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Avatar n tn My husband hurt his shoulder working it is around his left shoulder blade the pain is raidating down his arm and is making his hand numb.
Avatar m tn i am having pain on my back neck leading towards to my right arm for last 3 days,
Avatar f tn Went to emergency with severe pain in right shoulder, up into the neck and down the right arm (woke up with it). Have been on 500 mg. Naproxen , twice daily, for 3 weeks, and 10 mg. Pms-cyclobenzaprine every 8 hours. I'm still experiencing pain plus some new tingling down the arm. Should I be going back to my doctor? It seems this is taking an unusually long time to get better.
Avatar f tn A few months ago, I was stopped dead in my tracks (was leaving work, simply walking to my car)with this horrendous pain under my left shoulder balde. It was so bad, I could hardly breath, turn my head or walk to my car. It went away w/in a few days to a week. About a month after that, the same thing happened (was just standing on my front porch, went to go inside)but to the right side this time.. Again, that went away with in a few days..
Avatar n tn Hi Mary, Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing constant arm pain. Which arm is it? I don't see an actual question in your post so I won't try to guess what it may be. If you do have a specific question please feel free to ask it. ..... And please provide a bit more info. How long has this been going on? Again, which arm? This could be a shoulder problem or a spinal structure issue.
Avatar f tn I sometimes experience shoulder pain, pain radiating to my left breast and tingling pain in my thumb. I don't know if taking vitamin B12 and using ice and cold patches will be good for you but they certainly help me. Maybe you can ask your doctor before trying. I hope and pray for your fast recovery.
Avatar f tn I am having the same trouble with my neck, it starts in the back of my neck goes along my shoulder and into my arm. Has even caused some numbness. I was diagnosed with FM last summer but pretty sure I've had it much longer than that. I recently had an MRI to find out what is going on with my neck, shoulder and arm. I was thinking that it is part of the FM but more severe in that area.
Avatar n tn This was supposed to relieve my pain in Left shoulder but so far no luck. My arm feels better but my whole shoulder spasms now. I think your pain may be comming from DDD . Do you have sgoulder or arm pain also.
Avatar f tn I have shoulder pain that feels like someone is sticking a knife between my shoulder and ribs. if my arm is not across my stomach it is numb.
Avatar f tn t have the constant pain like I did, but if I try to stretch my arm or move it a certain way, I get a burning feeling the runs from my right shoulder all the way down my arm to my hand, the burning pain usually goes away after a couple min. I can still use my arm, but I don't have the same range of motion, I can't lie with my arm under my head, and even trying to shave my legs is a chore. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong. Would an exray show if something is wrong with the muscle?
Avatar m tn Rotator cuff signs and symptoms would consist of shoulder pain and also deltoid muscle pain in your upper arm, weakness during shoulder functions and also clicking in the shoulder with popping a prominent feature in some people. It occurs in a dominant arm and the pain may interfere with sleep and worse at night. There is problem with lifting of weights with the effected shoulder and decrease in ability to move the arm, especially out to the side.
Avatar f tn t satnd as well as she said he could and two hundred pounds of dead weight riped down on my left shoulder. Sence this has happened i have had very bad pain in my shoulder, neck arm and back, i can't move my arm at all without tears my neck i can't even turn it. And i have very bad numbness in hand to the point where it's hard to hold on to things. Also i have been getting bad head aces. I don't know what to do the work comp Dr.
Avatar f tn what can a person do that has pain in his arms from his neck to his shoulder to his elbow to his wrist?
Avatar f tn m just another person like you dealing with pain in me left arm, shoulder and neck. It is a sharp piercing pain that goes all the way up to the shoulder and neck. I have been checked all over, MRI, MRA, spinal tap, EEG, EKG and other test too numerous to mention. My left arm is very weak and if I try to use it, the pain is excruciating. I can't sleep on it and it wakes me in my sleep. My neurologist latest diagnosis is it is all in my head. Depression. Get over it.
Avatar f tn Some of your symptoms are from your shoulder (pain) and some are from your neck (pins & needles). Swimming and water polo are really tough on good shoulders. After swimming most of your life, you could have developed some pretty bad motor patterns, ie using the wrong muscles to make movement occur.
Avatar m tn I get migraines in the back of my neck and right shoulder and a sting also around my right shoulder blade at times. Depends on how I hold my arm the pain will travel down my shoulder and arm . It doesn't matter if brushing my teeth,rinsing dishes, folding towels,typing,writing,driving everything makes me have the nerve pain. I am taking 800 mg ibuprofen 2 times daily and sometimes a Valium at night to relax neck and help me sleep.
1401925 tn?1280867664 I am experiencing shoulder/ neck pain ( right side) after implantation- 4/5 days ago. Ovaries are still sore. It feels like I've painted a house Sore shoulders. No sharp pain just really sore and only tight side. Advice?
Avatar n tn There is a constant mild pain now in the neck, the shoulder, and arm, but I also get like a high, sharp pain which at times becomes a pulse that goes from the arm to the shoulder and then to the neck. Some other times it starts like an electric discharge and a sharp pain in between my left thumb and the index finger and then the back of my arm starts pulsing in pain; and then there are times that I just get a sharp pain in a general area and does not pulsate to another area.
Avatar n tn A couple of years I was diagnosed with an eroded vertebrae in the c5-c6 section of my neck that exposed a bundle of nerves related to my right arm and shoulder. The pain can be mild to quite excruciating depending on how eroded the vertebrae is and how much the nerve is being pinched, In my case, the whole nerve bundle was being crushed between vertebraes and there was a crack in that vertebrae wall.
Avatar n tn The tingling is now gone, but I still have upper back/shoulder blade pain and arm pain. The pain ususally starts in my upper back, then under my armpit, then my upper arm feels tight and starts to hurt and the pain then radiates down the front of my arm, under my wrist and sometimes into my hand. And I still feel as if my arm is weaker. Last night I had some muscle twitches in my shoulder and when I lean back to stretch my upper back my shoulder does hurt some.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have pain on my left shoulder, I can rotate my neck easily but can not lift my left shoulder and arm up easily, I don't have any pain in my spinal cord, and back of the neck.
Avatar m tn I have pain in my neck, right shoulder blade area and my right arm. The pain is different depending on what I am doing. When lowering my head to get in my car or just moving up and down, the pain is in my neck. Sitting in bed it is in my shoulder and arm and sometimes my arm will have a slight numbing sensation. Coughing and sneezing, there is shooting pains through all three. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
Avatar f tn I have been having some bad pain in the right side of my neck. I have always had some neck problems but it hasn't been this bad in awhile. On top of it all my right shoulder is hurting and so is my right arm. My arm muscle is so sore and feels so heavy and tight and I haven't done a whole lot. I have taken Tylenol and tried biofreeze but nothing is working. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm 9 weeks right now.
505568 tn?1210578678 Hi,sorry to know about it,Clinically,this symptom is same as problem that known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome ,its' Symptoms include neck, shoulder, and arm pain, numbness, or impaired circulation to the extremities (causing discoloration). Often symptoms are reproduced when the arm is positioned above the shoulder or extended. Patients can have a wide spectrum of symptoms from mild and intermittent, to severe and constant. Pains can extend to the fingers and hands, causing weakness.
Avatar n tn I had a 2 level cervical fusion and never had any neck pain.Only my left arm and shoulder hurt.I went to my Dr. because I thought I was having a heart attack.
Avatar n tn Hi, Thank you for your question. Generally, shoulder and arm numbness originates from the neck problems due to irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because the nerves that supply the back of the head start in the upper cervical spine. Mostly, these symptoms aggravate after turning head and typically occur in patients with previous neck injuries and in patients with marked arthritis of the upper cervical spine.
Avatar f tn I have constant pain from my back, at my left shoulder blade that goes into my left shoulder and radiates down my entire left arm. I find knots in my back and arm that feel like bruises. What could this be?