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Avatar m tn hi, im 22 I have just got over a cold and now when ever i cough or sneeze my lower back hurts really bad. The pain is in the lower part of my spine and if im walking i have to stop and hold onto something to keep from falling due to how painful it is. I was wondering what could cause this and if i should go see a doctor about it. I also have a weird noise sometimes in my breathing.
Avatar n tn i just went to the doctor yesterday from sharp upper back pain. the doctor pin pointed it right away, she said that several people had been coming in with it. its pneumonia, and you can have no other symptoms. I didnt have any other symptoms. Im on antibiotics but in a lot of pain. Ibuprofin works though. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/283338'>Sharp Upper Back pain</a>.
Avatar f tn I always have awful pain in my back when coughing or sneezing. It drives me nuts! That's why I do everything in my power to stay clear of colds, etc. With me, it has to do with a herniated lumbar disk. Do you have something like that? If not, I wonder if there's something going on in your lungs. I know sometimes the pain in the lungs can feel like its coming from the back. Maybe you should call your Dr and at least tell him the symptoms. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!
Avatar n tn Failing lungs could cause your back to ache, but it's more likely from coughing for a week. Treat the cough, see a doctor and if you are a smoker...STOP!
Avatar f tn im suffering from back pain now for 3 weeks already. when i cough my upper back is aching and also when i take a deep breath. i don't cough really hard, i only cough when i take deep breath and that also my upper back ache. does my back pain is related with the coughing? do i need to go to my doctor already? my back pain is getting worst especially when i try to lift heavy things. does this mean there's something wrong with my lungs? do i need to have an x-ray?
Avatar n tn I have had this problem ever since I can remember, so I currently have scars in these places from all of the scratching. I am unsure if this is a normal side effect from coughing, or if it is something I really need to look into. I currently have no health insurance and would really appreciate an opinion on the issue. this question was asked before but no answer was given. it is happening to me now what 2 do?
Avatar m tn ve been having pain in my lower back and right leg (right leg the pain has been bad since august 2013 , while sneezing and coughing . Though Not much of pain in the back) . I just got an MRI and in the report it says the following : 1. Lumberisation os S1 is seen 2. small marginal anterior osteophytes are seen at all lumber levels 3. No t2 STIR hyperintense focus is seen. 4. Diffuse disc bulge is seen at L5-S1 level indenting the theca and causing bilateral mild neural foraminal senosis.
6389103 tn?1390499202 s just now going away. So about a week and a half ago i started getting this rib pain on my left side more in the back and i could barely even let myself cough all the way or anything. it seemed like it was getting a little better but then last night it came back and hit really hard. I can barely even move.
5037123 tn?1362663006 Last week I was diagnosed with Asthma (through a breathing test) after two bouts with Bronchitis and lots of coughing. My doctor gave me Advair. After 3 doses I began getting back pain between my shoulder blades. Not sure if it was from the Advair I took another dose and the pain got worse. I contacted my doctor and he changed me to Symbicort. I had no problem for 3 days, but after today's dose the back pain is back. Is this typical or am I doing something wrong when inhaling.
Avatar m tn The type of pain described by you is more consistent with a mechanical back pain, where in with movements like changes in posture or breathing, coughing and sneezing the pain is aggravated. Cough and sneezing cause the muscles to contract as a protective mechanism around the injured part and hence the pain. This is more common with small fractures or a herniated disc. So, I would advise you to consult your doctor at the earliest to rule out a fracture. A plain x ray may show up a fracture.
5154295 tn?1372284196 I haven't got the pain from coughing but I've gotten it from sneezing.
Avatar f tn My doctor says this might be from me sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose from allergies that never seem to go away. Dose anyone have any idea how I can get some relief and sleep? I take claritin every day... only helps so much. Im 27 weeks. Help!
Avatar f tn I never put my fingers to my mouth, because of the cold sores, but I had the flu and was coughing. I am pretty good about disinfecting/or washing my hands after coughing, but could I get herpes on my hand this way? Today, It looks it doesn't look like a full blown infection, it looks raised and irritated. My husband say it looks like a minor burn, but I don't know. Could I infect myself? Can I transfer to my own hands?
Avatar n tn Any over the counter cough meds do not work. Seems like the only thing that helps this cough is codeine medicine or like percocet pain which both is hard to get doctor to give prescription for. Can you help with any suggestions on home remedies that i could try? Please help!
Avatar m tn Some other info you may need to know is that I had my appendix out about 3 weeks ago, and got back from a cruise last sunday. I was sick with flu like systems that came up about the same time as the back pain when tested it wasn't the flu.
Avatar f tn ve had seasonal allergies my whole life and I have definitely become sore in my chest and abdomen from sneezing/coughing. If allergy treatments don't work, you can also try a humidifier. Like mentioned, stuffy noses are common during pregnancy, and the coughing could be from the air in your home being very dry. A humidifier might help.
Avatar n tn I am not normally a person with back pain. My back feels weak and aches. When I cough or sneeze, it sends the my back into spasms. Just wondered if this was normal.
16132788 tn?1445533311 most times wen cold my chest and the insides of my upper back starts to pain me making it hard to sit and lye coughing just the cold and sometimes without the cold the pain still comes.pls is this serious medical condition?
Avatar n tn Hello gkoshland, Does the pain increase while coughing? Or sneezing? Has pain be controlled ever during any point of time? The pain due to hernia would also increase with the bent posture. Answers to these questions would further help.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. Coughing will cause ur symptoms to worsen, and a hard cough may affect the herniation as u strain, and straining will affect u and the condition. Now that u have ur dx, u will want to research Drs to locate a true chiari specialist....we do have a list of the members drs, it is meant as a tool for u to get started with research and not as a referral.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, about a week and a half ago i went to a massage parlour and got a happy ending massage. during the massage the lady was coughing from time to time. she used some kind of oil for lubrication and finished me off with a handjob. 3 days later i started having painful urination and testicular pain. 2 or so days after that my anus started to itch and i developed many small bumps around my anus and started having a burning sensation.
20530040 tn?1500044207 Hello everyone, For the last 3 years I have had an intense, sharp, stabbing pain in my chest and back on my right side. I have also experienced, to a lesser extent, pain in my upper arm and neck. I also experience heavy fatigue once the pain sets in. This pain occurs on and off and appears to have no outside factors which attribute to it. I have checked with my GP and had an X-Ray performed but to no avail.
Avatar n tn The pneumonia can cause inflammation well after the bacteria is gone. The inflammation can cause pain Another factor is the coughing and puking which can cause the muscles in between your ribs to become sore. It is important to monitor your temp to see for fever. What colour is the sputum that you are cough up. Is it yellow or green? Obviously if you are not sure or worried go back to the hospital. Are you short of breath?
523025 tn?1227557625 monitor and kept yelling Barney at the screen. All my blood work from my last visit came back good except i have no immunity for Fifths' Disease. But the doctor said not to worry about it. I actually gained a pound and have to go back on 7/23 for another d/a and they will then schedule another u/s for me so i might actually know the sex before my 20 week u/s! Thanks again for all your well wishes!!