Sharp pain back between shoulder blades

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Avatar f tn I am having horrible upper back pain between my shoulder blades. It keeps me awake at night. And my stomach aches... I haven't felt much like eating or drinking because of all of the pain :( any suggestions on what I can do or what this is...
Avatar f tn So like once a night I get sharp stabbing pain that wakes me up right in-between my shoulder blades or left blade ? I pop my back and the pain will go away and I can continue to sleep. I have scolosis and had back surgery in 2006 to correct it so I do have a rod and bolts or whatnot:) I tend to pop my back and neck a bit because it makes it feel better. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn m 35+4 weeks and my lower back has hurt for awhile to the point it hurts to walk and now it hurts between my shoulder blades has any experienced this before the pain between the shoulder blades that is.
Avatar n tn feels like an arrow going thru...could it be reflux, angina, or heart attack, sometimes the sharp pain between my shoulder blades takes my breath.. Also, not much stress or worries in my world either...
Avatar m tn A couple of years ago I had this horrible pain in my back (in between my shoulder blades that went through to the front) I know this sounds weird but it was inbetween a dull ache all the time and a sharp knife like pain. I went to several md's that thought that I had a slipped disk but after the mri report found I didn't. Finally I went to my chiropracter, he determined it was a rib out of place and fix me really quickly!
Avatar n tn Yes, Gerd and LPR can cause severe, sudden back pain between the shoulder blades.
Avatar m tn scorpio, i'm not a doctor but i have back pain between my shoulder blades - i have a lot of other pain, too but the pain in that area is the worst for me. mine is caused by degenerative disc disease, severe arthritis, and spinal stenosis. I have problems at c2, c3/4, and c5/6. surgery is not an option for me because i have so much going on. sounds like you might have a problem with one or more of your disc, too.
Avatar n tn i have clicking sounds between my shoulder blades every time i bend forward and back, i also have epilepsy which is controlled by drugs which is called lamotragine
Avatar n tn Fell backwards on outstretched hands. Experiencing pain between shoulder blades and soreness in lower back. There seems to be excess cartilage over the right shoulder blade as well. I'm also experiencing slight nerve pain in both arms and my hurts slightly from typing. For the first two weeks there was severe nerve pain in upper back but now the pain feels more localized in the shoulder blades and feels more like muscles aches than nerve pain.
Avatar n tn My upper back has been feeling very tight and sometimes its hard to breath the pain is almost dead centered on my spine (upper portion of back, right between my shoulder blades) I also get a dull pain at the bottom of my shoulder blade on the right and like a pinching sharp pain where my neck and trap meet when I raise my arm past shoulder height....any help with this or maybe some questions to ask my Dr would be great..
Avatar f tn Though you are not convinced, hiatal hernia and GERD can cause dizziness, pain and tingling between shoulder blades, feeling of heart pounding, and sharp pain in left side of chest. Dizziness (lightheadedness) could be due to acid reflux. The reverse flow of contents of the stomach cause a series of neurochemical transmissions, which cause dizziness. It is also related to changing pressure in the cochlear canals of the ear during this process.
Avatar m tn I am a 28 year old male with pain in my back between my shoulder blades. This has been going on for about 3 years. I had my gall bladder removed about 6 months ago and thought the pain was associated with that but, the pain remains the same. The pain often occurs with burping and sometimes hard to get food and drink swallowed. It is usually worse at night when laying down and sometimes in the morning.
1679858 tn?1346765181 Along with neck pain, burning between the shoulder blades is my big pain area. I don't have the typical headache chiari pain. However, I do have a bulging disc at C 6-7, so that probably contributes to the pain in the shoulder area. Everything in that area is just a mess though, I'm sure the chiari is messing up the nerve signals, CSF flow, muscle tightness, etc. I do not have a syrinx.
2050045 tn?1343153733 Does Ur back hurt between Ur shoulder blades to? Ribs move and have to open up. Sometimes they slip out of place. I have 5 ribs out cause of hypermobility and pneumonia from last year. It causes sharp pain in my ribs and a dull sometimes really painful pain in between my shoulders blades. Slipped rib syndrome is common during pregnancy. Especially if Ur already flexible.
Avatar f tn I have gastritis - would this be causing upper back pain between shoulder blades after I eat. Antacids don't really seem to help much.
Avatar m tn Iam a 25 year old female and for the last 2 years or so I have had a consistant tenderness in one bone of my upper spine (between my shoulder blades). It doesnt really hurt unless its touched, but once you run your fingers over it its a sharp pain. I tend to feel pressure in my upper back spine, so maybe its related. Not sure what it is??
Avatar f tn For the past few months I have woken up to a dull pain in the center of my upper abdomen which would subside after about ten minutes of me getting out of bed for the past couple of weeks the pain is there almost continuous my upper abdomen is swollen my stomach makes loud rumbling noises that goes up in to the left side of my chest area I get sharp pain between my shoulder blades and under my right shoulder blade I also have rib pain directly under both breasts which is a sharp pain when touched
Avatar f tn I have upper abdomen pain & pain between my shoulder blades after meals. Also a burning pain almost all the time around my waist/sides. (below navel) Could this be caused by gallstones??? I had a ct scan - showed slight bowel inflammation. Upper Gi showed hiatal hernia. And a colonoscopy - normal. Endoscopy showed gastritis. My Gyn. said I also have signs of endo. Really confusing.
1834324 tn?1322141104 U could have a rib out of place. Its common in pregnancy. I have slipped ribs (pregnant or not) so I feel this pain and have for years. What tips me is the pain in between ur shoulder blades. That's where the pain is a constant ache all day and night for me. When u lie on ur side u put pressure on ur ribs and can compress the nerves that run along the inside of ur ribs. Babies can get big enough and move enough to pop them out.
Avatar f tn I vaguely remember when someone was posting back pain between shoulder blades..I am experiencing a funny achey back pain next to my left shoulder blade in the middle of my back. Is this familiar to anyone? Just started a few days ago, doesn't seem to want to go away. Thanks Chatter Haven't been on in awhile.
Avatar f tn Back pain starts between shoulder blades then up to head, causing headache. The feeling in my head feels like sinus problems. The back pain takes my breath away. This happens when I am up moving around, will stop when I sit and rest.
Avatar n tn s right under my shoulder blades. constant sharp pain feels like somethings in my throat as well. I thought it was heart burn as i suffer from acid refluc but i took a zantac a hour and a half ago and there is no relief.
440941 tn?1243648084 ve bin experiencing upper to mid back pains. it all started between my shoulder blades and is described as beginning as a dull pain but then intensifies to a burning and stinging pain. the pains lasts for several hours then goes but then at times the pain is felt either on the right upper back below the shoulder blade then on the left side.