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Avatar m tn The pain you feel occurs on abduction and upward movement of shoulder and shoulder girdle. Hence, you may have arthritis of scapula-thoracic or acromioclavicular joint. This should respond to physiotherapy and trigger point release. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar f tn three mounths ago, i started getting pain in my L shoulder. image put my arm after my back, then lift my arm up, i feel pain. after moving my arm several times , it is better. i am 73 years. my family doctor ask me to practice, i did it. but the pain is still there. what is the reason for this pain? i worry about lung cancer. please advice me. .
Avatar n tn What you are feeling is while taking your arm away from your body and reaching at the level of shoulder joint you feel pain. You might be feeling pain as in cleaning a window, painting a wall or polishing a flat surface. This is sometimes referred to as rotator cuff syndrome; however there are at least five conditions with distinct clinical features and history. Your symptoms come close to a diagnosis of Impingement syndrome. It is an estimated diagnosis based on your presentation.
Avatar f tn I have had shoulder physio for nearly a year, 2 steroid shots ultrasound, maximum of gabapentin and still have shoulder pain and sublexing. I had been told via MRI I have quite a copious capsule in my shoulder and complexity in in the region of my anterior labrum. My physio thinks an arthroscopy would be helpful. I have a chronic pain management session booked where they were talking about injecting into my nerves. Not sure how this will stop the sublexing!
Avatar m tn Fine as far as Im concerned, but I want to get this issue resolved so I can get back to work. The most pain has been centered in an area on my arm, just below the shoulder joint itself about a 1/4 of the way back from the front of the arm. When I apply pressure to that spot, the pain from moving the arm is reduced a lot, but the range of motion does not increase. This is no change from before the surgery.
Avatar f tn On examination tenderness posteriorly around the shoulder forward flexion was limited to around 100° and abduction 100 due to pain and apprehension external rotation is reduced to around 40° compared to 70° on the other side within this range that have good rotator cuff strength but had very positive anterior apprehension with a positive Jobes relocation
Avatar m tn Have had shoulder pain for 4 yrs now...finally got an MRI done. It showed that I had arthritis, bone spurs, a interstitial supraspinatus tear greater than 50%, and something else. Had surgery done, but he did NOT fix my tear because he said he didn't see it. Have been in EXCRUCIATING pain ever since. Dr told me.."Oh, its just a frozen shoulder." I had to beg him for an MRA, got one, and it says I have a "probable" interstitial tear, and severe tendonitis. I am SO confused.
Avatar n tn I've had a pain at the top of my shoulder now for about a week. It's travel's at times from there to that little knot that connects the back of your neck to your shoulder blade, and then to my bicep (if I had one)down to the elbow area (the front part actually). the arm part doesnt really hurt, though at time I feel pain and a need to reach back and squeeze that knot or the top part of my shoulder/arm. but it is such a big dull ache that I can barely concentrate at times.
Avatar n tn Pains that occur under the shoulder blade may signal a warning that the pain is not in the shoulder itself, but can be related to a pain from one of the organs in the body. The shoulder where the pain occurs can give the clue which of the organs are affected and causing the radiating pain into the shoulder.
Avatar n tn I have been told I have weak hip flexors, with problrms (3-) with hip abduction, knee extension, knee flexion, all on one side. I also have problems with shoulder flexion and abduction on the same side. What little strength I do have deteriotates with repetition. I have difficulty going up stairs, standing, sitting, raising my arm obove my head, moving some of my fingers, i can no longer swim, run, walk, enjoy life, do routine tasks, drive.
Avatar m tn I am maintaining my arm in abduction sling and trying to minimize my shoulder movement. however, i do have some questions: The pain is awakening me at night during my sleep, so how much pain is normal? I sometimes experience involuntary muscle contraction so is it possible to hurt my repaired tendons/ligaments by those sudden movement? I am very worried about re-injuring my repaired shoulder during my sleep? Any solution for the itching part? and when is it safe to shower???
Avatar f tn Pain when trying to lift my arm or extend it outwards. I do suffer from arthritis in my knee and back. What could this be? It only hurts when trying to move outwards or lifting and it comes and goes and have been for months now. A friend of mines was having pain in her arm and just had a sonogram done and they discovered two blood clots so I am going to see my doctor on Friday.
Avatar m tn Hello and Welcome to our Community, I'm sorry to hear about your cervical spine pain. I was recently DX (diagnosed) with a structure issue of the cervical spine and know how painful it can be. What did your MRI say? Is this a disc issue or something else? Normally a MRI will provide you with at the least a tentative DX. Cervical Neck pain is not a real DX as it can be anything from a whiplash to spinal stenosis, DDD, cervical facet disease or similar conditions.
Avatar m tn It only hurts my right side. It has gotten so bad that I can only go a couple shoulder widths down until the pain starts getting me. It seems very deep, close to the bone. I have done a lot of research online but haven't been able to figure out what the problem is. I don't know if it is the joint or not, but if you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it. It is keeping me from enjoying a major part of my life.
Avatar n tn I have retained extension of the shoulder, but have lost almost all abduction and flexion, due to a combination of pain and weakness. I have the constant feeling of a cramp in the anterior and mid deltiod area. The therpist is able to passively move my shoulder to almost full range, this is fairly painfull but tolorable. They have now added ultrasound and dexamethasone to my therapy. After this happened the doctor lowered my arm, said he was sorry and had never had that happen before.
Avatar n tn For the past year I have had sharp, constant pain down my left arm and hand (C7-T1 dermatomes), left shoulder pain and my trapezius is in constant spasm with severely reduced cervical spine range of motion. The hand/arm pain is worse when I use my arm, and when I wear a rucksack. I have dysthesia and paraesthesia in the left hand in C7 and C8 dermatomes and weakness of the intrinsic muscles of the hand, especially finger flexion, thumb and finger adduction and abduction.
Avatar n tn Injecting 10 mL of a 1% lidocaine solution without epinephrine into the subacromial space may relieve the shoulder pain if the pain and inflammation are truly originating from the supraspinatus outlet,subacromial space. Adding a low-dose, intermediate-acting, injectable corticosteroid may provide a therapeutic effect. Betamethasone, triamcinolone, and methylprednisolone are used commonly.
Avatar n tn Than came the day when I tipped the fryer basket and all hell broke/ Well first the doctor said the shoulder was referred pain from the elbow we did injections rest and PT to no avail so surgery. during post op pt I complained a lot about shoulder and bicep pain. We did ultra sound on them but did not relieve pain. Doc injeceted the shoulder as well no help so off for a MRI torn rotator. Still he doesn't think it came from tipping fryer basket. Had that surgery in Sept.
Avatar f tn I adduct the shoulder girdle (abducting the shoulder girdle produces pain). 3. Lying down on my back but only after having taken painkillers (probably producing a similar position to the shoulder girdle adduction. I have worked many years in the fitness industry and am used to being very active. I have had problems with my right rotator cuff which I believe was caused by pressing heavy weights over my head.
Avatar m tn Acute shoulder injury (non traumatic) 6 weeks ago with pain and weakness that was made worse by repetitive injury 3 weeks ago. Primarily Weakness and pain on extension from 20-60 degrees with elbow in 90 degress flexion. Rotation is strong and non painful abduction is strong with mild pain. MRI shows near full thickness tear of INFRASPINATUS tendon. Surgeon recommending surgical repair due ot high risk of progression. My question is, the MRI findings dont seem to correlate well with my exam.
391159 tn?1257750850 And recently found out i have type 1 diabetes. extreme pain on my whole spine, right leg, right shoulder, and right arm. I can not do anything in life. im about to just give it all up. No doctor will help me. Not even help me to manage my pain. They always say well i dont know what this condition is. Then they say well that condition doesnt cause pain. How do they know if they dont even know what it is. Im at the end of my rope. The pain is literally killing me.
Avatar n tn I started experiencing pain and restricted movement several weeks after the shot was administered in my left shoulder. After seeing a Primary Care doctor, Orthopedic, Chiropractor and Physical Rehab Specialist, it was determined that the shot was administerd incorrectly into my bursa causing an inflammatory response resulting in a frozen shoulder. Apparently my doctor found 2 other similar case reports. I received an injection of cortisone and I'm back in PT.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Shoulder HYPEREXTENSION is the backward movement of the arm. Shoulder rotation is done with the shoulder in 90 degrees abduction (less than 90 degrees in painful cases) and the elbow bent at 90 degrees, and then moving the forearm upward for EXTERNAL ROTATION and downward for INTERNAL ROTATION. You can also try doing fingertip wall-climbing exercises for shoulder flexion and abduction. Try to hold the position for at least 15 seconds at end range.
Avatar n tn I have had 2 cervical MRIs done, 2 EMGs, shoulder xray, shoulder MRI, abdominal US, chest xray and very regular mammograms and breast US done, ALL because I have had chronic shoulder, neck, arm, upper back and upper chest pain for 2 yrs now. For a very healthy person who is in good shape to start having chronic pain that no doctor is able to figure is unbelieveable to me.
Avatar n tn For the past year I have had persistant pain down my left arm and hand (C7-T1 dermatomes), which is sharp and constant in nature. I also have left shoulder pain and my trapezius is in constant spasm with severely reduced cervical spine range of motion. The hand/arm pain is worse when I use my arm, and when I wear a rucksack.
Avatar n tn One possibility is stretching the nerve (or compressing the nerve against the inferior angle of bone) by extreme shoulder abduction (moving the arm/shoulder away from the body). This can cause damage to the nerve and is common is some surgical procedures when the shoulder/arm is being manipulated to remove lymph nodes from the axillae (arm pit) for example. It is theoretically possible that you stretched/compressed your nerve during your Yoga exercise.
7552771 tn?1469933249 LABOR LAYING ON YOUR BACK While in lithotomy(laying on your back), if too much pressure is exerted on the woman's legs, excessive hip abduction and external rotation occur which can further distract the joint, forcing the sides of the pelvis apart, resulting in excruciating postpartum pain as well as prolonged supra-pubic pain for the mother and lasting complications after birth such as difficulty walking severe enough to require the use of crutches or a wheelchair, or more rarely, bladder dys
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, Thanks for the fast reply. Maybe, I did not express it clearly, but when I am saying the paralysis "goes away", it does not mean I get even nearly normal strength. I have a fixed weakness in the upper arms, from 2/5 to 0/5, according to three different Drs I have seen. I am unable to lift them either forward or from the sides, but the muscles that move shoulder blades allow me to reach things, although in a somewhat unusual way.
Avatar n tn numbness in ulnar region of both palms, weakness when exerting pressure from hands / lifting heavy objects, aches and pain in left shoulder when I cross my arm or bring it to my back. X-Ray result was given to you in my last post (see link above). Here are the latest EMG and MRI results: **************#1************** MRI Brachial Plexus: Multiplanar inversion recovery and fast spin echo performed both sides. Visualized cervical cord unremarkable.