My left breast is sore

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Avatar n tn my left breast is painful on the side and feels tender this happened a while ago and now started again the pain also goes to my arm pit
Avatar f tn Hi I am 18 years old and my left breast has been hurting for a week or so now. It only hurts when I press on it. But it's really bothering me! I had my period October 5-10. Then on tuesday the 18th I took the plan B pill. (we had a little accident and I didn't want to chance it) is there anyway that the pill is still causing this!? The pain started the day after I took the pill! Please! Any suggestions on what is going on! Thanks!
Avatar n tn i have a sore left breast now for three weeks and it hurts a lot to still have been having my girlie thing and have had four children but am only 29 what would it be
918479 tn?1272841752 Only my left breast is sore, which was also the case last month, but I had decided it was from lifting weights. This month, I think it is more sore and I haven't been to the gym in a while. Usually I try really hard not to psych myself out, but for some reason I'm having a really hard time. I feel like if I were pregnant, both of my breasts would be sore and my nipples should be much more sensitive.
Avatar f tn I had breast cancer and limpnode cancer in my left breast in 2004, they took out part of my breast and limpnodes, I had chemo and radiation, today I noticed my left breast is broke out with red spots and around my nipple is sore, what could be the cause of this.
Avatar n tn My 15 year old daughter's left breast is swollen, enlarged and painful. My doctor seems to not be concerned, but she is often in pain.
1236898 tn?1268160321 Over the last 4-5 days the skin on my left breast feels really sore but there is no sign of a rash or mark, its in one paricular place and every time my arm brushes pash it feels sore ,it feels like the sort of soreness you get when you scratch yourself its driving me mad . Is it something serious please can someone tell me what it could be ?
Avatar n tn my breast is sore to the touch and swollen on the left side, its not time for my period this has been going on for two months or more.
Avatar n tn i have a sore lump under my left breast that i just found and i also just found out my aunt has breast cancer so i was wondering if even though i am only 18 could i have breast cancer?
Avatar m tn I am not on any contraception so it is not added hormones in my body!! It is only my left breast that is sore and I have caught myself holding it so that it does not hurt as much! It has grown a cup size in this time as well whereas my right breast has not! There are no lumps or anything there that I can feel Does anyone have any suggestions on what it might be or ways to reduce / get rid of the pain!!
Avatar f tn Should I have any concern about a sore spot on my left breast? I don't feel any lumps but it is very uncomfortable to even wear a bra. I also have a really small lump that comes and goes in my right arm pit? Thoughts??
Avatar n tn I have a burning sensation in my breast,this has been for a couple of days. What could this be?
1431138 tn?1294570494 Just today my left breast has been hurting nonstop. its an intense pain and sensitive to the touch. its not hard or red so im a little lost as to what it could be and how to help it. i pumped and that hurt really bad and didnt really relieve the pain, neither did having my son nurse. if anyone konws whats causing it or how to get some relief PLEASE let me know!!
Avatar n tn lol and have recently been suffering with pain in my left breast, sore on the touch. As well as this have painfull ribs just below the left breast! I have suffered on a few occasions a sharp stabbing pain in the area of the left breast..hard to determine the exact location of the pain. It lasted for approximately 10 secs then gradually became dull and subsided.
Avatar n tn my question is a couple of days ago i had a burning sensation in my breast under the nipple, then today when I got out of the shower the area that was sore is now red. I havent been hit or bumbed into anything and its not as sore as it was a couple of days ago, but I am obviously concerned. What could this be and should i call my doctor?
Avatar m tn okay. my left breast hurts really bad. i dont know why but it hurts. especially when i touch it. what is it?? i want to know without having to go to the doctor....
Avatar f tn Yesterday, during a self exam, I found a small tender lump within my left breast. I'm quite nervous about it and would just like some information about what it could be. It's small, about 2cm cubed (from what I can tell) and feels a little sore when I touch the area. It's underneath the nipple and I'm just a little concerned. I'd never found this before so can someone give me some information (or reassurance that it's OK would be best!
Avatar m tn For a few months I have been getting breast pain on the left side of my left breast. Feels like a aching should I be worried ?
Avatar n tn Hi, my moms left nipple has been going inverted and it is getting worst plus she saids her breast are very sore. she has had a mam.and nothing shown up.Has anyone ever had this becaues she worries so much about this.
Avatar f tn It itches someties and burns. I honestly don't know where it came from. It covers my whole nipple is one sore. My right nipple is perfectly in fine condition my my left one is acting crazy. Can you please give me some answers on what I should do? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1460'>Sores on my areola</a>.
1122883 tn?1259517559 about 2 weeks ago i developed a really bad cough and sore throat, like i was getting a cold, the sore throat is gone and all that remains is a hard cough and plenty of phlem in my lungs. i dont know if the fact that the phlem is hard to cough up matters but i have now had for the last week a pain under my left brest. like underneath it in the muscles by my ribs.
Avatar n tn I have sores on my left and right breast, When i got out of the shower today, I noticed a sore on my right breast, and when I squeezed it blood and pus came out, and then it formed into a ring. And today I noticed another one on my left breast. I breast feed . Is it possible to have breast cancer while breast feeding?
Avatar f tn I have what appears to be a red pimple or sore that won't heal on my left breast. no pain, no heat, no itching, no swollen breast, nipple is normal. it just appeared 2 weeks ago and seems to be staying the name. Now it looks like another one is starting just above this one. I have an apt with my dr in 1 week. Should I do something sooner? I'm trying not to worry. Thanks!
Avatar f tn To my surprise, my mamo came back showing I have a lump deep within my left breast near my chest wall. It was very dense and they performed a core biopsy which turned out fine. They also "marked the spot", for future exams, with a small titanium ribbon. Since then, I have burning and soreness in that breast and down my upper arm. Sometimes, it even feels like I have a little tenderness and burning in my neck and inner left thigh. Any idea what might be causing this?
Avatar m tn Today my left breast became really sore this afternoon and now on one side of the breast feels swollen and painful to the touch. I haven't done anything and wondering whether to go to the doctor or wait and see.
Avatar f tn My doctor was checking my breasts and found a lump that he said feels like a pencil point. When he kept pressing it, it felt sore. Do breast lumps feel sore when pressed? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/258005'>I have a small hard lump/? on my left breast.</a>.
Avatar f tn well neway I'm pumping right now till he able to latch the breast. Yesterday my pump got left in my husband car an he was at work which is a 45 min drive. An I couldn'tgo out cause its cold ffor me to be out. Now my breast are HUGE an SORE!! I think my milk bagged up from that one day. Any help on what to do at least sooth the pain. I'm still pumping tho!
Avatar m tn If you haven't been to your Dr. for a complete examination then I advise you to do so ASAP ..... The cause of this "sore" needs to be determined immediately so that some form of treatment can be started. It could be something as simple as a skin infection OR it could also be something quite serious. PLEASE make an appointment immediately. You don't state how long you have had this problem but I'm guessing it's been for awhile since you say it goes away and then comes back.
Avatar f tn Now the hole is larger and drainging serosanguinous drainage and the darkened tissue looks either bruised or black, it is a hard area to look at. The entire underside of my left breast (where the sore is) is painful and it is very painful to touch or clean the actual open area. I was wondering what this might be. I tried to get into see my MD today but he is out of town, so I tried all other MD offices in my area and no one had any openings.
Avatar n tn im 23 and been suffering from really sore nipples, they seem to hurt whenever i knock them or if i were to push my nipple inwards both are equally as sore but my left breast seems to be getting a sharp pain when i breath!! i always seem to have tender breasts ever since i can rememeber. i check them for lumps but havent noticed a change.