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Avatar f tn Sometimes a rotator cuff tear will cause upper arm pain like you are describing but not often seen in both upper extremities at the same time. Have it checked out!
1122868 tn?1259532257 Have been expieriencing severe pain in my upper arm about 2 inches below the shoulder... The pain is so severe I can't sleep.. If I move quickly the pain almost takes me to my knees.. I can pinpoint the pain by pressing with my finger into the spot.. the pain sometimes shoots down my arm... please help I have no insurance. I should state that I am 50 years old and am in pretty good physical condition..
Avatar n tn Hello, Looking at the typical features of involvement of elbow and upper arm,tennis elbow is less likely.Other possibilities which can cause such pain are brachial neuralgia,CVA,diabetes,peripheral artery disease,peripheral neuropathy,polymyalgia rheumatica and shoulder bursitis and tendonitis.
Avatar f tn t feel the the pain under my shoulder blade, however, it runs from the base of the right side of my neck to the upper part of my shoulder, just above my shoulder blade. - It hurts to move my head,the right side of my upper body or even to cough.The pain goes all the way to my wrist - even using the mouse at work. The only time I can relive the pain is if I place my right arm on top of my head - It is not affecting my breathing..
Avatar n tn I have intermitant pain in the upper right arm where it joins the shoulder and more and more tremor in my right hand to the extend sometimes I can barely write. The pain is more pronounced sometimes when I move my arm or when I change positiion when laying in bed. In my work (floral design) I extensively use shears to cut bamboo, willow bracnhes.. My physician sent me to consult a specialist who could not determine the cause. The specialist did not think it was Alzheimer and Parkinson.
Avatar f tn I attempt to shake something or lean on my hand with elbow bent. The pain is in the muscular part on the back of the upper arm not the shoulder area.
Avatar f tn Still have the same pain I had since July. It is upper bicep, front side above elbow but below shoulder. It hurts esp. lifting arm up and to side. ROM is gone and arm is weak. My Orth. Surg. says now I need a total shoulder that the arthritis is severe since July. I can't understand this. Arthritis takes a while to progress right? Esp. to the point of needing a new shoulder. Also this pain is severe in upper bicep. I was told by Doc that there would be no pain after the bicep was cut..
Avatar f tn He says now I need a total shoulder! I go from no pain in my arm to a torn rot. cuff in July and repair..still pain..then tenotomy in Nov. now he's saying I need a total shoulder. He says I have a fast progression(3 months?) arthritis. I have copies of my records, MRI and it shows a Labrum tear..which wasn't fixed in surgery. My pain is below my right shoulder, upper arm,mainly when I lift foward or to the side. It is unbearable like it is going to crack. I am on Loratab everyday.
Avatar f tn I have had pain in my shoulder that shoots into my upper arm and into my elbow for 4 days now.I cant raise my arm above shoulder height without severe pain. (out to the side) - It is also painful when i stretch it out forward and even hurts just sitting and not moving. Wondering if I should see a doc. or wait it out.?
Avatar n tn I recently have had pain develop in my left upper arm, mainly my shoulder that has lasted 4 days so far. Skin is hypersensitive to touch over my whole arm and constant sharp pain in my shoulder. Useing it to pick up heavy oblects doesnt change the pain.
Avatar n tn The tingling is now gone, but I still have upper back/shoulder blade pain and arm pain. The pain ususally starts in my upper back, then under my armpit, then my upper arm feels tight and starts to hurt and the pain then radiates down the front of my arm, under my wrist and sometimes into my hand. And I still feel as if my arm is weaker. Last night I had some muscle twitches in my shoulder and when I lean back to stretch my upper back my shoulder does hurt some.
Avatar m tn Rotator cuff signs and symptoms would consist of shoulder pain and also deltoid muscle pain in your upper arm, weakness during shoulder functions and also clicking in the shoulder with popping a prominent feature in some people. It occurs in a dominant arm and the pain may interfere with sleep and worse at night. There is problem with lifting of weights with the effected shoulder and decrease in ability to move the arm, especially out to the side.
1765816 tn?1313591229 get terribble pain in upper arm hard to sleep ,hurts when i stretch,some times have to lift arm up with other arm ,move wrongly and the shooting pain is bad.
Avatar f tn what would cause the pain in my upper arm to come and go at will and at night wake me up with the pain from it as well as pain during the day?
Avatar f tn Constant dull ache but not tender to touch. Hurts to use/raise arm in any direction. Moments of severe pain in shoulder, upper arm, and sometimes radiating down into the elbow and hand. This occurs when sitting still (watching TV, etc), during the day (normal use), and at night (laying down in any position). The severe pain lasts for minutes to hours then tapers off back into just the dull ache and pain with movement.
Avatar f tn Since then, whenever I try to stretch to reach something with my left arm, or raise my left arm above my head, behind me, etc., I feel an extremely severe pain in my upper arm. This pain makes me think it has something to do with a nerve as its a stinging pain which lasts for 30-45 seconds and then eases up. I'm also unable to lay on my left side because of this pain which makes sleeping at night difficult.
Avatar f tn I have been having pain in my right arm between the elbow and the shoulder for a few weeks now. It's an annoying dull aching pain. I'm 16 and my mom who is 44 is having the same problem. It keeps us both up at night. She got an x-ray, but they couldn't see anything. Does anyone know what this pain might be?
Avatar m tn Burning in upper stomach is usually due to acidity, GERD or reflux disease or hiatal hernia. If there is pain in right shoulder and gall bladder has been removed, it means that the right diaphragm is being irritated. Heavy meals or acidity that cause distension of the duodenum or any cause for distension of the small intestine can cause referred pain to shoulder. In your case it could be acidity. Generally diaphragmatic irritation can lead to frequent hiccups or even burps.
Avatar m tn Im experiencing pain on the top of my shoulder when I lift my arm up to the side.
Avatar n tn Hi. For the past few years, I have had shoulder and upper arm pain. The main issue is my hand hurts and the grip is shot, but now I'm starting to suspect it's from my shoulder. Here are some things that I notice that are weird or different on my right side than my left. 1. When I went for massage last year, the therapist has me put my arms behind my back like I'm being arrested (no sick jokes, haha), and then massages the back of my shoulders with her elbows.
1122868 tn?1259532257 Have been expieriencing severe pain in my upper arm about 2 inches below the shoulder... The pain is so severe I can't sleep.. If I move quickly the pain almost takes me to my knees.. I can pinpoint the pain by pressing with my finger into the spot.. the pain sometimes shoots down my arm... please help I have no insurance.
Avatar f tn ve had not only the flu symptoms for 3 days but my arm was very painful as well. In November I experienced pain in the arm and shoulder only to get worse with neck pain as well. Two orthopedic doctors cannot find anything wrong even after an MRI. They did however admit to having other patients complaining of arm and shoulder pain after getting the flu shot and, discovering rotator cuff tears. Could my pain be a resulf of the flu shot?
Avatar f tn cant get an answer to why im in so much pain with my arm and shoulder, have had 4 diagnosis and now still waiting as none of them were correct