Neck and shoulder pain with arm numbness

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Avatar n tn Hello I had a neck fusion at c5/c6 about 3 years ago and now I have neck pain, shoulder to shoulder pain, and pain through my left arm, tingling and some numbness on two small left fingers and some headache. My recent MRI shows I have a broad-base disk bulging at c/4/c5 with AP canal diameters of about 8 mm, @ c3/c4 minimal disk bulge and c6/c7 minimal broad-base disk bulge. Can I get the prestige disk replacement and could it help with the problems I am having?
Avatar m tn Neck and shoulder pain are kind of related. I have herniated discs in my neck and I get shoulder pain that goes down my arms, but I don't get numbness (at least not yet). Also, you said you get grinding. All you can do is get at least an x-ray of that area. Maybe you can go to a walk-in clinic or something. It sounds serious to me. If it was just a strain, I think it would have gone away by now.
Avatar f tn About three weeks i hurt myself at work i was helping another girl get her paient back to bed and he didn't satnd as well as she said he could and two hundred pounds of dead weight riped down on my left shoulder. Sence this has happened i have had very bad pain in my shoulder, neck arm and back, i can't move my arm at all without tears my neck i can't even turn it. And i have very bad numbness in hand to the point where it's hard to hold on to things. Also i have been getting bad head aces.
Avatar m tn Because i have had 5 surgeries on my arms the pain is still there ,i now have neck and shoulder pain along with my hands falling asleep.i did not have the neck, shoulder and hand issues before all the arm surgeries. now i am told i have this herniation and i'm wondering if i really needed all those surgeries,was it a disc herniation all along and i might have been misdiagnosed.
Avatar m tn I have pain in my neck, right shoulder blade area and my right arm. The pain is different depending on what I am doing. When lowering my head to get in my car or just moving up and down, the pain is in my neck. Sitting in bed it is in my shoulder and arm and sometimes my arm will have a slight numbing sensation. Coughing and sneezing, there is shooting pains through all three. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
Avatar f tn If I don't, and end up sleeping on it wrong I wake with intense pain and can barely move my shoulder or neck. More often then not I lose feeling all the way down to my fingers and the pain radiates down to the middle of my upper arm. And if I don't continue to move it throughout the pain (for lack of better discription) then I will get frozen shoulder. No amount of flexiril, perscription ibueprofen, Voltera gel (?), vacadin, naproxen, etc works.
Avatar n tn I am still in extreme pain at work and at home and cannot perform daily tasks or chores. Pain is constant and it is a numbness, burning, irritating pain. It usually is in my right arm but it switches back and forth between both arms. Also, my neck feels as if it is cracking and crunching when I turn my head from side to side. Accepted a new job about three years ago, and ever since the pain has been much worse.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 50 yr old woman and march 2009 I was having what appeared to be muscle ache in my right upper arm, this went on for a couple of weeks and then I started getting pain in my shoulder joint (right side) this then went onto aches and pain in my neck (right side). My shoulder hurts with certain movement and is painful to carry out simple tasks, getting dressed, lifting and dropping the arm, my upper arm just aches sometimes sharp pains.
Avatar f tn Since being assaulted by a resident in a care home that I work at I have experienced onging and increasing pain in my shoulder, stiffness in my neck, pain in my arm and numbness with occasional shooting pain into my hand. I often have problems holding onto things with this hand, or I lose strength in it very suddenly. It is my left and dominant side.
Avatar n tn I was in a car accident about 4 years ago and my left shoulder and arm were jammed in the door. Ever since, I seem to get a lot of periods of shoulder and arm pain - sometimes it's pain, sometimes it's aching and others it's like tingly and shooting. Because I tend to worry too much, I always think it's signs of a heart attack and have ended up in the ER twice because of it.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago I started having severe pain and stiffness in my neck and upper back , 9 days ago it changed and I now still have a sore neck but the biggest problem is the severe pain in my shoulder and shoulder blade area, under arm and arm all the way to my wrist(all right side). I also have major twitching all day long, cramping, tingling, heavy pain feeling and a dull constant ache with some sharp pains as well. This pain is constant however at night is always worse.
Avatar f tn I found your post when I was looking for any posts about shoulder and arm pain. I've had horrible, horrible pain in my left shoulder and arm for about 9 months now. I thought it was broken or out of place. My GP Dr thinks it is related to my neck problems and has tried for a long time to get any Neurologist or Neurosurgeon to help me.. but.. since another Dr. created my neck problems... no Dr who can help me will see me to help me.
Avatar f tn I also have numbness and tingling traveling down my left arm to my little finger. This pain and numbness intensifies on movement of the shoulder such as lifting my arm across my body, sitting, sleeping and moving It also is very uncomfortable to sleep at night. I can not lie on my left side as it causes increased pain and numbness to the arm. When lying on my right side, it will be numb and cause pain.
Avatar n tn This was because of many undiagnosed symptoms, mostly in his left arm. He has been experiencing numbness, tingling and pain in his arm in varrying degrees. The findings were this: 1. Straightening of the normal lordotic curvature is seen with no definitive neural foraminal or canal stenosis. 2. Grade 1 spondylolisthesis of L5 on S1 with broad-based posterior disc bulge. No neural foraminal stenosis seen. 3.
Avatar n tn They gave me a shot for pain and vicodine and I was still awake all night with a pulsing pain in my shoulder and the bend of my arm. I was put on light duty again for about 4 weeks and had another nerve condution test. The neurologist said it was negative. Not using it and physical therapy helped alleviate some of the symptoms.
Avatar n tn I never had any neck pain, it was all in my shoulder and arm. After having a MRI of my neck my neuroligist told me I had herniated disks at C5-C7. I had a cervical fusion in Nov 2006, which was a big mistake. I am in more pain now than I was before I had surgery six months ago. Be sure to get a second and even a third opinion before you let them do any surgery. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I have had constant pain in my left shoulder radiating down arm into my thumb and next two fingers. This feeling is like a throbbing sensation, really deep dull pain then into pins and needle in the fingers. I am taking Mobic in the morning and Codalgin every 4 hrs to relieve the pain. It is significantly worse at night while I am try to sleep. I have had it for 2 months. Chiropractic treatment worked for a while (entrapped nerves in the scalene muscle).
Avatar n tn i have very bad neck and shoulder wit alot ofpain in bicept with some numbness going down the arm any idea
Avatar n tn I've been having alot of neck, shoulder and arm pain. My doctor ordered an MRI and the report showed bulging annulus c6-c7 but no focal disc protrusions, mild posterior lateral spurring on the right at c5-c6 with a slight thecal sac encroachment. What does this mean? Will this get better on it's own? I have severe pain that travels down my left arm so bad I can't even use my arm. It's worse when I first get out of bed in the mornings. Is this going to require surgery?
Avatar f tn The worse these got (bigger and painful upon touch) the worse my arm and shoulder pain - sometimes one shoulder was visibly higher than the other and my shoulders rounded as they tried to self-manage the problem. Pain from a trigger point is usually always referred to somewhere else in the body along nerve pathways, this is called referred pain. Most people think if they have a numb hand or shoulder the problem is in the hand or shoulder, this is rarely the case.
Avatar n tn For the past one year, i have been taken to the ER a couple of times where i was treated for pinched nerve, neck pain, muscle strain, sprained neck and back and muscle spasm. The pain on my neck and shoulder is getting worse. Sometimes the pain on my shoulder shoot down my arm and my arm swells up. There will be tingling, numbness, weakness. Could someone please tell me what is going on. Before the injury, i was not having any pain but now, i cannot go a day without pain Please help.
Avatar f tn I feel like I'm getting the run around. The neck pain I have lived with for years but the shoulder and gripping pain in my upper arm is really ugly. My shoulder hurts when I move it but the gripping pain around my upper arm (about half way between shoulder and elbow) feels live a red hot band squeezing my arm. It causes me to double over in pain and I have very little use of my left arm on most days. The hydrocodone does little to ease the pain.
Avatar m tn As time went on, I kept getting more and more pain and right arm started to feel cold. Then my pinky and ring finger started to go numb. They sent me to a doctor but they just thought it was pulled strained muscles etc. When it is rested it is fine, more I use my right arm, my right shoulder muscles start to get tired and sore fast, then it starts to shoot down my right arm, then my pinky and ring finger start to go numb. This has been going on for years and not going away.
Avatar f tn I have had pain in my neck right shoulder and arm with weakness and numbness and tingling in my hand. Ive had an MRI and these are the findings. From C4 down to C7 multi-level degenerative disc disease is present with multi-level posterior disc protusions with accompanying osteophyte formation which results in bilateral foraminal narrowing and indentation of the thecal sac at the disc levels from C4 down to C7.
Avatar n tn Over the last year the I have experienced, facial numbness, droopy eye,neck pain, shooting pain below my shoulder blade and numbness in my arm & fingers (all on the right side of my body). The most recent pain has been in my right leg. I have a shooting pain that travels down my thigh to my calves and into my toes. It feels as my muscles are locking up and comes and goes every couple of days. I am not sure if this is related to the headaches and other pains.... but who knows.
Avatar f tn I've been having some shoulder pain and popping and cracking for a few months now, along with upper back pain and occasional finger numbness. The popping is generally when I lift my arm over my head. The front of my shoulder (where it meets the arm) is always sore, and I generally have pain under my shoulder blade. Last night, I felt it popping, then again, and shoulder and most of my hand and wrist went mostly numb.
Avatar m tn This pain began with stiff neck. Moved into shoulder down arm with tingling pain like hot needless being thrust into k left wrist hand.I have numbness to thumb on look y .B/P fine no SOB . Been to MD .Took 2 sets of trays.Nothing. was put on ibuprofen and flexion it's been over 2 mos. Can't work .I can't e enough sleep well the pain is awful. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Neurology/Pain-radiating-down-arm/show/1345701">Pain radiating down arm</a>.
Avatar f tn I've been having some shoulder pain and popping and cracking for a few months now, along with upper back pain and occasional finger numbness. The popping is generally when I lift my arm over my head. The front of my shoulder (where it meets the arm) is always sore, and I generally have pain under my shoulder blade. A x-ray of my neck showed mild C5-C6 neural foraminal stenosis, but they didn't look at my back.
Avatar n tn Hi, Thank you for your question. Generally, shoulder and arm numbness originates from the neck problems due to irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because the nerves that supply the back of the head start in the upper cervical spine. Mostly, these symptoms aggravate after turning head and typically occur in patients with previous neck injuries and in patients with marked arthritis of the upper cervical spine.