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Avatar f tn im having right abdominal pain for weeks..for some time i had fever with shivering esp at nigh..d pain is tolerable but its reoccuring,like d feeling when you have it appendicitis?i have hiatal hernia,is it connected to what im feeling right now?
Avatar f tn Your symptoms could be your gall bladder. I just had mine out this last Saturday due to it not functioning. It was only working 10% this was learned by having (h i d a ) scan done. In Dec. 06 I had shoulder surgery and had a long time getting better. I've since learned your gall bladder can cause shoulder pain and pain in your shoulder blade. I thought I might need shoulder replacement but majority of pain from gall bladder.
Avatar m tn I am now at the point that the incision pain is minimal and am getting stronger however, 4 days ago I developed INTENSE dull/aching pain beneath my right shoulder blade. Pain lasted 18 hours before abruptly stopping. When pain first began I initially thought it was esophageal irritation from the NSAIDS I had taken post surgery. (In the past when I had this shoulder blade pain I was told it was esophagitis).
Avatar n tn sluggish bowel movements, flatulence, stomach pain, lower abdominal pain, chest pain, strange sensation from shoulder to finger tips. upper back pain. feeling of being full 3-4 hours after eating, pain in between the breast bone. nausea when hungry.
Avatar n tn I am a diabetic....I have acid reflux.....when i eat or drink over the past week my stomach is dissended above my belly button....I take Pepcid for the acid reflux every evening.....last week I had minor wrist surgery and I got real hot flashy and started sweating and didn't feel well after the surgery I've tried to eat milder foods this week and even drinking water dissends my tummy.......nurse friend of mine mentioned the vagus nerve.....
1069644 tn?1276928863 no such luck. 3 weeks after surgery while at work I had a horrific attack of upper abdominal pain (sternum) that went into chest, couldn't breathe, sweating, it was excruciating. ER again and they said my EKG was abnormal so they kept me. second day my liver enzymes were high so I stayed for 4 days, they ran every test imaginable to check my heart, nothing wrong and doc said EKG was just my normal EKG?? Was sent home with no answers but told to monitor liver.
Avatar f tn since i have had the shunt i have had severe abdominal pain, colon pain, genital pain and pain in my sides when i inhale. i have been treated for swollen prostate and that hasnt fixed the problem. my neurosurgeon said the tubing was fine as we had exrays and ct scan and ultrasound done in regards to the tubing and come to find out it has been the tubing all along.
Avatar m tn i was sitting with my wife having a glass of wine and all of a sudden intense pain in the middle to right upper side of my abdomen. The pain then like I said went to my shoulder/shoulder blades and down my arms. It lasted about 5 minutes max and then it calmed down. Like I said I do not believe it to be heart related, my most recent EKG was 3 weeks ago when I went to see my Dr. That is when he found the high blood pressure and the prostatitis. EKG was as normal as it usually is.
Avatar f tn 1. Abdominal Pain: He is having severe pain inside abdominal, he doesn't know if these are stitches or something else. Its being 6 months he is unable to stand straight due to the abdominal pain, as soon he tries to stand straight he feel abdominal stretch causing severe pain from inside. He always complain that he feels like doctor has taken vein from the abdomen, which we do not know if it so. We still are not clear how long this pain will stay or will ever go away. 2.
Avatar m tn Abdominal pain) The pain may be minor at first, but it becomes more sharp and severe. Your appetite will be reduced and you may have nausea, vomiting, and a low fever. As the swelling in the appendix increases, the pain tends to move into your right lower abdomen. It focuses right above the appendix at a place called McBurney's point. This most often occurs 12 to 24 hours after the illness starts.
Avatar m tn t know if I can help but I had a laparoscopic surgery in January, but they also had to make an abdominal incision once they saw what was going on inside me, and I never had any of those symptoms. My pain was mostly a dull, throbbing type of pain, only when the pain meds were wearing off! I only had sharp pains if I moved too suddenly or used my stomach muscles, but that was just because of the abdomen incision. It doesn't really sound right to me..
Avatar f tn Next, u r right u can not compare, even with those that do have shoulder pain and had surgery , of those some have had relief of pain and others had an u r right many with Chiari do have other conditions related to Chiari and we do encourage u to have those ruled out b4 u consider surgery as they can affect how u feel and heal post op. Syringomyelia, tethered cord, ICP.,POTS, sleep apnea, disk issues, scoliosis, ehlers-danlos....are a few.
Avatar f tn the pain i have right now it is worse pain i ever had and my right side backand abdominal feels like there any body can tell me if u experience same thing. my doc tells me it is major surgery also he told me it very serious too. please advise what i need to do.right now i am taking birth control pills and some lortabs.
4655249 tn?1416463851 hm, not sure pain in right shoulder is a menstrual symptom. Has this stopped?
Avatar f tn I have really bad right upper quadrant pain which extends across to my upper back and right shoulder. Also a lot Of gastrointestinal issues as well. TIA Thanks so much.
4583956 tn?1357146233 I am presently recovering from rotator cuff surgery, which I had on August (30). As many people are aware, this is a painful surgery to go through, and the worst part is the 3 - 4 months of therapy which follows. I have recently weaned myself from the use of Vicadin and Percocet (only 1 pill in 8 days), because I felt as though I was becoming addicted to its use. I still suffer from pain from my therapy, and this affects my sleep at night along with often having nagging pain in my shoulder.
Avatar m tn I had surgery 2 weeks ago and had my gallbladder removed. I had righ shoulder/arm pain/chest pain, nausea and burping with acid reflex. After the surgery for a few days (3 days) i had BAD shoulder pain which i was told this is normal because of the gas they give you in surgery. It did go away after 3 days and i felt better than i had in awhile. Now im starting to notice my shoulder is starting to hurt again, does anyone know if this is this still from the gas or should i be concerned?
Avatar f tn Hi: I had this surgery-open shoulder-with acromioplasty and decompression. It took a long time, and a lot of physical therapy to get better. Are you in P.T.? If so, how much per week? I think I was doing it 2-3 times a week for months. That is the only way to get rid of stiffness, pain, etc. It may be "Frozen Shoulder"-where your joint/shoulder freeze up, many times after surgery. Sometimes, under anesthesia, they need to manipulate it to break up scar tissue.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with chronic back pain. The pain started about a 1.5 year ago. I spent nearly 4 months, with pain which fluctuated between my lower and upper back and hip areas. I have been an athlete most of my life. I couldn't quite pin point the injury that caused the pain to start. Also, at parallel to this injury I had been diagnosed with a slap tear Type II on my right shoulder, this pain was also ongoing at the time of the back pain.
Avatar m tn Surgeon found biceps tear and supraspinatus tear and debridement biceps and anchored the supraspinatus. Post surgery my pain that I had in a particular spot is completely gone but ever since surgery 11 months ago I have pain in the coracoid process now. I did all my physio and have full ROM but the pain is severe enough. One thing to note also is April 1st I received a cortisone shot in the shoulder which provided no relief and the long head of the biceps ruptured.
Avatar f tn Now it has been 2 months and what was an area that I could put pressure on with one finger has become a whole hand plus more and is a constant searing pain. The pain also migrates into my back and under my left shoulder blade. I have seen my family doctor as well as emergency room doctors. Urine tests have been done and there is no infection there. I used to be able to sit or lay down to alleviate the pain but sitting no longer helps and now I must lay on my right side to get relief.
Avatar m tn back in June I felt minor sharp shooting pain in my left shoulder/arm. The next day while at work I was using my left arm when I couldnt move my arm what so ever..when I did it seemed most of the pain was concentrated in the shoulder. After a few days of rest and Motrin I still had limited range of motion at the shoulder area and continued buring, tingling feeling from shoulder blade down arm into hand at times.
Avatar n tn When I arrived at home, I was still in a lot of pain and had fevers and headaches also. I also started to experience a dull, severe pain in my right shoulder. This pain reminded me of a pain I used to experience for seconds at a time, years ago when I would run for miles and drink tons of water, however MUCH WORSE. About two days later the pain in my stomach started to go away, however it is now a week later and I still have constant headaches and an intense pain in my right shoulder.