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Avatar m tn It is normal for lower back pain,the testicles pain is due to soft tissue injures in your lower back,which is conductible pain.Too much stretching would hurt your back,depending on new research.
Avatar f tn I m 7weeks pregnant and having lower back pain and some time little abdominal pain too...does anybody ever felt the same..plz help.
Avatar f tn I tested multiple times for all stds and they have all come back negative, last testing was 6 weeks from possible exposure. Its 9 weeks now amd im beginning to have lower abdominal pain just randomly on the right side and left side too. Sometimes i have sharp pains where it bothers me theres no swelling and no redness just the pain, also it seems to hurt more when i bent over or reach down. I heard this could maybe be a symptom of shypillis or hpv is this true?
Avatar f tn I had my period about four days ago but still i have this lower abdominal pain that ruins my days sometimes left sometimes right sometimes both and its real painfull through my lower back and its like my ovary and everything inside are goin to burst out with my period :'( .. Before if im goin to have my period i have breast tendernes but no abdominal pain now i dont have breast tendernes but severe abdominal pain... I dont know whats going on...
Avatar n tn i am 29 weeks pregnant ant since a month now i am having sharp pain in my lower left side abdomen which last for a while but then its gone sometimes 2 days pass without any pain but then comes back..
Avatar f tn Severe pain in left lower abdomen can be of different reasons.Pain patterns shows that is present in abdomen at some time and then shifts to left testicle,so it needs attention of a doc who gives you a general abdominal physical examination. Lower abdomen pain that doesnot subside in no time has to be certainly referred to a doc.
14955640 tn?1437548973 Hi, for the past 3 years (I am 41 years old) I am suffering from the pelvic pain (left side only, lower back too). In the past year the pain became more severe, I feel like it's getting worse with each period. The doctor diagnosed endometriosis some time ago. The last month the pain is really unbearable; it spread to the groin left side, upper back too - I feel twinges and sharp pains all over sometimes.
Avatar m tn How this could be makes no sense to me. Is it possible to get the tiredness/feverishness, lower back pain near my spine and around, and epididymital pain from random viral causes? If I don't have orchitis or kidney stones or STD's, then what could it be? Two swabs were done and both also came negative for STD's. I should also mention that the abdominal pain and testicular pain have basically ended nd all that's left is a feeling of mild feverishness and flu like symptoms.
1981214 tn?1327949140 This happens every now and again, and it happens when I first lie down in bed I get an uncomfortable pain inside my lower back, it usually goes after a few minutes of me stretching my back, then I wake up in the morning and its back and sometimes occurs also in the front of my abdomen in the morning too.
457721 tn?1256640798 For about the past two months I have had the most horrible lower back pain that I have had since my car accident. I have been unable to bend over and have had to squat at the knees just to pick my daughter up. This morning I was bending over to pick up a pile of laundry and I felt (and heard) a LARGE pop in my lower back. About 5 minutes later my back became very swollen and I am finding it painful just to walk now.
Avatar n tn What are some causes for lower back spasms with no pain. It only seems to happen when I am relaxed and on my lower left side of my back.
Avatar m tn woke up with pain in lower back on my right side.about the 3 inches of my lower spine is hurting. when i am active it seems to hurt less sometimes. when i am setting down the pain seems to hurt worse in my right hip.went and had exrays and they said it looks ok. disk are alinged ok. everything looked good.when i set down my upper back leg mussel ackes.i can walk ok. lieing down it hurts. i am takeing tramadol for pain it helpsalot.
Avatar f tn The legs swelling can be a sign of fluid retention which can be caused by several things. Also the abdominal swelling and pain may or may not be related to the constipation. If you have been having diarrhea and now are constipated with no relief with stool softeners, then by all means, have it checked out., You didn't list your age. I suffer from chronic severe constipation and think lately, I am back to more normal stools with the use of prescribed medication for constipation.
559992 tn?1216169738 I told my dr and he said it could just be that the Colonoscopy irritated the scar tissues and prescribed anti-biotics. But since then, about the time I should be ovulating I get the pain back. Lower abdominal pain around the area of my caesarian scar, just above my pubic bone. It radiates into my lower back and this month it's going down my legs too. Not really sure whats going on?????????????
Avatar f tn I'm 4 weeks pregnant and experiencing back pain. Also weird feeling in my abdominal area.
468440 tn?1318688641 But for the last couple months i get abdominal almost worse then period cramps and my lower back hurst so bad. Also when I have intercourse it hurts so bad. This pain usually lasts for about a week each time. It does go away for about two or three weeks but then comes back..
Avatar m tn (sort of like that sagging skin around you neck when you get older). For the last several months there has been an accompanying lower back pain, mainly on the left. Sometimes I get lower front abdominal pain but that comes and goes and isn't severe. I do masturbate frequently so naturally i am wondering if I have created some condition and keep it aggravated. I am very concerned because I never had a problem before and symptoms, at the worst, point to testicular cancer.
Avatar n tn When I had my miscarriage I too had severe back and abdominal pain and it turned out I was bleeding internally. One good thing in your case is that your hcg levels are going up, although I might be a little concerned because of the rate they are going up, seems a little high for me. Maybe you are carrying twins and they are really making you stretch quickly!!! I would still be checked out ASAP though, just for the sake of making sure everything is okay! Good Luck!!
Avatar n tn Hi, Since a CT scan has been done, you may not have to worry, unless you experience increased pain or any localized swelling. Groin pull can cause pain in all nearby areas like lower abdomen, lower back and even the testicle of the affected side. The back pain is mainly due to the affected nerve. Normally such pain will take a few weeks to completely go away, you should take rest and ensure that you do not take heavy weight for some time.