My left breast is sore

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Avatar m tn okay. my left breast hurts really bad. i dont know why but it hurts. especially when i touch it. what is it?? i want to know without having to go to the doctor....
Avatar f tn Hi I am 18 years old and my left breast has been hurting for a week or so now. It only hurts when I press on it. But it's really bothering me! I had my period October 5-10. Then on tuesday the 18th I took the plan B pill. (we had a little accident and I didn't want to chance it) is there anyway that the pill is still causing this!? The pain started the day after I took the pill! Please! Any suggestions on what is going on! Thanks!
Avatar n tn i have a sore left breast now for three weeks and it hurts a lot to still have been having my girlie thing and have had four children but am only 29 what would it be
Avatar n tn he is so small that most of the time he falls asleep before eating on both sides, and the doctor told me thats ok to do one at a time.does this mean my right breast is drying up? or is my left breast just constantly making milk because it's constantly losing it? should i continue to expell the milk in my left? i dont know what to do !!! why is my right breast so soft and empty?? HELP!!!!!
Avatar f tn I have what appears to be a red pimple or sore that won't heal on my left breast. no pain, no heat, no itching, no swollen breast, nipple is normal. it just appeared 2 weeks ago and seems to be staying the name. Now it looks like another one is starting just above this one. I have an apt with my dr in 1 week. Should I do something sooner? I'm trying not to worry. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Yesterday, during a self exam, I found a small tender lump within my left breast. I'm quite nervous about it and would just like some information about what it could be. It's small, about 2cm cubed (from what I can tell) and feels a little sore when I touch the area. It's underneath the nipple and I'm just a little concerned. I'd never found this before so can someone give me some information (or reassurance that it's OK would be best!
Avatar m tn Hi all, i am a 27 year old male and i have found a lump under my left armpit it feel big and sore what could it be, cancer is very high in my family my mam died aged 62 from cancer and my father is fighting it at the mine, what could it be?
1431138 tn?1294566894 Just today my left breast has been hurting nonstop. its an intense pain and sensitive to the touch. its not hard or red so im a little lost as to what it could be and how to help it. i pumped and that hurt really bad and didnt really relieve the pain, neither did having my son nurse. if anyone konws whats causing it or how to get some relief PLEASE let me know!!
1122883 tn?1259513959 about 2 weeks ago i developed a really bad cough and sore throat, like i was getting a cold, the sore throat is gone and all that remains is a hard cough and plenty of phlem in my lungs. i dont know if the fact that the phlem is hard to cough up matters but i have now had for the last week a pain under my left brest. like underneath it in the muscles by my ribs.
Avatar n tn And the position of those lumps are the same with my right breast, the differents only the lumps of my left breast are thickness. Now, I have a question, everytime I had my burp, my nerve on upper of my left armpit was sore. Do you have any idea what was the caused about?
Avatar m tn This is kind of a crazy situation for me, i am 22 years old and have no uterus therefore have never had a period, as of late my left nipple has been becoming hard and somewhat painful, i do have abnormal hormone levels but havent really had this problem before. I am a little worried and would like to know if anyone would possibly have somewhat of an explanation for this. It would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn there really isnt a whole lot you can do. You can try maternity bra's but they never helped me at all. My boobs were soo sore, me and my fiance got in a fight one night because he jokingly poked my boob and i went off on him because it hurt soo bad. No matter what i did nothing helped. Thankfully the soreness went away alot after i hit 18 weeks, at about 21 weeks they werent sore at all. Im 30 weeks now and dont have any problems.
Avatar f tn After another week the same thing happened on my right side breast at 3 oclock position(exactly symmetric with the left side). The sore enlarged over the next 2 weeks and now the sore on my left side is size of a penny and on my right is half. The whole breasts are itchy with patches of small red bumps and very sensitive skin that will redden and thicken due to slight friction or scratch.
Avatar n tn Hi,my right breast is very sore more than the left one .is it normal? Am 5 weeks 2 days pregnant.
Avatar m tn Today my left breast became really sore this afternoon and now on one side of the breast feels swollen and painful to the touch. I haven't done anything and wondering whether to go to the doctor or wait and see.
Avatar f tn Not sure what this could be, also since yesterday, my left breast under the arm and near breast on left side is quite sore and tender. I have also experienced too much saliva about the same time the itch started, not sure if its related but I feel my tongues swollen and burnt trying to constantly swallow excessive saliva. Anyone have any ideas or similar experience as to what these issues may be. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I am concerned as to why the left breast aches more than the right and it worsens when my bra is off and lessens with it on. I am going for a stress test my Dr wants me to do and looks like I am going toget an apt with a breast specialist in a week or so if the pain doesn't pass soon .
Avatar f tn My left breast (it is also a little bigger in size than my right) feels sore, but under my armpit and slight in front of it it hurts more than the rest when I press on the area I described. I think another reason I've been feeling freaked out is because I read online that a woman can ovulate while on her period..
Avatar f tn It has stared in the last two weeks to shoot pain in/around my back left shoulder blade, and when I lay on left side for very long it feels like something is squeezing my breath away. My husband threw his arm over me one night and it hurt so bad I sat up. If I lay on my back, I can still feel the pain but not as bad, right side eases most of the pain, but my right arm goes to sleep. I breast fed my children, have had a hysterectomy, and am otherwise very healthy.
Avatar f tn I have what looks like a possible pimple on my left breast. I can see a yellow center but it has not come to a head yet. It has been almost a week and it is not painful or sore. Is it possible that this is inflammatory breast cancer and not a pimple? I am 38 years old.
Avatar f tn Yes it is always my right breast that is sore but then my left nipple that gets very sensitive
Avatar n tn so far 21 weeks pregnant and my left breast hurts like crazy this is my second pregnancy and didn't feel this with my fist can it be my body is preparing for nursing? Sometimes i feel like a sharp pain on the side of my left breast and afterwards it feels like a bruise...
Avatar f tn I notice the same!!! My left breast is bigger since pregnancy and my nipples been painful for about 2 months now.