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Avatar f tn Two for calcifications which came back Atypical Hyperplasia in the left breast in 2004, and one for a palpable mass in the right in 7/2008. That pathology was negative but did show sclerosing adenosis and calcifications. I now have two palpable lumps in the left breast that we have been watching since 11/08. I go back to the surgeon on 1/12/08, do you think these need to be removed also and how many times do I keep doing this?
Avatar n tn ok, i apologizefor this, but it's is the only way i can describe it - if your pubic area is a triangle, is/was the mass in the upper left corner, or somewhere else? and is the area around your pelvic lymph nodes tender? i'm asking because i'm having similar issues...
Avatar n tn My pathology report states "Left Breast Mass 0.47 x 0.45 x 0.60" Are those figures the size of the tumor and, if so, is that a small tumor...maybe less than a centimeter? It's a non-palpable mass, biopsy was diagnosed as Invasive ductal carcinoma. Surgery this week, so would hope for a response ASAP. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I recently went for my annual mammogram exam and the tech asked me if there was anything i wanted looked at. I mentioned that I felt a lump a few weeks ago - left breast, upper outer quadrant toward my underarm. the tech felt it and marked it. we could not find it on the mammogram, so the tech spoke with the radiologist, who then ordered an ultrasound. the ultrasound also showed nothing, even though the ultrasound tech could feel the lump too.
Avatar n tn (history here, I had a hysterectomy at the age of 29, ovaries were left intact) Upon my exam, a swelling of my right lower pelvic area, and a mass (for lack of another word) was found upon internal exam, also palpable on external. Sent for an ultrasound that showed a 1.5 cm mass. Sent for a CT scan, (I am allergic to IODINE, so I was not injected for the exam), CT showed no mass. (family history of breast, kindney, liver, and various cancers on both paternal and maternal).
Avatar n tn What do they mean by less well defined at posterior margin and blood flow seen within the mass. It is a oval 8x10x6 mass in the left breast that was only found on u/s not palpable. No pain.
Avatar f tn I am 37- went if for an exam because I had a palpable (small very hard) lump in my lower left armpit. During the exam the doctor found a lump in my left breast. I was sent for a mammogram and ultrasound. The mamo came back negative (dense breasts). The ultrasound of the breast mass came back birads 4 and a biopsy was recommended. The axilla lump came back as hypoechoic lesions (there are actually 2) each less than 1cm and follow up was recommended.
Avatar n tn hi 'momo4boys' i really need to know what happened with you coz i have the same thing..a palpable mass that i can feel and my dr.can too. but shows nothing on mamo or ultrasound!! though that area is painful??
721102 tn?1230568733 I have a small mass in my left breast, deep under and to the left. For several months I had periodic sharp pains and eventually made a drs appt. She sent me for testing and I had an ultrasound done with no negative results. The staff at the clinic would not do a mamogram because of my age (30) despite my medical history (cervical cancer, 2 years ago, and a cancerous mole removed between my breasts, 10+ years ago) and family history (numerous types of cancer including breast).
Avatar f tn In the interval there has not been a significant change. By history there is an area of palpable concern superiorly in the left breast and ultrasound was obteined.. Ultrasound result: Of the left breast confirms a very small interdermal hypoechoic nodule measuring about 3mm consistent with a tiny sebaceous cyst. No focal mass is seek in the breast.. I just want to know if i need to be worry about this... my sister was diagnostic with breast cancer in her left breast last year...
Avatar m tn 30 position, at the area of palpable clinical concern in the left breast, 8-9 cm fr. the nipple, an irregular hypoechoic mass with posterior acoustic shadowing. The mass has irregular margins, vertical axis and no demonstrated vasculariry. The lesion is suspicious for neoplasm. Received a Birads 4 suspicious abnormality. Does this indicate the mass is malignant?
1204692 tn?1266591610 I got the final report with an addendum regarding the U/S which said I had a palpable nodule in the axillary aspect of the left breast. There is a hypoechoic region 1.4cm. It is ill-dfined but does not provide any posterior acoustic shadwoing. They questioned whether it is an area of inflammation, but said they cannot rule out the possiblity of a mass. they recommended return in 6-8 weeks. If still there, I would need a biopsy.
Avatar n tn We all tend to think cancer when we hear of breast lump. When I had my breast lump I asked for an MRI of the breast too I wanted to see it from all angles. I did have cancer but it was small enough for a lumpectomy. My mother had cancer in one breast and the other was benign tumors in the same exact place as the one she had the masectomy on, you just never know but it is good they are testing you again. Let us know how you make out.
806602 tn?1304704092 There could be something in the breast that you couldn't feel ... cysts and Fibroadenomas don't need to be large enough for you to feel on self exam. You should definitely see your Dr. for a breast exam and an Ultrasound of the breast. Just because you can't palpate a lump doesn't mean that there isn't one there. Regards ...
655089 tn?1224365693 15,2008 that I have 3 clusters of calcifications on my left side and also a small non-palpable mass which was found on an ultrasound. Since I am not a candidate for a needle biopsy, my only 2 choices were to have a mammogram and ultrasound in 6 months, or to go see a surgeon. I am reluctant to see a surgeon. I really don't know what to do. Is it safe to wait 6 months?
Avatar f tn Enlarged heterogeneous thyroid gland,2. Dominant 2.1 mass in mid right lobe 3,Dominant 3.4 X 1.8 cm mass in the left lobe. Further evaluation with thyroid scan recommended. Biopsy may be needed thereafter. I am wondering about several things, Why is there no mention of these masses being fluid or solid? it seems like this is lacking in clarity and information. Is there a significant difference in the use of the word 'mass' vs ' nodule'?
Avatar f tn Targeted sonography of the right breast demonstrates suspicious hypoechoic mass in the area of palpable concern. It measures aproximately 2 x 2 cm. Ultrasound guided core biopsy was performed uneventfully. There is no definite evidence of suspicious lymphadenopathy in the right axilla". Now they want me to have a MRI. Could you please explain to me what's going on?
Avatar f tn Typical presenting features include warmth, tenderness, and erythema of the skin of the breast, orange-peel appearance of the skin, and breast edema. There may be no palpable mass in the breast. Take care.
Avatar n tn I recently had an ultrasound for a small palpable squishy nodule in my left breast. At the ultrasound, the tech brought in the doc who said it was superficial and is not a simple cyst. He said I need an MRI. The final report said I have a 4 x 2 mm hypoechoic nodule with a suggestion of a focal area of increased echogenicity that may represent hilum, suggesting a lymph node. However, the echogenic center is not a constant finding and the nodule does not have good through transmission.
Avatar m tn Since early July, I've been in the middle of diagnostic tests for a lump in each breast. My left breast lump was diagnosed as a benign cluster of cysts by ultrasound. Shortly after that ultrasound, I noticed pain in my right breast that did not go away with cycles. The pain was pretty mild at first but I eventually noticed a mass. The mass is moveable but not free floating. It stays in one place. It's oblong and misshapen. Parts of it are smooth and other parts are textured.
Avatar m tn At the beginning of November I found a lump in my left breast and saw my ob/gyn who found numerous lumps. I had a mammogram and an ultrasound which found benign appearing masses with a swollen 1.6 cm axillary lymph node. I saw a breast surgeon who was fairly unimpressed and told me to schedule a follow up visit if the lymph node did not decrease. Between that time I saw my oncologist who recommended a breast mri to get to the bottom of the swollen lymph nodes.
Avatar f tn I had an MRI done today after being diagnosed with invasive carcinoma on my left breast. The doctor wanted to be sure it had not spread. I am very nervous waiting for the results. I have a very small non-palpable mass that is about 1 cm. The doctor feels the cancer has not spread......What do you think?
Avatar n tn My general surgeon and I have found a mass in my right breast. He said that it was very asymmetric to the left breast, and that it was of concern to him. We did a core biopsy, and it came back negative for cancer. I have also had a mammogram and an ultrasound done, the results were no abnormal findings. My question is how can I have a palpable mass that both the surgeon and I can feel and it not show up on mammogram or ultrasound? What type of tissue can that be?
Avatar m tn survey of the right breast shows the palpable mass posterior to the right nipple is solid and hypoechoic, measuring 1.7 x .07 x.1.5 cm. there are no calcifications within this mass and color doppler imaging shows no blood flow. These findings are most consistent with pynecomastia. Left breast shows a very small hypoechoic area posterior to the nipple. My doctor is saying that it does not seem to be cancer and sent me to a plastic surgeon to have it removed .
Avatar n tn 40% in size in comparison to the left breast. I went to the doctor and was told I had mastitis (i have no kids, not pregnant) went on a strong course of antibiotics and didn't notice anthing. After 3 weeks I went back to the Dr. and went in for an ultrasound, it came back clear. Breast is still swollen, tender and feels like the skin is going to rip! I can't feel a lump, more of a thickening and swelling on the outer side. I went back to the Dr.
Avatar n tn The mammo done when she discovered the lump showed a large bi-lopbed hyperechoic mass lying in a transversal manner in upper right quadrangle of left breast. Ultrasound showed large lesion with more or less defined borders. MRI showed "voluminous density with moderately rapid curve (I am supposing they mean enhancement) and a moderately intense signal. The signal is equal to that of fat.
Avatar n tn My mom has been asked to go back for more pictures and a ultrasound ,,all I got from the nurse was they want to look more closely to the left breast with this info I did a breast exam on my mom (75 yrs old) and I can feel under her left breat a lump and it hurts her when I push gently into it.....
329445 tn?1328924102 2cm mass with irregular spiculated borders in teh right breast in the right breast at 8 o'clock position solid on sonography carcinoma is most likely. Biopsy is recommended. Code: BIRADS catergory 5 highly suspiciousl recommended biopsy Patient was advised of the above recommendations upon completion of the study and was advised to call her physician. Her dr was notified of the above findings right after exam and test were perfomed.
Avatar n tn There is moderate background enhancement with asymmetric non-mass-like enhancement in the left lateral breast compared to the right. There are 2 cysts within the left lateral breast at the 2 o'clock position measuring 1.1 x 1.1 cm and 1.7 x 1.1 cm. Both of these cysts demonstrate some peripheral rim enhancement. In the left breast at the 10 o'clock position posteriorly, there is a 0.