in my legs (all day long). My insomnia has increased...even with the Ambien...and I now have twitching legs and chest tremors which start in the evening. It's strange because I feel kind of calm during the day in spite of the shakiness.
Avatar f tn My doctor looked in his Journal of Medicine and showed me that it's been proven there is virtually no difference between 10 and 20 mg, so he kept me on the 20 mg dosage. I had ZERO side effects with Lexapro, and I can't say that about any other SSRI, and even a lot of other drugs. I can't even take Sudafed without getting jittery, and have a hard time with some antibiotics, so I hope that Lexapro works as well for you as it did for me.
Avatar m tn I have been on zoloft for two weeks and the side effects are still pretty bad, without any benefits (it seems like it has been two years!). (I have tried lexapro, paxil, and celexa, but zoloft was the first AD I have taken and from my first experience seemed to produce the least side effects for me (although this time seems bad). I know it takes awhile for SSRI's to get working and initial side effects are common. I started taking 25mgs for a week and have been on 50mgs for a week.
Avatar n tn figure out why you were taking it in the first place and be honest with yourself as to whether you notice a difference in feelings and behavior when you are on it and when you are not. you don't necessarily need to feel feelings of suicide to go on antidepressants, some times it is just a feeling of constant worry or anxiety, or hopelessness, decreased motivation, decreased appetite, or increased appetite, trying to fill a void.
Avatar n tn I think I started with anxiety, tied into hypocondriac (not sure how to spell that one) and after months of seeing every doctor on earth they put me on paxil. Gain tons of weight and they swtiched me to zoloft, 50mg. I took it for about 6 months (with paxil about a year) and got slowly off of it. I was ok but we had a major change in our life so I started with my panick attacks again. I just dont know how to control that fear of dying.
Avatar n tn You do not need to suffer. I have transitioned between paxil and prozac seamlessly by tapering one, while increasing the other (slowly). If your doc won't do it, find one that will.
Avatar n tn My doctor is now suggesting that I slowly stop taking Xanax and replace it with Paxil. With all of the horrible stories and side effects of Paxil, is there a reason that I just can't continue taking Xanax as I have been? I do realize that it is habit forming, but with Paxil, you can't just quit taking that either and I don't see that Xanax has the same horror stories attached that Paxil does.
Avatar n tn I realize Zoloft is an SSRI and Effexor is an SNRI, but what exactly is the difference between all three of these medications and is one better than the other? What reasons are there for one doctor prescribe one and another doctor to prescribe the other for the same condition? Obviously depression runs in my family because my grandfather(my mothers father) was treated for depression also. Does this mean I will be fighting this illness for the rest of my life?
Avatar n tn Anxiety is listed as a side effect for all the SSRI's. NOT just Prozac nor is it most common in Prozac. I would urge anyone against taking Klonipin for anxiety as it is a benzodiazepine and can be habit forming. Also, taking a medicine to treat the side effect of another medicine is usually regaurded as poor form. I think this site must have Celexa as a sponsor.
Avatar f tn Personally, I'd stay away from Paxil and Effexor just as Nursegirl said unless they were the last thing left to try. And I also agree, how long were you on the Lexapro? I've been on Paxil and Lexapro, and Paxil was much more sedating and made me gain a lot of weight, and I'm very active. Or was. Prozac can be stimulating, and its effectiveness with anxiety by reputation isn't as good as other ssris, but it is the most benign to stop taking.
784382 tn?1376934640 When I have experienced side effects with these kinds of meds, they have started improving between the first and second week, and resolving all together by the third or fourth week of treatment. Again, this varies...so don't go into this thinking the worst. If you do have some side effects...work with your doctor...try to stick it out. The benefits are worth it. I cannot stress enough that deciding early on that it either isn;t working or is making you feel worse is not giving it a chance.